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Nethers are extremely powerful creatures. They withhold great damage and health and they have altered defences. Nethers are made with enormous effort and they can only be maintained if you are strong enough: you need to live in a kingdom and you need to be at least level 30.
With a glimps on the passive abilities page you notice at level 30 you will be able to summon - or rather make - your own nether creature. The amount of these powerful creatures you can list, increases when you gain levels yourself, hence at level 40 you can summon 3 nethers at most.
Of course there are certain limits to you - as mage - and these creatures. These will become clear underneath.
Making a nether egg
First of all, you need to summon an amulet of choice to make a nether. This is already the first limit: you can only list a nether if you have the correct characteristics. You need the correct skill to summon and list the creature. With this amulet, you need to go to the nether creator. He has a shop in the capital, Regalis.

This egg is hollow, nearly empty. Now, you need to enchant this egg with melodies to make the creature more powerful. A Melody can be obtained at the nether scholar, in Regalis.
If you buy a melody, you need a lot of noise to fill the melody and make it a useable one. These noises are translated into gems. Gems can be obtained through yourself. You can invest power into a powerspell. Channelling your power is uncontrollable and when the bolts of lightning flash between your hands, it will sometimes result into a powergem.

Gems can also be obtained through your beloved creatures. Every creature has a different sound and noise. If you equip your creature with a blank gem, the creature will activate the gem. By attacking other mages or by defending creatures from bots or other mages, your creature gains experience. With this experience, the blank gem will be activated. Mind it, blank gems are only available if you are able to yield nether creatures (at lvl 30) and you can buy them at the gem shop. There are also some tactics to activate blank gems faster. Once the gem is activated, you captured the noise of your creature in this gem: a creature gem.

- The characteristics of creature gems are dependent on the creature itself. The gem colour is specific and linked to the creature race.

- The gem level is based on the uselevel of your creature, although you can use your own passive abilities to get a higher gemlevel from your creatures.

- Creature gems come into 3 different states of singularity. These singularities are completely random, but you as mage can use your passive abilities to alter the chance to get a more rare gemcolour.

Now you have your melody and you have your gems (creature and powergems). Now you need to put a spell on these gems, else the melody will not recognise the gems: The gems need to be enchanted. There are in total 9 enchants: 1 to alter each defence for the nether, 1 to alter the health and 1 to alter the damage. Next to these 6 enchants with direct visible effect, you have an enchant to increase the stealage, increase the gained experience and 1 to increase the maximum level of your beast. Imagine, a Fafnir, but at level 70!

Now you have your enchanted gems, your melody and your nether egg. Now you add your gems to the melody and cast the melody onto the nether egg. You will see, it will glow with power! After this cast, you can inspect the nether egg. This will show the strength of the strongest enchant on the egg. There are 5 stages of strength of the enchant: plain, mild, grand, supreme and divine. Each stage will indicate a certain percentage of effect of the enchant. f. eg.: an indication as 'mild' means the enchant on the egg counts for maximal 40 % increase.

Nether Egg stages after inspection:
1. plain egg = 0 - 20%
2. mild egg = 20-40%
3. grand egg = 40-60%
4. supreme egg = 60-80%
5. divine egg = 80-100%

Of course you can cast more melodies on one egg, but too much power will result in a less stronger creature. This will still show as divine egg.

Sometimes, the nether creator uses the wrong type of magic and something terribly goes wrong with your amulet. It does not change into a nether egg, but it changes to a mythical egg...Dare you hatch this?
Hatching a nether egg
Once you finish all your enchanting and casting your melodies, you will see the nether egg needs a special building to hatch. Your kingdom has a hatchery per class: 1 diabolic, 1 elemental, 1 mystic and 1 nature hatchery. The hatchery needs the correct enhancement, else your egg cannot be inserted in the hatchery. Your creature will be too strong and will destroy the kingdom.
So your hatchery needs to be reinforced. These enhancements can be bought at the nether builder in Regalis.
You also see a period of time next to your nether egg. This indicates your egg needs to be inserted into the hatchery for this amount of time. The amount of time in the hatchery depends on the strength of the gemenchants.

The hatching can be done in 1 go or in several bits. But mind this, if the egg is inserted in the hatch and removed before 1/3 of the total time is done, all gets reset and the time to hatch will be set to the initial time.
Of course other mages know nether are very powerful. You also know other mages are very jealous and envious. They want your egg. Once your egg is inserted into the hatchery, other kingdom can start a war and try to steal your egg! Make sure to protect the hatchery by adding creatures into the defence of the correct hatchery. A war can count 10 waves of 15 creatures, so make sure your kingdom members aid you in this defence. But! This defence is limited. Bear in mind you can only add a max of 200 creatures in your hatch defence, so choose your creatures wisely.

Now, when the timer in the hatchery is at: time left = 0, it is time to hatch the nether to your list. Make sure to have an empty spot in your list! Upgrade how many creatures you can list with the creature limit buildings. The nether will appear in your list, as a level 1 creature. You can calculate the stats of the creature at every desired level with the stats calculator.
Making a nether egg:
- Have the correct requirements (level, skill)
- Summon amulet
- Make a nether egg at the nether creator
- Buy nether melody/melodies
- Get power gems and creature gems and match them to your melody
- Enchant the gems with the enchants you want/need in your creature
- Fill melody with gems
- Cast melody to nether egg
- Inspect nether egg to know hatchery and time to hatch
- Insert egg in hatchery
- Hatch egg to list of the mage