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Passive skill abuse by newt 2017-10-28 @ 15:46
You could abuse the links to learn passive skills without a check on your level or if you learnt the other skill already.

This is an extraction of the passive skills of last age.

You can find the following abusers:
bromsnor: obvious abuse, everything double
demonbm86: level 26 double, might have been just a test
horder: obvious abuse, everything is double and he was only level 35 yet he has skills till level 59
kappa: obvious abuse, everthing double
ltharris: obvious abuse, everything double
putte: level 26 is double, might have been just a test
sky-re: obvious abuse, everything double and was only level 46 yet has higher skills
boomerang: was an overlooked account

Feel free to check the link if I overlooked something.

I doublechecked this age and haven't found any abuse yet. This is a bug that will get fixed soon, just know that we're monitoring it.
#1 by newt 2017-10-28 @ 20:01
it should no longer be possible aladdin
during the age we blocked being able to double learn skills and now we blocked learning skills of higher level

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