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Character Development
This section shows you all information related to your character.
You can gain experience from attacking other magi. You can see your progress to the next level under 'Experience'
Every level, you gain 8 skill points and 10 ability points
You invest your skill points into either nature, diabolic, mystic or elemental skill. Your primary skill will raise twice as fast as the other skill.
It is best to only invest skill points in your main skill and 1 other type of skill.
You invest your ability points into active abilities
Additionally you can select 1 ability every level from the passive ability tree
The statistics show you some information concerning current limitations.
The weekly travel shows you how many more encounters you can defend. It is reset every week.
The magic drain will decrease the chance of succesfully casting curses or blessings. For every curse or blessing you cast, you gain 1 point of magic drain that disappears after 1 day.
The rift cooldowns show you how long it takes until you can warp into a rift.
Private Notes
The private notes is a place where you can store some information that can only be seen by you.
Personal Info
The personal info is a place where you can store some information that can be seen by everyone that views your profile.
Kingdom History
The kingdom history shows you all the kingdoms you have joined and left in the past.
The more kingdoms you joined, the more expensive it becomes to join or create a new kingdom.
Income shows you how much resources and power you gain every hour.
Brimstone, crystal, essence and granite income are determined by the amount of workers you have in the spellbook.
Power growth depends on the amount of total workers you have as well as the amount of Power Balance your have.
Without any skills, you lose 2% power balance every hour.