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Some players have special roles, these roles have no impact on the game itsself but are there to show the community who's making all this happen.

Roles will be displayed on the character page. They will also be visible when a player makes a post in a pub.
Developer is a role assigned to people contributing to the codebase of the project. Some of them have access to the database and can fix problems or correct mistakes you made.
Admins are the people who decide what changes can be made to the game. Admin is a role that is assigned to people contributing to the game by monitoring the pub, supporting developers and being the first point of contact for complaints. If there's an arguement of some sort they are the arbitrators.

Admins have a limited ability to tweak the games configuration
Helpers are people who volunteered to help new players. They are players with plenty of experience and are the magi responding to questions in the 'Ask a player' button in the menu.
Magi with special roles
newt Admin
ycom Admin
Gratchski Admin
ycom Developer
newt Developer
newtz Developer
Gratchski Pubmod
Lotto Pubmod