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Familiars are creatures that aren't strong themselves but they can help your other creatures. They can give a bonus in health, damage, defense or stealage, dependong on the class of the familiar and your own class. For example, a diabolic familiar will give you a health-bonus if you are an elemental-mage. For a list of all the effects, you can take a look at the active ability.

If you look at the active abilities you'll notice you need to learn the ability to use the familiars. At level 30 you can learn the ability to use familiars of one class and at level 40 you can learn the secondary familiar of another class.

You can get a familiar creature and a familiar item by powerspelling them. You'll need to spend power in the spellbook by casting a powerspell and get lucky enough to spell them. As you can see in the creatures and items, there are different tiers of familiar creatures and items. Stronger creatures / items will give you a higher effect.

Familiar creatures will show up as amulets in your amulets and familiar items will show up in your itemsection under familiar items.
Listing a familiar
When you have the familiar creature and item of your choice, you will need to empower the item in order to make it stronger. If you don't empower it, your familiar will give you 0% bonus.

You will need to buy melodies at the nether scholar in regalis (link to nether scholar-part in lore, and search the gems (link to gem-part in lore) needed to fill the melody. You can always see the melodies you own in the items-section (link to items/melodies-part). When the melody is complete, you can cast it on the familiar item. The familiar item will nobw become stronger, you can inspect it's strength by clicking 'inspect' in the familiar item-section (link to the familiar items). Once it's strong enough, you can bind the item to a familiar creature.
Stages of a familiar
When you inspect a familiar item you can see its strength. These are the stages of the strenght and what combination of tier familiars max.

Default T1-T1 T1-T2 T2-T2 T2-T3 T3-T3
Nature Fragmented Fragile Feeble Focused Perfect Omnipotent
Diabolic Frozen Flowing Fiery Gushing Pulsing Burning
Mystic Faint Obscure Mild Glowing Radiant Blinding
Elemental Weak Frail Modest Powerful Grand Arcane
A catalyst is a very special item you can powerspell that helps you make stronger familiars. This item is rare but the chances of spelling one become higher for higher leveled magi.
There's an active ability called transmuting. This will give you the ability to combine two of the same creatures or two of the same items and this catalyst into a stronger creature or item.
- Pick your familiar class in active abilities.
- Get familiar items and creatures by doing powerspells.
- Buy melodies at the scholar in Regalis and fill them with gems.
- Cast melodies filled with gems on the familiar item.
- Bind the item to the amulet when you're satisfied.