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The Termination Age will end on 1/03 by newt 2019-01-14 @ 18:10
The snapshot for the Termination Age will be taken at friday 1/03/2019 at 20h servertime. At this point the standard end of age event will start killing every mage which will result in some extra statistics. As the name of the age suggests, it pains us to announce this was the last Age of Ahruna. Gratchski and I have been looking for other devs to take over, but we didn't find anybody who could dedicate the time and would accept our vision as admins. We would like to thank all of you players and previous devs who contributed their time and effort to this game. Some personal words from Gratchski: It breaks my heart having to write this. Thank you all for all these years, thank you for all the friendship. For most of us, its not only a goodbye to Ahruna, but also a decent goodbye to CQ2. Some of you are friends I made almost 2 decades ago. Dragged in by friends at school, like most of you veterans. From Dial-Up Internet on my Windows 98 desktop to my brand new smartphone this game made me lose sleep, skip study time, miss appointments, ... . Too busy exchanging, raiding, defending and launching wars, cursing. I enjoyed my time as a noob, as a member, as a King and as an Admin. My first Kingdom, my first Nether, my first Itherian, my first kill as an Admin... . All that time spent on mIRC, MSN, facebook, Whatsapp, Slack and all those meetings to get to know each IRL. Oldies will even remember the CQ2 T-shirts and the big CQ2 meeting in Ghent. CQ2/Ahruna is probably the worst addiction I have ever had and will ever have. Thanks to all those KD-members, Kings, teammembers, admins and sharers. I will never forget these people. Too many to point out names and most will even not read this since they don't play anymore. That one guy up there included... I'll miss all of you guys. Our chats was 30% about the game, 70% about our lives. I've witnessed you guys to graduate, marry, have kids... But 3 must be mentioned: Phantom for making CQ2 and Ycom to improve it and make Ahruna. Without you both, there would have never been CQ2 nor Ahruna. Thanks for bringing this joy into my life. Of course newt. I have worked together with you on this game, discussed so much. I really liked working on Ahruna with you and you have earned my greatest respect. Thank you ycom and newt for giving me the chance to become an Admin. I have learned so much from this game being an Admin and leading a Kingdom / alliance. How to interact with people and how to solve situations. I have no regret at all, no regret of every single minute I spent on CQ2/Ahruna. Sorry we couldn't continue with this game, but you guys deserve more than we can offer. We all know how great it was when 2000 people from all over the world played CQ2 and you had to look every hour if there was a new spot available. CQ2 was great because of the large playerbase. Allthough we tried several things, we could not bring the Glory Days back. I'll always think back and say: 'what if...' I salute you, Mages Of Rodia Gratchski Some personal words from newt: My friends, we have decided that this is the end of a long and pleasant journey for us. I started playing castlequest 2 almost 2 decades ago. CQ2 was the prequel to this game developed by Phantom for those who joined Ahruna later. As many I started CQ2 because of some friends pulling me in. Unlike them I never really let go of the game. It felt like a revolutionary game, an adult pokemon game in a way but with people against each other, it required more tactics and stimulated teamwork. It even became a part of our daily conversations in school. A few times I even went to the other side of the country to meet the people I played and talked daily with. I would have never imagined going all alone to the other side of the country to basically meet a bunch of strangers over a webbased game. I'm sure I'm not the only one here with pleasant memories meeting others. Later I even went to the extreme north of Norway a few times as holiday to 2 norwegian friends and a canadian friend I knew from this game. Saw the northern lights, walked on a very frozen lake, woke up in a cabin freezing to death in the middle of the night, snowboarding, langlaufen and lots of drinking. To this day I still see the first trip as one of my best trips ever. Castlequest had a lot of players but it quickly decreased in people over the years. There were holes in the game breaking the balance and cheating was too easy. Phantom stopped developing and he was hesitant to pass the torch to others so the momentum was lost I think. The code went open source and eventually ycom decided to launch Ahruna with me, Gratchski and tbx as admins. The transition wasn't smooth but we all worked hard on pulling people in with our vision and enthusiasm. After a while I took over in development of ycom. My goals were to learn webbased development and I wanted to evolve the game I loved myself. Developing something you love and seeing the changes at work instantly was by far the best way to learn new things. For years I was very motivated and I worked hard on getting the game on track. Though let's be honest, we never got to see the game grow to its full potential. I would have loved to see how the game would have looked like with 1000 people. But instead we saw our playerbase decrease steadily over the years. So it's normal I began losing interest in pouring time in the further development of this game. No new developer ever took enough continuous interest to make the future of the game look bright enough. Without any adjustments, the decrease in game population and our decreased interest, Gratchski and I decided to pull the plug on Ahruna. Let it be clear that I enjoyed this game very much. I enjoyed planning and executing my tactics, the teamwork, the struggle to get wars launched and defended and ofcourse chatting with all of you. I enjoyed developing for this game. It's a real challenge to keep the game balanced, put enough content in the game to keep everyone entertained (like adding bosses and introducing a leveling race) and discuss/prioritize all the suggestions. Some bugs were very frustrating to find though like the disappearing wall in the rifts for those who can remember that one. I don't regret any time I've put in this game as developer or gamer. So all in all I hope you can see it pains me to say goodbye to something which has always played an important part in my life. Not just the game but we all know we'll all eventually lose contact with eachother because of this. I'm sorry for doing this to you too. I have never had any bad blood towards any of you regardless of the differences we have or the disagreements we may have had over any of our decisions as admins or players. We always tried to be as fair and objective as possible. I never held any grudges towards people who cheated or tried to destroy the game in any way. Finding ways to get an advantage is human nature in my eyes though I always wished efforts like creating a program to give you an unfair advantage would have been put in improving the game instead. And indirectly you made us put our time in figuring out what was going on or improving the game to be more cheatfriendly. Though I always disliked it when cheaters wouldn't take the punishment like a man and be honest when they got caught. Ofcourse it always hurted knowing there are players who cheat by logging in on eachother accounts via vpn but since we had no way to prove it other than confessions we couldn't do anything. I would like to thank ycom for all the work he did creating this game. This game is way beyond what castlequest was thanks to him. The time he poured into this can't be underestimated. I want to thank him for allowing us to continue the game even after he lost interest. Keeping the game up, sharing the code with new developers and helping out if we couldn't figure out what happened. Gratchski deserves a big thanks for sticking around and helping us pushing the game forward. He knows very well I needed him to discuss everything with and we had a perfect synergy to make good decisions as admins and gamedevelopers. I have no regret of any decision we ever made. I never really talked to him but I'd like to thank Phantom for creating CQ2 and in the end sharing the code to allow others to continue. I want to thank everyone who worked with us on improving this game through development (especially Loki and WeDaLi), players discussing the possible improvements, players helping us figure out cheaters or helping us to figure out bugs in this game. Last but not least I want to thank all of you for playing this game with us. This game wouldn't have been around for so long without the people sticking around age after age. Like how I was pulled in by friends I'd like to thank the people who tried to pull friends into the game. Have a nice life everyone. Goodbye, newt. Some personal words from ycom: I’ve been looking at a blank page for a good 5 minutes now trying to decide how to start this message, but I just don’t know. I haven’t really spent much thought about Ahruna or cq2 in these last few years, but it still made me suddenly feel sadness and nostalgia when I got the news that we were pulling the plug. So much in my life today has been a direct or indirect result from cq2. I have met people that have become real life friends and even people with whom I have started my own company. I have many great and less great memories of the game from when it was in its glory days. It was a game that all my schoolfriends were playing and it actually took me some weeks before I could make an account because there were no free spaces on the server. Started as a complete noob in the itherian age. Became king of Shrimp the next age. And turned Shrimp into one of the main kingdoms in the age after that. The experience of managing a group of people is an experience that I will forever remember. Even though it was just a game, the competitive nature of it all could make it brutal sometimes. Mediating internal conflicts, keeping people motivated, negotiating deals with other kingdoms... At times I lost more time on politics instead of the actual game, but that made it so great. It was at this time also that I started working on the biggest project that I ever had before that time. That was the cq2 sim which had tools for inter alliance cooperation and all the calculators from gems to wars. It eventually became the de facto standard sim and I still have copies running (I showed this program at my first job interview and it is what convinced them to hire me) But at the same time, I was young and easily corrupted by power. When I became an admin in the original cq2, I did start with the best of intentions. But I was simply too connected to my old kingdom and friends. And I was rightfully banned from the game after I made some alterations in the database to benefit them. An action that I regret to this day. At the same time, I was getting frustrated with the development of cq2. I had many plans for it, but at the same time I was slowed down by the other admins and by myself. Time that I should have invested in making the game better was instead invested in playing the game. I simply couldn’t let it go. That did mean that after my ban, I finally had the time to work on what I had envisioned. It took me well over a year to complete what is now Ahruna. I decided to rewrite the entire code, only keeping bits and pieces around. And when it was finished... I stopped. Nothing happened for 2-3 years. I didn’t put the code online, I didn’t let anyone see it. It was not until I had a conversation with tbx and the current state of cq2 that I mentioned in passing that I was working on Ahruna year prior. He kept insisting to see it and when he did, he told me to stop hiding it. I would host it, and he would get the players. I agreed and that is how Ahruna got started. Now I know many people don’t like him very much. And I understand that he has a pretty rough and competitive character. But he always had respect for me and Ahruna wouldn’t be around today if it wasn’t for him. Not long after we included newt and gratch as admins. And they really did a superb job. I did have to make the hard decision to let tbx go as an admin. Even though he had good intentions, his character made it hard to get along with the player base which eventually led into a distrust towards the admin team from the player base. Years before in cq2, I always had to make these kinds of difficult decisions. And let me tell you, it does not get easier... I poured a lot of work into the end of age storyline, something that was missing from cq2 for a long time and something everyone was asking for. And that really took a lot out of me. It was great at the start, we explored some new concepts like the mazes, craft able golems and crystal creatures. But I focused to much on systems and too little on player engagement. At the end, I had no idea anymore where I was going with the story, which made it feel rushed and unsatisfying. The whole process took so much out of me that I simply couldn’t bring the energy to keep programming all the time. What started as a hobby quickly became a job. I did keep programming after that for some time because I felt I had an obligation to newt, gratch and the players. But eventually life caught up. I got married, started my own company while still having a day job, our first child was born, ... Time is a precious thing of which I simply don’t have enough. And time left for me to program Ahruna became more and more sparse. Luckily newt and some other talented people took over that job for me. But at the same time, that meant that my last link to the game got severed. And so, I would log in less and less frequently until I didn’t login at all anymore. But I don’t regret it, just as I don’t regret spending entire days of my life on this game. Sure, nostalgia kicks in every now and than, and it makes me remember the great times I had on castlequest and Ahruna. And they will always be great memories. But they are just memories, and life will never go backwards. And that’s ok. I know most people still playing, play it due to a feeling of nostalgia. And I truly hope that with Ahruna ending, that this time will turn into a good memory that you think back on every now and than while you continue to make new great memories in your life! I wish you all the best! Ps. I would also like to take this time to thank some people from castlequest and ahruna, even though some will never read it. Of course I want to thank everyone, and if I did, this announcement would never end, but these are the people that I remember the most. Newt, without you ahruna would have ended years ago. Even before you started programming, you were always a source of inspiration and motivation Gratch, you were definitely the friendlier side of the admin team, whereas newt was more neutral and practical and tbx was more direct and confrontational. Your advice always had a big impact on my decisions for Ahruna Tbx, even though we had to part on less than ideal terms. Ahruna would never have happened without you. Sure, you can be hard and confrontational, but you are also persistent and driven when you have a goal. Listeria, black-adder, peer, willow. In game friends that turned into real life friends after meeting at the first Shrimp meeting. I have nothing but good memories of you all. It’s a shame that we drifted over time. We haven’t seen each other in 2 years now, ever since I got married. But I am going to take this opportunity to change that! If it wasn’t for black-adder I wouldn’t even have met my wife. Wolverine, Ice-queen. My friends from the Netherlands. Met them a few times in real life. I am really glad that I got to know you. Nighttale. You must have been my best internet friend for years and years. We even went to the same school and still never met. But I don’t think I have ever spent more time playing games than I have with you. A real shame that we simply don’t have the time to play these games anymore. Minecraft, terraria, civ, orcs must die 2, ... I remember them all! arctic_fox, coek. My english and american slaves. I shared an account with these 2. I know we used account sharing to retain players that would have become too inactive otherwise. It was almost like political marriages :p but damn, it was great fun sharing an account with you 2. Desolation. My cq2 mentor and classmate. He got me into cq2 years ago. Very straightforward, but great guy nonetheless Wedali. Another classmate. To be fair, most of us were playing it at the time. But he pitched in with the programming of Ahruna after I quit, for which I am very grateful Akram. I can’t remember what you were called in cq2. We have been running a company together for the last 5 years or so. I did freelance work for him before that. Got to know him on cq2. Life is strange sometimes; an opportunity can appear from anywhere. Phantom. The man that made all of it possible. He had the skills and the vision to make the original cq2. Nothing would have happened without him. I still am sorry for betraying your trust, and I hope you can reach the top with your gaming company. This list is by no means complete, there are plenty of names that I remember, all of which I have great memories of while talking over mIRC. McGreen, Spinoisje, bether, lord_psycho, tarantula, silent_bastard, Executor, flipkabouter, mozes, flexx, shinja, hebrok, ezekiel, megaman, ori, degoossez, fenroth, no-one, ... Know that I will always remember our time together. And with this, I can finally close a chapter in my life! Until we meet again!
Workerraiding friends will from now on be seen as farming by newt 2018-07-01 @ 15:36
From now on we will no longer tolerate the stealing of workers of a friended mage. It'll be seen as farming and thus a punishable offense. This includes raiding workers before someone resets or kills his account or at the end of the age to get statistics for the snapshot.
Don't forget about the daily world cup pronostics! by newt 2018-06-16 @ 12:31
Since nobody guessed the correct score last 2 matches the pot contains already at least 800k. Next match is Argentina against Iceland at 15h. There's more information in the pub on how to participate!
The new age will start at 20h today by newt 2018-05-25 @ 13:19
Your accounts will be deleted and you'll have to make a new one.
The statistics for the Mythical Age are online by newt 2018-05-25 @ 00:19
You can find the link in Rodia. Congratulations to BTTVeganTranny for being the best mage of the Mythical Age! The most famous magi were taken at an earlier time to prevent manipulation.
End of age is delayed with 1 day to 19/05 20h servertime by newt 2018-05-06 @ 17:11
Taking the snapshot is a manual action and I can't be certain I'll be available 18/05. The hour might still change though depending on my plans.
Phoenix and Manticore items have been boosted by newt 2018-04-24 @ 00:22
Flame of Renewal Upon death the creature resurrects once with 35% of its original damage and health --> This has changed to 40% Fire of Renewal Upon death the creature resurrects once with 45% of its original damage and health --> 50% Inferno of Renewal Upon death the creature resurrects once with 55% of its original damage and health --> 60% Venomous Sting All incoming damage is reduced by 28% --> Has become 30% Deadly Sting All incoming damage is reduced by 32% --> 35% Note that I think this change doesn't affect existing items, they probably still have the old values. The planned activity for bots is explained in detail in the changelog and you can evaluate it before the age starts.
The Mythical Age will end on 18/05 by newt 2018-04-18 @ 21:55
The snapshot for the Mythical age will be taken at friday 18/05 at 20h servertime. At this point the standard end of age event will start killing every mage which will result in some extra statistics. Next age will start on friday 25/05 at 20h servertime. We decided to commit to the following agerelevant changes: - At level 60 you'll automatically get a lucky passive which can be cumulated with the lucky you can get on a lower level. - An increased chance of spirit forms. The chance on an item will be 20% and the chance of a spirit form will be 64%. - Disruptions will last longer making them more interesting for planned activities. - Earth orb will be destroyed after 1 use. - When you don't focus on experience during an attack, your crits will also get less experience. - Creating a gem on a mythical will generate a random gem based on your level. - Reduce bot (activity) when there are few people online and increase it when there a lot of people online. More information will follow once it's done as I don't know exactly how it's programmed. We might do more changes but we don't commit to anything else. These changes will be done during the remainder of the age as we want to see it in effect already.
Rift income has been reduced by 20% by newt 2017-12-22 @ 11:59
We noticed the rift income was too big since our adjustment to always be able to find a treasury chest in dead ends in the rift. To be honest the effect was larger than foreseen. We decided to keep this feature active for now and see how the game evolves but reduce the rift income by 20%.
Passive skill abuse by newt 2017-10-28 @ 15:46
You could abuse the links to learn passive skills without a check on your level or if you learnt the other skill already. This is an extraction of the passive skills of last age. You can find the following abusers: bromsnor: obvious abuse, everything double demonbm86: level 26 double, might have been just a test horder: obvious abuse, everything is double and he was only level 35 yet he has skills till level 59 kappa: obvious abuse, everthing double ltharris: obvious abuse, everything double putte: level 26 is double, might have been just a test sky-re: obvious abuse, everything double and was only level 46 yet has higher skills boomerang: was an overlooked account Feel free to check the link if I overlooked something. I doublechecked this age and haven't found any abuse yet. This is a bug that will get fixed soon, just know that we're monitoring it.
Welcome back! by newt 2017-10-25 @ 22:08
All accounts will be removed again when the age starts. You can race for obtaining the oldest mage statistic then. The end of age statistics of last age can be found in Rodia. I am still working on some things, more info can be found in the pub.
More adjustments for next age part 2 by newt 2017-10-05 @ 23:55
We decided to remove the concept of alliances next age but we saw some issues in this decision which led us to the following required adjustments: * The kingdom level will be defined by the average xp (total xp/total members). This will avoid kingdoms recruiting fewer members to receive less damage during wars. * Rifts will be upgraded to a width of 100 tiles. Probably the Jorgho rift as well, I can't tell at the moment. * You will be able to launch wars on your own kingdom. This will allow you to send buffer wars when your hatch is under attack and xp wars to level creatures. More changes: * Health and damage familiars are now set at a maximum of 35-46-58-70-83 depending on the tiers you combine. This will be altered to 35-46-57-68-79. The main reason is that it opens the window to be able to use the steal familiar in defense to ignore the familiar of the attacker it is set against. This last change might be done during the age, but it's a very risky adjustment which would have to be tested first. Fe you can't risk a bug on this during wars. I can't tell how difficult it is to program but it's something we intend to do. * We will look into the scaling of the bosses but this can be done at a later stage of the age since bosses won't spawn until someone reached level 60. * The starting cost for joining a kingdom will be increased of 500 of each resource to 1500 of each resource. After the end of age battle killing all accounts we will set up the new database for next age. You will be able to create level 1 accounts to communicate with eachother but won't be able to attack anyone. Before the new age starts, all accounts will be removed again.
More adjustments for next age by newt 2017-09-29 @ 22:14
First off we would like to share that everything previously announced is programmed or ready to deploy when we have our database for next age. We decided to remove the concept of alliances next age. Kingdoms will exist out of 20 members but at most 10 magi will be able to participate in one war. You can attack a kingdom with multiple wars on one building though you can't target multiple buildings at once. As previously announced we were still discussing poweritem changes at the time. We decided to do the following changes to poweritems: Wraith Kama Level 20 Requirements: Equip Decrease enemy defense by: (155 - enemy defense) / 3 Summon: powerspell Use: 4000 brimstone, 4000 crystal, 8000 essence this will change to Decrease enemy defense by: (160 - enemy defense) / 3 Scythe Level 30 Requirements: Equip Decrease enemy defense by: (170 - enemy defense) / 3 Summon: powerspell Use: 8000 brimstone, 8000 crystal, 16000 essence will change to Decrease enemy defense by: (180 - enemy defense) / 3 War Scythe Level 40 Requirements: Equip Decrease enemy defense by: (185 - enemy defense) / 3 Summon: powerspell Use: 16000 brimstone, 16000 crystal, 32000 essence will change to Decrease enemy defense by: (200 - enemy defense) / 3 Valkyrie Divine Blessing Level 10 Requirements: Equip When this creature attacks and it deals less than 30% of the enemy's health, this creature gains 5% damage Summon: powerspell Use: 2000 brimstone, 2000 crystal, 4000 essence this will change to When this creature attacks and it deals less than 30% of the enemy's health, this creature gains 10% damage Touch of Divinity Level 20 Requirements: Equip When this creature attacks and it deals less than 30% of the enemy's health, this creature gains 15% damage Summon: powerspell Use: 4000 brimstone, 4000 crystal, 8000 essence will change to When this creature attacks and it deals less than 30% of the enemy's health, this creature gains 25% damage Light of Divinity Level 30 Requirements: Equip When this creature attacks and it deals less than 30% of the enemy's health, this creature gains 25% damage Summon: powerspell Use: 8000 brimstone, 8000 crystal, 16000 essence will change to When this creature attacks and it deals less than 30% of the enemy's health, this creature gains 35% damage Divine Favor Level 40 Requirements: Equip When this creature attacks and it deals less than 30% of the enemy's health, this creature gains 35% damage Summon: powerspell Use: 16000 brimstone, 16000 crystal, 32000 essence will change to When this creature attacks and it deals less than 30% of the enemy's health, this creature gains 45% damage Dragon Fire Breath Level 30 Requirements: Equip Creature gains 50% defenses at the beginning of combat and loses 12% defenses every consequent turn Summon: powerspell Use: 8000 brimstone, 8000 crystal, 16000 essence this will change to Creature gains 50% defenses at the beginning of combat and loses 10% defenses every consequent turn Infernal Breath Level 40 Requirements: Equip Creature gains 50% defenses at the beginning of combat and loses 9% defenses every consequent turn Summon: powerspell Use: 16000 brimstone, 16000 crystal, 32000 essence will change to Creature gains 50% defenses at the beginning of combat and loses 7% defenses every consequent turn Wyrm Fire Form Level 20 Requirements: Equip Your damage is increased by 85% when you are under 50% health Summon: powerspell Use: 4000 brimstone, 4000 crystal, 8000 essence this will change to Your damage is increased by 90% when you are under 50% health Metal Form Level 30 Requirements: Equip Your damage is increased by 110% when you are under 50% health Summon: powerspell Use: 8000 brimstone, 8000 crystal, 16000 essence will change to Your damage is increased by 120% when you are under 50% health Shadow Form Level 40 Requirements: Equip Your damage is increased by 135% when you are under 50% health Summon: powerspell Use: 16000 brimstone, 16000 crystal, 32000 essence will change to Your damage is increased by 150% when you are under 50% health
The Disruption Age will end 20th of October by newt 2017-09-09 @ 18:09
The snapshot at the end of the Disruption Age will be taken at friday 20th of October at 20h CET. After this curse of Yekeheren will occur which will end the age in a competitive manner a few days later. The next age will start on friday 27th of October at 20h CET. Other than the curse there will be no end of age event as the developers can't commit enough time. Loki was an active developer this age but he decided to stop recently. We want to use this announcement to thank him for all his contributions to the game. There are plenty of bugs and small features we cannot ignore but for the age transition we would still like to do these small adjustments: - Remove the fire orb (skip time for an hour in your advantage) from the game. - Blessing dispels will be removed from the game. You will be able to destroy the blessing as a target. - The odds for medium power creatures/items will be increased compared to lower power creatures/items. - The formula to reach the maximum potential of a nether will be the same as the beginning of the age. A parameter will be added to the nether formula though. - Certain power items will be reevaluated as certain power creatures aren't used as often as others. More communication will follow on this before the end of the age. We're open for suggestions in the suggestionpub. - A catch up xp system to gain levels faster for people starting later in the age. The average level of the top 10 magi in rodia (same as how the vendor should be deciding which amulets are for sale) will be compared to your level. For every level below that level you gain 3% xp more in battles. So for example if the average top 10 is 60, a level 20 would gain 120% xp extra every battle. There will be no penalty for outleveling this average level. This will have no effect on the experience creatures gain. - Travel income will increase with 25%. - Mythicals can be created already (I tested it) but because of the low odds they were too rare. We decided to increase the odds for next age. - Not every stage matched the maxxing of a familiar combo this age. The first stage doesn't max tier 1 on tier 1 and a stage got added for tier 3 with tier 3 maxxing. This will be changed so each stage maxxes a combination and that last stage will be removed again. We would like some volunteers who could help us with small things that could render the game more friendly to players (fe write Lore, help avoid confusion in our communication such as these announcements, work on a FAQ in answer a player, ...). We will create a seperate pub in which things like this could be discussed. You can mail us if you're interested in helping us. We know cheaters are a pest to this game and we would like some help in tracking down cheaters. We could use some volunteers who would want to help looking at logs to look for suspicious behavior. As a last note we decided to increase the odds of mythicals even more for the remainder of this age to add some spice to the end of this age. These are the most famous magi for this age. It was taken at a random moment for us, 31/08: Most famous magi 1. Red 52 2. popi 51 3. Kappa 51 4. newt 49 5. Bromsnor 49 6. mopper_smurf 46 7. Kwekker 46 8. Testaankoop 45 9. dutske 43 10. Impulse 43
We will upgrade the server saturday afternoon at 22/07 and the site will go down until it's done by newt 2017-07-19 @ 13:03
The main reason for the upgrade is because we are currently working on php 5 and we wish to use php 7. We will have more features in the language but we also expect a higher speed with the upgrade. The game will go down saturday afternoon and it will be back once we're done. Ticks won't occur in the meantime but actions with a starttime and endtime as raids and wars are beyond our control. Sorry in advance for the inconvenience.