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Official Announcements
The Mythical Age will end on 18/05 by newt 2018-04-18 @ 21:55
The snapshot for the Mythical age will be taken at friday 18/05 at 20h servertime. At this point the standard end of age event will start killing every mage which will result in some extra statistics.
Next age will start on friday 25/05 at 20h servertime.

We decided to commit to the following agerelevant changes:

- At level 60 you'll automatically get a lucky passive which can be cumulated with the lucky you can get on a lower level.

- An increased chance of spirit forms.
The chance on an item will be 20% and the chance of a spirit form will be 64%.

- Disruptions will last longer making them more interesting for planned activities.

- Earth orb will be destroyed after 1 use.

- When you don't focus on experience during an attack, your crits will also get less experience.

- Creating a gem on a mythical will generate a random gem based on your level.

- Reduce bot (activity) when there are few people online and increase it when there a lot of people online.
More information will follow once it's done as I don't know exactly how it's programmed.

We might do more changes but we don't commit to anything else. These changes will be done during the remainder of the age as we want to see it in effect already.
#1 by newt 2018-04-19 @ 10:14
Don't freak out about the bot activity. All we want to do is to level the playing field, not do a total destruction of night activity.

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