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Official Announcements
We will upgrade the server saturday afternoon at 22/07 and the site will go down until it's done by newt 2017-07-19 @ 13:03
The main reason for the upgrade is because we are currently working on php 5 and we wish to use php 7. We will have more features in the language but we also expect a higher speed with the upgrade.

The game will go down saturday afternoon and it will be back once we're done. Ticks won't occur in the meantime but actions with a starttime and endtime as raids and wars are beyond our control.

Sorry in advance for the inconvenience.
#2 by newt 2017-07-19 @ 22:01
The input field is pretty small and I always forget to doublecheck the text :)
#1 by newt 2017-07-19 @ 13:33
Yes sorry, adjusted the title

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