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Official Ahruna Rules
1. Registration and multiple accounts
It is strictly forbidden to register more than one account per person. You should never, ever have more than one account in use. You may not use someone else's account.
An account is stricly personal, and cannot be given to someone else though it can be discussed with admins. It is not allowed to log on to an account which is at that point still in use by another person and it is not allowed to log on to an account on which another person has ever logged on before.
2. Offensive language & account names
You are not allowed to use offensive language against anyone. Accounts names including offensive words are also forbidden. When someone feels offended, he can report the abuse using the 'Report abuse' button in the 'Other links' section.
3. Illegal & Adult Things
Everything that is considered against the law will not be tolerated in Ahruna. This includes warez and links to warez. Please keep in mind that young people are also playing this game, so don't post adult stuff like porn.
4. External Devices
The use or distribution of external devices of any kind, such as macro's, travel scripts, Proxomitron or CGI-scripts, is strictly forbidden. Every tool that interacts with the game in any way not provided by the game itself is considered an external device. This also includes the auto-refresh option of browsers like Opera.
5. Bugs and exploits
You are not allowed to abuse or distribute any bugs you encounter during play. You have to report any bugs or imbalances you encounter to the developers using the appropriate form. Use your common sense please.
At higher level you will gain extra resources for stealing resources from other magi. It is considered an exploit to abuse this feature by farming extra resources among friended magi.
6. Farming
You are not allowed to accept donations from an inactive player ('farming'). An inactive player is someone who does not participate in the most basic and essential activities in the game anymore (attacking, defending, providing some kind of service to the kingdom, like cursing or enchanting).
7. Spam
Any action which is repeated over and over again in a short period of time and is annoying to others is considered spam. Any form of spam including (but not limited to) e-mail spamming, pub spamming, comments spamming, donation spamming and kingdom invitation spamming is prohibited.
8. Personal Info
All game rules also apply to the personal info of a player. In addition to that, the use of any methods to hinder the display of the 'Player Information'-page is not allowed. This includes very big images, large images (>100kb) and too many images.
9. The marketplace
The marketplace is used to trade items for other items within the game. It is not allowed to sell items/accounts for currency not provided by Ahruna, such as real money.

If you think the rules are incomplete, you can always contact the moderators and suggest additional rules.