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We left Fusa by Phantom 2016-04-05 @ 15:31
For several reasons, but mostly because I want to keep all my past projects under my own control in one place, I've decided to leave Fusa and start hosting CQ2 myself on a server of my own.

Unfortunately, this also means I had to update the software behind CQ2, and this could have introduced some bugs. If you guys encounter any, please send me an e-mail and I will fix them right away!

But more importantly, I want to hear from you guys! I'm willing to do a reset, but first I'd love to hear from you what YOU want for the future of CQ2. I don't have the time to do real development on the game, but I can still reset the game if that's what you want. Let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do!
All accounts killed - rollback done by Phantom 2015-06-15 @ 09:24
As you probably noticed, all accounts were suddenly killed last Saturday. We are not entirely sure at this point whether this was due to a hack or a bug in our system. Either way, we had to do a rollback to Saturday morning. We have updated our software, so if it was a hack hopefully it won't happen again!

Our apologies for the inconvenience!
New Sileni Studios game: Clockwork Rumble by Phantom 2014-03-04 @ 14:46
A few days ago, we announced the new Sileni Studios game: Clockwork Rumble! This is a standalone multiplayer build-your-own-fort artillery game. And it's already playable (downloadable)!

In Clockwork Rumble, you play a small nanobot in a huge clockwork machine, protecting his power source (or heart) against other robots in a 2D arena. To do this, you build a fort around your heart using tetris blocks, and then shoot at the other player with rocket launchers and grenades.

Between protecting your heart from enemy fire, collecting power-ups, shooting the enemy and taking care of environmental hazards, you'll be a busy little robot!

I'd love all feedback! You can only play it locally right now (so 2 gamepads or keyboard and gamepad), but if you have the opportunity to try it, please do so! I could use the feedback.

Discuss the game in the pub!

Castle Quest Release by Phantom 2013-12-02 @ 10:31
We're finally there: Castle Quest (3) will be released in 2 weeks, at Friday 13/12/2013 20:00 CET! There will be a reset, so if you haven't tried the game yet or were waiting for a reset, 13 December is the day to go for it!
Castle Quest Beta at 20:00 by Phantom 2013-10-21 @ 17:29
As announced last week, the Castle Quest beta will be officially starting today! We derived from the inquiry a few weeks ago that lots of people were waiting for the beta to give the game a try, so now is the time to do so!

Some people mentioned that they didn't like earlier (alpha) incarnations of the game, but a lot has changed since then, so it might be worth it to try again. And if you like it, please spread the word! We need all the help we can get.

You can register on the following URL:

You can watch the official launch trailer here:
Castle Quest BETA! by Phantom 2013-10-11 @ 18:23
Hey guys!

The official Castle Quest Facebook page has been launched! Like the page if you want to support us, and if you want to be kept up to date on Castle Quest.

Also, we have another important announcement to make: the PUBLIC BETA will start 21/10 20:00 CET, so be there! Lots and LOTS of things have changed since the first alpha, so if you tried it before but didn't like it, I propose you try it again now!

Also, if you happen to go to FACTS, be sure to drop by! We'll be there with a big booth, and you will be able to pose with a massive life-sized Pit Worm and participate in a contest for exclusive beta goodies!
Castle Quest Evaluation Form by Phantom 2013-09-12 @ 11:23
So the Castle Quest 3 second alpha phase has been going on for almost 3 weeks now. There's been an extremely limited number of CQ2 players that gave the game a try, and we're trying to figure out why.

It would really help us if you filled out the following (very short) evaluation form about Castle Quest:

Castle Quest 3 alpha starts again in 2 hours! by Phantom 2013-08-24 @ 17:47
Today at 20:00 CET, the second phase of the Castle Quest 3 alpha will commence! Below you can find the patch notes. I'm looking forward to meeting you guys on the battlefield again!

- Auras were removed. They were fun the first few levels, but eventually became a brainless chore, as you just replaced your worst aura by the new one. Instead, first hit now depends on the age of the creature (see next point).

- Creatures are now born as younglings, will age as they fight and will eventually die. An average creature has a lifespan of about 30 battles, and goes through 3 life stages: youngling, adult and veteran. Adults have a higher first hit chance than younglings, and veterans have a higher first hit chance than adults. Thus, the creature age replaces the aura as the mechanic that determines who has the highest chance to attack first in combat. The fact that creatures die also pushes you to experiment with different army compositions. Summoning a creature has also become immediate, and does not require a ritual anymore.

- Each creature is born with unique DNA. Sometimes, creatures will evolve interesting traits that give them an advantage: creatures might live longer, become a veteran faster, get first hit chance bonuses and so on. If you have summoned a creature with interesting DNA, you can sacrifice it before it dies to preserve the DNA in an amulet, which can be traded with other players. But you can also combine two amulets to create children that inherit the properties of both parents! This way, you can create powerful bloodlines of creatures that can be sold or traded for, and that can really improve your power!

- Rituals now take a certain time to complete, instead of taking a number of battles. For example, an improvement will take 6 hours. However, when you are online during the ritual, certain events can occur that will allow you to reduce the total ritual time. Also, as a kingdom you can start boosts that further decrease the time needed for a ritual. But whether you use the boosts or not, you will still have to wait a certain amount of time before the ritual finishes.

With these changes, we hope to give the game a much longer lifespan, without annoying players or making the game boring. On one side, rituals take time, so you will not be able to clear the game in a couple of days anymore. On the other side, people who want to play a lot still have plenty to do while waiting for their rituals to finish: they can work on breeding more powerful creatures and can experiment with their army composition.

Castle Quest 3 Alpha! by Phantom 2013-06-22 @ 18:15
The Castle Quest 3 alpha test is starting tonight at 20:00 CET! If you haven't subscribed yet, make sure you do right away at our website!

We will start sending out mails at 20:00, but it might take a while to send them all out, since we've got about 400 subscriptions. So if you don't receive anything right away, please be patient.
Welcome to the Age of Oxidian! by Phantom 2013-06-07 @ 18:14
Rodia is thriving once more around Stonehenge. After the Great War which was fought thousands of years ago, both the Itherian and Oxidian creatures refused to aid the Rodian magi because of the breach in trust during that battle. It was only in the recent centuries that diplomacy has normalized and that Rodian ambassadors were welcome at the courts of both the Itherian and Oxidian leaders.

This age introduces a number of changes:

  • Itherian Creatures are gone. Or are they?

  • Oxidian Creatures are gone. But why is it called Age of Oxidian then? Who knows.

  • An entirely new Nether system (which will make Nethers more valuable).

  • Travel is back but with some changes:

    • Travel income is at 50% of the original income and capped in time.

    • A new captcha is introduced to - hopefully - reduce scripting.

    • Lucky Gem Boxes are no more.

  • Hound & Banshee raid focus slightly changed.

  • Resurrection cost lower.

  • Level difference between kingdoms changed (from 10 to 15)

  • Curses: power balance needed for some curses is slightly elevated, pool shards are a tad bit more expensive.

A lot of other new exciting things will be introduced through the storyline and several side quests.

end-of-age event by Phantom 2013-05-21 @ 10:42
The Speed Age is coming to an end, and it will culminate in an End of Age event spanning a week. The snapshot – for those that love statistics – will be taken this Friday (May 24, 2013) on 16:00 and the Age will come to a grinding stop one week later, on Saturday June 1, 2013, after an exciting climax to the storyline.

This storyline was the result of a fruitful collaboration between four people, who have stayed in the shadows until now. I am very grateful for their effort to bring new life to this old game, and personally want to thank Moss for coming up with the concept of Oxidian creatures, mortician for coding all of it, IceScream for building a storyline around them and finally Gratchski for his enthusiasm, constructive criticism and being the best Oppa ever.

They have great plans for next age as well, so be sure to stick around!

As for CQ3 - it's obviously been delayed again, but it's coming. It's coming together quite nicely, and we are hard at work at preparing the server for a big-scale alpha. Just a little more patience please!
Castle Quest 3 Beta Sign-Up! by Phantom 2013-03-11 @ 12:40
Because we are nearing the alpha/beta stage of Castle Quest, we have set up a form to let people subscribe to the alpha/beta program. If you are interested in testing the next version of Castle Quest, hurry to our website and subscribe!

Castle Quest 3 Beta Sign-up!

Please spread the word! If you know any old CQ2 players who might be interested, make sure to send them the link!
Important game update by ycom 2012-06-05 @ 20:08
Today, we rolled out a rather important update to the nether system in order to encourage raids even more.
The following changes were made:

  • Gem enchants and the gem shrine have been made considerably more expensive, in order to prevent players from spending their hourly income right away by enchanting a single gem.

  • The gem shrine succes rate was slightly raised.

  • To counter the increased cost of enchants and the shrine, the amount of gems needed for a nether has been scaled accordingly.

  • The effect of gems below a certain level has been hugely decreased. This will force players to go for higher level gems and as such more expensive enchants, which in turn means a player will need to be able to hold more res before enchanting a gem is possible. Similarly gems above a certain level will have an increased effect.

Also a bug was fixed were wave enchants would cost a lot more than they did last age due to the increased worker income.

As it is hard to predict how things will go in this speed age, we'll be monitoring various aspects of the game to see if there are other things that need tweaking.

Welcome to the Speed Age! by Phantom 2012-06-02 @ 20:02
Welcome back to CQ2, for a very special age! This is a speed age, which means things go a little faster than usual, and the age will be shorter. To make this possible, the following adjustments were made to the game:

  • Level curve changed, so that you need the same amount of xp to reach level 60 than you needed last age to reach 40 (about 5 million).

  • Worker income increased x5, power income increased x3.

  • Arcane time halved.

  • Itherians will be spelled more frequently.

  • Travel income decreased to 2% compared to last age.

  • Maximum number of members in a kingdom reduced to 14.

  • Nether creation cost reduced by 50%, and random factors in the Nether creation process are reduced. Hatchtime was not reduced.

We hope you will appreciate the new pacing of the game. It's been a while since something fundamental changed to CQ2, so hopefully this will keep things fresh for the next age! By the end of this age, CQ3 should be released, so that's another thing to look forward to! Enjoy!
reset time by Phantom 2012-06-01 @ 19:26
The servers will go down tonight at 22:00 CET, and will remain down until tomorrow (Satuday) evening. We plan to bring CQ2 back up at 20:00 CET tomorrow, and publish the changes a couple of hours earlier, so that players still have a little time to make final preparations.
reset changes by Phantom 2012-05-31 @ 12:17
Tomorrow night at 20:00, the CQ2 server will go down to mark the end of the age. Later that night, the end-of-age statistics will be published for all to see. CQ2 will come back up Saturday evening, after a day of preparing for the new age.

The next age will be a speed age. The following major changes are planned (exact numbers are still being determined):

  • Leveling will be considerably faster, especially at later levels. Raid experience will also be slightly increased. This will result in most active people eventually reaching level 60, even if they aren't working for it.

  • Travel income will be only a minor fraction of what it is today. To compensate for this, worker income (and power income) will be increased substantially. Arcane chamber and Itherian spell time will also be tweaked to compensate for a shorter age.

  • Nethers will hatch slightly faster. Also, the Nether system will be tweaked to compensate for a shorter age.

These changes will cause considerably higher average levels for most players, which will in turn make it possible for shops to be a shop and still raid, as slower players will catch up relatively quickly, even if they don't want to.

If you have further suggestions about the next age, please post them in the comments.
scripters killed and reset announced by Phantom 2012-05-13 @ 16:15
After a long top-secret investigation, we have managed to isolate and catch a large number of scripters, and we killed their accounts. Note that killed accounts will not be included in the end-of-age statistics. The following players were caught scripting (some were killed earlier for multiing):

Bulbasaur (Vengeance)

Gozmeu (Vengeance)

Hate (Vengeance)

Icns (Vengeance)

Methox (Vengeance)

Munchies (Vengeance)

Musafa (Vengeance)

sjerf (Vengeance)

synyster (Vengeance)

Remedy (Vengeance)

Totsuku (Vengeance)

Fonske (WorstCareScenario)

Eyedoll (Shrimp)

Nuts (Shrimp)

Mofo (DragonCorp)

Ted_Bundy (OmNomNom)

H-allelujah (crux)

Blackreign (Civilian)

Most of these cases are extremely clear-cut, and we will ignore any complaints from these players. However, there are a few corner cases, so we would like to ask everyone who was killed to come on IRC (webchat), because we would like to ask a few players some questions about their playstyle.

It was also announced that there would be an announcement about the reset, and this was not a lie. There is indeed a reset coming at Friday 1/6/2012, but the next age won't be a normal age. Instead of repeating this age with all its scripting problems, we have decided to make the next age a speed age. We will be rebalancing some parts of the gameplay to match this concept: worker income will be greatly increased, raids will steal more resources, people will level faster and travel income will be reduced or removed altogether. This will avoid the problems of kingdoms thriving on scripted income, while rewarding people who actually play the game. Still, we will be closely monitoring for exchange scripts as well.

new pub admin by Phantom 2012-04-23 @ 15:47
Because the current pub admins are not active enough anymore to keep the pub clean and tidy, we have decided to add a new admin to the team. HappyJoyJoy/Ghust has been a loyal member of the community for many years, and is well-known as a good-mannered and neutral person. Because of this, we unanimously decided to choose him as the new pub admin.

Please redirect your complaints about the pub/marketplace to him, and please welcome him warmly to the team!
downtime by Phantom 2012-01-23 @ 19:12
There was a short planned downtime between 18:45 and 19:15. During this time, CQ2 was moved to a different server, because Fusa was removing the old one. No game data was lost, and ticks will proceed as usual. Note that it can take a while for the new server address to propagate through the internet; some users may be able to access the game faster than others.

It is perfectly normal if you had to log in again. This is an expected consequence of the server move.
Castle Quest 3 announced! by Phantom 2012-01-02 @ 18:01
I am extremely proud to announce the founding of Sileni Studios, a new game development studio located in Antwerp! As a two-man team consisting of Hanne Maes (artist) and me (lead designer & programmer), we will be developing the sequel to Castle Quest 2, with a release currently scheduled for October 2012. Castle Quest 3 will be a free-to-play graphical sequel to CQ2, in which we hope to keep the good things of CQ2 and bring it up to date in an attractive, stylish 2D jacket.

Our plan is to involve the community actively in the development of the game. As soon as possible, we will start drawing alpha testers from the active players of the last couple of years randomly. Initially, this will be a very small amount of players, but the number will be increased throughout development. We will also keep you up to date on the progress through blogs and twitter, and we will listen closely to your advice and suggestions.

I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to finally make the version of CQ2 that I have always wanted to make, but couldn't so many years ago because I didn't have the time, resources and technology to do it. I hope you are as excited as we are! More information will be released in the coming weeks.

Kind regards,

Karel Crombecq

Lead designer, Sileni Studios
2D artist wanted for CQ3 by Phantom 2011-10-13 @ 20:55
So the cat is officially out of the bag: Castle Quest 3 is under development! And in that context, I have an open paid position for a professional fulltime 2D artist. Below, you can find the poster with information about the position. Feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested!

I am mainly looking for Flemish artists, so the poster is in Dutch. But if you're English-speaking and your portfolio is strong enough, I will still consider you. If you think you are the ideal candidate, send your portfolio to

small patch by Spike 2011-02-20 @ 13:45

Today I uploaded a small patch to the game:

  • The bug were you could stop an arcane chamber from rising has been fixed. As long as nothing has been stolen from an arcane chamber it will continue to rise if there are no attacks on it.

    Once at least 1% has been stolen, it will no longer rise until you either produce a token or someone raids enough to drop your arcane chamber below 100%.

  • The way hatch types for nethers are determined wasn't really giving the results it should. Therefore I have altered the procedure. 99% of the existing eggs should be fine.

    If you are unsure if your egg was given the right hatch type, I would ask that you mail me what you put into the egg and the current hatch type. I will then inform you if it is the correct type or change it according to the new procedure. This information will ofcourse remain private.

  • Arcane spells now have a minimum power requirement to prevent players from just downleveling their tokens by investing 1 power.

  • Resource donations using the short format (e.g. 10k) no longer have additional 0's prefixxed to them.

Also, for those who are wondering why there are so many bugs this age, do note that this is the first age in years where a substantial amount of in game features have changed.

This obviously increases the chances of bugs and imbalances appearing which we will do our best to fix while minimizing the effect on the ingame economy.

Oh, a monkey told me to beware in travel, I wonder why?

Nether bug by Spike 2011-02-16 @ 20:57
Because of a bug, it was too easy to create nether creatures with very high damage and health. Fortunately I managed to fix it before too many eggs were made, the ones that clearly were too strong have been toned down.

Edit: This mainly affects unhatched eggs not already hatched ones.
Accountkills. by 2011-01-17 @ 20:54
After careful analysis of our logs, the following accounts were killed due to scripting:

- Fiction

- eXtra

- nurse

- OmegaPharma

- D1zz3H

- Kent

- The_Punisher

- N-gin

- vergil

- KaMpag
The Age of Discovery by Phantom 2011-01-09 @ 19:22
As most of you probably know, the new age, now officially called the Age of Discovery, will start at 20:00 CET today (9/1/2011). For the first time in many years, this age will bring a lot of major changes to several important aspects of the game. These changes are mainly thanks to our admin Stinusmeret, who spent a lot of time re-working the game and preparing it for a new start. Additionally, there will also be a new storyline during this age! Hopefully this will give to Castle Quest 2 a long-needed second breath.

To this end, we ask everyone to contact players that stopped earlier, and let them know that a new air is breezing through CQ2, and that they should definitely check out the new age! We will also make some effort in contacting old players to encourage them to come back, but we need your help more than ever to advertize this game to the world!

Finally, we can proudly announce the changes to the game:

XP raids made impossible with the following changes:

  • Once you differ 15 or more levels downwards you get base xp as if it were a regular battle.

  • If you raid someone who's higher level you now get MORE xp than in the old system

  • Equal level raids use the old system.

  • Lower level raids scale by level difference, so the bigger the difference the lower the additional xp gain.

  • Sending a creature in allied defense is only possible if BOTH players can attack with it. You can still send f.e. air creatures to a player without air skill as long as those creatures aren't of a too low uselevel for that player.

General changes:

  • Itherian Items no longer work in travel! You can still select itherians to defend creatures with, but their item effects will no longer be added to your creatures.

  • Powerspell system completely revamped! In this new system both the player's level and the amount of power invested play a much larger role. The chances of a low level player spelling the best creatures in the game are pretty much non-existent.

  • Earth & Air Itherian effects changed back to their old effects.

  • Nether system completely changed! The new system is similar to the one used during the Age of Recovery, however players familiar with this system should beware that while the system is based on this concept the actual workings are quite different. Formulas that once worked quite well will NOT have the same result in this system. This system also takes care of the problem said system had where one could create far too powerful creatures by using extremely high level gems. The changed nether system means some other things have changed too:

  • The return of creature gems, gem boxes and the gem shrine!

  • You can't use nethers for skill challenges anymore.

  • The Itherian system has changed slightly, it shares some similarities with the new nether system. To find out more about this new system, buy the book in the Stonehenge library.

  • Improved system to donate multiple gems, shards, amulets.

  • Various minor tweaks and fixes.

We hope you will enjoy the changes to the game, and hope to welcome a lot of new players to the renewed Castle Quest 2!
reset planned for Friday! by Phantom 2011-01-04 @ 19:47
Dear users,

The long-awaited reset is finally upon us, and is planned for next Friday (7/1/2011)! For the first time in a couple of ages, a lot of major changes will be applied to the game, including fundamental changes to many of the game's core systems such as Nethers and powerspelling. A full list of changes will be posted later this week.

To celebrate the end of this age, an end-of-age event will take place on Friday, starting at 20:00 CET. The snapshot, which will be used for the end-of-age statistics, will be the 6:00 CET backup on Friday morning.

Finally, here is a teaser image for the next age, which will hopefully get you excited already!

Recent downtime by 2010-10-21 @ 20:53
A little over 10 days ago, the CQ2 machine ended up a random target of a crackers group. They had "control" over the machine for about 10 hours and had absolutely no interest in CQ2, only in our bandwidth.

We have successfully moved CQ2 to the new new server. If you encounter any
problems during play, do not hesitate to report them! There may be some minor issues initially, and some pages may fail to load. If this happens, just refresh the page and it should work.

The data restored is our 6:00 AM (CET) backup at 10/10/10, everything done after this is lost and forgotten. Sorry.
FIFA 2010 gambling by 2010-06-09 @ 11:25
The FIFA World Cup kicks off in a few days, and as usual CQ2 will offer the possibility to gamble on one match each day.

You can gamble by checking out this page.

Betting costs 5000 resources. No more, no less... It is however allowed to donate more resources or other things (sponsoring) to the Lotto account for players to win.

So what are you waiting for? Go gamble!
Fusa hosting by Phantom 2010-05-15 @ 17:43
Castle Quest 2 is currently hosted by Fusa, a Belgian web hosting company. It's almost a year since we moved to this new host, and CQ2 has never been as stable and fast, so huge thanks to our generous sponsor for keeping CQ2 up!

And if you're looking for a good company to host your website, look no further than Fusa! They offer a variety of services, from cheap hosting packages to colocation solutions.
new admin: stinusmeret by Phantom 2010-01-11 @ 14:15
Almost half a year ago, the source code of CQ2 was released, with the ultimate goal of finding new, motivated developers for the game that will continue to maintain, improve and refresh the game for years to come. After this evaluation period, we are proud to announce that stinusmeret was chosen as a new admin for Castle Quest 2!

Until the end of the age, stinusmeret will have limited admin powers, which means he can moderate the pub, track down cheaters and generally admin the game. This is a trial period, and if everything goes well, he will gain full access to the game server at the end of the age!

This will allow stinusmeret to prepare the game for the next age. He is already preparing several major changes to the game mechanics for the next age, including a new Nether system, so this will definitely give the game a much-needed overhaul!

Please give stinusmeret a warm welcome to the admin team!
source code relicensed by Phantom 2009-08-21 @ 11:39
Due to issues with the nature of Castle Quest 2 (being a server-client architecture) and to bring the license more in line with the creative/artistic nature of CQ2, the source code of CQ2 has been relicensed to the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 Belgium License. To summarize your rights as user of the source code:

  • You are allowed to use, modify and run a server with this modified source code, provided that you release the source code in its entirety as well, and under the same license.

  • You have to attribute the work to the original author.

  • You are not allowed to earn any money from Castle Quest 2.

In addition, a new version of the source code will be released soon which solves some issues reported by the users of the first version, and which will explicitly include the license in the source code.
source code released! by Phantom 2009-08-12 @ 11:46
Today marks an important moment in the history of CQ2. For the first time, the entire source code of the game has been released. You can find the source code, along with instructions on how to install CQ2 on your own server, on the following website:

Please take some time to read the front page and the license agreement before downloading the code. Note that I keep the copyright on the source code. You cannot set up your own public server without my explicit permission. You can, however, play with the source code in a private circle.

Have fun with the source code! If you think you have mastered the code and have a good idea of how to improve the game, please contact me. The ultimate goal of releasing the source code is to find new game admins who will actively maintain and improve the game for the coming years.

slow load times by Phantom 2009-07-22 @ 10:45
Can anyone who consistently has really slow loading times please post their location (city, country) in the comments? We are collecting information about regions which have a bad connection to the new server, so that we can try to resolve the problems. Please only post this if you had bad connections from both urls ( and and if you had these slow load times from the beginning. by Phantom 2009-07-14 @ 12:52
CQ2 can now be played from the address We advise you to not use anymore, as this url may cause problems. From now on, always log in using the official Castle Quest domain. You may need to log in again when you visit the new address for the first time.
server move completed by Phantom 2009-07-11 @ 15:29
We have succesfully moved CQ2 to the new server. If you encounter any problems during play, do not hesitate to report them! There may be some minor issues initially, and some pages may fail to load. If this happens, just refresh the page and it should work.

Right now, the address for CQ2 is, but in a couple of days, cq2 will also be accessible from We will make another announcement when the domain is available, and from then on it is advised to play the game from that URL instead of from This will solve the "failed to load" errors.
new host found! by Phantom 2009-07-08 @ 21:36
Dear players,

We are happy to announce that we have found a new host for CQ2: Fusa, a new web hosting company looking for interesting sponsorships. They will be hosting CQ2 for at least the next 6 months and much longer after that, if everything goes smoothly. Big thanks to our player Zone for bringing us into contact with Fusa, and of course to Fusa for giving CQ2 the chance to live on!

The move to the new server will happen later this week. The current goal is to move the server on Saturday. Therefore, the game is expected to be offline during that day. The game will remain up and hosted on the current server until the move is completed.

More information on the transfer will be announced later this week. I'm glad that once again the players came through with finding a new place for this game. This will be rewarded soon with the release of the open source code of the game!
CQ2 server statistics by Phantom 2009-06-16 @ 18:49
As promised, here are the server statistics that were provided by the host:

The server that currently runs the game has the following specifications:

  • Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz HT

  • Total memory: 1166064 kB

  • Load average: 1.86

The average bandwidth usage is just below 1.5Mbit/sec, or 500GB/month (to be precise: according to the 95% rule).
CQ2 looking for new host by Phantom 2009-06-11 @ 14:37
Dear players,

Yesterday, I received word that SpeedXS, the current host of CQ2, was taken over by another company, and that they are completely stopping the sponsorship of CQ2. They said that the CQ2 server will be taken down no later than the 9th of July.

This means that CQ2 will have to go down in less than a month if no new host is found by then. If you are a CQ2 player and have proper hosting services available, feel free to contact me. I will try to gather bandwidth usage stats and CPU usage stats from the current server and post them in a follow-up announcement, so that potential hosters have an idea about what to expect.

Note that I will only respond to serious offers. In order to qualify as a potential host for CQ2, you must at least be able to provide the following services:

  • CQ2 needs a dedicated or semi-dedicated server, with FTP and SSH access, plenty of hard disk space for backups, crontab, PHP, MySQL and the ability to install additional libraries such as freetype.

  • CQ2 needs large amounts of bandwidth, and a low latency. Make sure you are capable of providing this.

  • The potential host must be able to guarantee that CQ2 can stay at the new server for an acceptable amount of time. Transfering CQ2 to a different server is quite an intensive process, so it's pointless to do it if it will only be hosted for a month.

If you really think you might be able to support and save this game, please send me a mail with as much information as possible. You will earn the gratitude of an entire community of dedicated players!
welcome to the new age by Phantom 2009-04-26 @ 19:19
After two short days of downtime, CQ2 is back for a new age: the Age of Transcendence. There are no initial changes to the game compared to the previous age. However, in the next couple of weeks, the source code of the game will be released, and the search will start for a new administrator for the game.

Eventually, development will hopefully recommence on this game with a new set of dedicated administrators. Until then, please enjoy the age!
reset information by Phantom 2009-04-23 @ 12:22
On Friday at 20:00, a snapshot will be taken of the database for the end-of-age statistics. After that, a short end-of-age event will begin. After the end-of-age event, which should take a couple of hours, the servers will be taken down and preparations will start for the next age. If everything goes as planned, the game will go back up on Saturday.

The source code of CQ2 will be made available in the coming weeks.
reset date, new admin, open source by Phantom 2009-04-06 @ 13:00
Dear players,

First and foremost, I would like to announce the reset date: the reset is currently planned for Friday 24/4. This is not a 100% definitive date, but CQ2 should definitely reset during that weekend.

During the last couple of weeks, I have received several applications for an administrator position for CQ2. I have decided to try something different this time. Instead of doing classical sollicitations, I have decided to make the source code of CQ2 open source during the weeks after the reset. This means that everyone will be able to download the code (and the database layout) and start tweaking the settings on their own. I will not provide any support besides some basic instructions on how to set up the server; people interested in exploring how CQ2 is programmed will have to do so on their own.

The goal of this drastic change is to let talented and motivated developers toy around with CQ2 on their own. Eventually, I will start recruiting new administrators for the official CQ2 server from the people who can prove that they understand what makes CQ2 tick, and are motivated to push the game forward and start improving it again.

One of the most interesting prospects would be to provide an interface for CQ2 for Facebook. This will definitely give a huge boost in popularity to CQ2 and will attract a lot of new players. Creating a facebook interface would however require converting CQ2 to PHP5, since CQ2 was developed before PHP5 was released and is therefore incompatible.

It is clear that this will be a challenging task, and that it will take someone really motivated to do the job. That is why I am not immediately recruiting a new admin. Instead, I will first release the source code of the game, and give people some time to study it.

Releasing the source code of the game will definitely cause a lot of massive changes for the community. I am confident that giving everyone the opportunity to play around with the game will eventually revive CQ2 and present motivated new administrators to move the game forward.
ycom killed by Phantom 2008-08-22 @ 12:45
Today we discovered that ycom had been abusing his admin powers by giving himself extra power balance and trying to cover it up with fake power balance raids. He has been removed from the game, stripped of his admin powers and will never be allowed to register a new account again. He only abused his powers to his own advantage; there is no reason to believe any of his kingdom members were involved or knew of the abuse.

We, as the remaining two admins, are deeply shocked and disappointed by this discovery. We really trusted ycom and gave him a lot of responsibility in maintaining CQ2. Please note that it is difficult to discover cheating from someone who has complete access to the database and full admin powers; that is why we gave these powers only to someone who had been helping and serving the CQ2 community for a long time. This incident only shows that even such a long track record is no guarantee for sincerity.

We would like to apologize to our players for this situation. We will try to keep the storyline going as planned. Whether we will appoint a new admin or not remains undecided at this point.
Euro 2008 gambling by Spike 2008-06-07 @ 15:26
The European football championship kicks off in a few hours, and as usual CQ2 will offer the possibility on gamble on one match each day.

You can gamble by checking out the Lotto account.

For our first game, various magi already sponsored 1.2 million, something you can win by betting 5000 res.

So what are you waiting for? Go gamble!
New pubmoderators by Spike 2008-05-05 @ 13:14
After careful consideration, we have decided to appoint 2 pub moderators. These will be able to remove posts, close topics and ban people in the Stonehenge pub and marketplace.
One of them is returning to us after a period of forced inactivity, the other one is a quite well known visitor of our pub. So please put your hands together and give a warm round of applause for the people who are going to make sure our pub and market remain clean:
Blight (formerly C-S) and Dominic!
Server issues resolved by ycom 2008-04-28 @ 18:48
We're glad to announce the issues with the server have been resolved.

The Nether Scholar will be back with orbs @ 19:30 server time.

We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.

Game update by ycom 2008-04-19 @ 14:50
Today we uploaded a small update to the game. The following things were changed:

  • You can now see the group name when removing a mage from a group.

  • The arcane and wave spell descriptions have changed.

  • Mails can now be stored in the "stored folder".

  • The gem system has been slightly changed. If you defend a battle on your arcane chamber, two things can happen. If the arcane % is at least 100% and there are other battles on your arcane chamber, they will get a chance to raid your gem as well. If there are no battles on your arcane chamber, the remaining arcane % will be converted into a gem for yourself.

  • The bug where you were able to get in front of other battles by launching hidden creatures has been fixed.

short downtime by Phantom 2008-03-08 @ 17:27
The game was just down for a couple of minutes due to a hard disk issue with the server. We managed to fix it, and no further problems are expected.
Welcome to the new age by Phantom 2008-01-29 @ 20:04
Welcome to the Age of Transition!

As you probably already know, the game is under new management, so you can expect updates from Spike and ycom in a while. Of course, I will be nearby to give advice and to help where needed.

Already a couple of significant changes were introduced with the start of this age. They can be found in the changelog at the bottom of the page, but for convenience I will repeat them here:

  • As previously mentioned, the game rules were updated with new rules on sharing and account switching. Both of these activities are forbidden from now on. This means that each account is stricly personal, and can only ever be played by one person. It cannot be passed on to someone else should the owner of the account decide to stop.

  • The birth sign gem system was completely revamped. Now, each time a gem is popped or raided, the gem sign of the mage changes randomly, with weaker gems of course having a greater chance of appearing. This means that eventually everybody will at one point or another have a good sign, but they will have to be able to defend their arcane chamber if they don't want to lose it to attackers. This new system will eliminate the luck-based aspect of random permanent gem signs, and will also encourage arcane chamber raiding.

  • Lich items were changed, they now reduce defenses once at the start of the battle.

  • Forest and death Itherian effects were switched, as well as earth and air.

  • The number of identical creatures in a kingdom needed for maximum gem enchantments has been significantly lowered.

  • You can only use 4 Itherians when defending a kingdom battle.

  • Itherians have been made slightly rarer again.

  • The friends/enemy list system has been converted to a group system in which each user can freely add and remove groups of users as they see fit.

  • If your IP changes, you will be automatically logged out. This is no reason to panic, you will just have to log in again. This is a side-effect of measurements taken to detect sharing.

Have fun!
The Age of Transition! by Phantom 2008-01-21 @ 19:38
It has been a while since the last announcement about the upcoming reset. The end of January is drawing near, so this means that the reset is just around the corner... and it is time to reveal the future of CQ2 to you.

The Age of Transition will mark a milestone in the history of CQ2: after a transition period, I will (finally) completely pass management and development of CQ2 to Spike and ycom, which have proven that they are willing to spend a lot of effort and time on improving CQ2 and reviving the community. In order to achieve this, a couple of great things are scheduled for this game in the near future:

  • Active development of the game will be resumed. Spike and ycom will actively improve and update the game during the next age, so that the play experience will become fresh again for old players and will hopefully attract a new audience as well. The first steps in this direction will already be taken at the start of the next age, which will introduce several important changes to the game (see below). I will continue to supervise the game and give advice if necessary.

  • In order to get back to the player numbers that the game once had, we need to start advertising the game everywhere we can. Since there is no marketing budget available, we have to rely on the players and their dedication to spread the word about this game and the wonderful new age that is about to commence. Spike has already asked for help in the New Surathil pub, and I urge every player to respond to this call. Castle Quest 2 needs new players!

  • The next age will mark the long-awaited return of the storyline! For the first time in many ages, a new storyline will unfold for players to experience.

A complete list of changes will be announced a couple of days before the start of the new age, but we already give you the following highlights so that players can prepare themselves accordingly:

  • During the next age, sharing will be completely forbidden. Any player caught sharing, will be killed immediately. Sharing is the main reason for the serious reduction in player numbers, and has also made it very difficult for new players to participate in the game and survive. Disallowing sharing will make it easier for casual and new players to integrate.

  • A new gem sign system will be introduced that will encourage raiding and will reduce the luck factor of random permanent birth signs.

  • The kingdom war system will be adjusted to adapt to the requests of players and to make battles more varied.

As for the reset date: the game will go down this Sunday 27/1 after an exciting end-of-age event! The new age will start on Tuesday 29/1 at 20:00. The end-of-age event will start around 20:00 on Sunday evening so make sure you're online at that time to experience the explosive finale of this age! Also, at 20:00 the snapshot of the database will be taken that will be used for the end-of-age statistics.
The reset by Phantom 2007-12-08 @ 13:01
The reset is currently planned somewhere in January. Wether there will be an end-of-age event has not been decided yet at this moment. There will, however, be several changes to the game to make the next age more interesting. These will be announced later.
scheduled maintenance by Phantom 2007-07-11 @ 20:41
SpeedXS is planning large maintenance works this night from 02:00 to 06:00. This may result in some downtime, so please be prepared. There will be no rollback of any kind, unless the downtime is much longer than planned.
small downtime by Phantom 2007-06-06 @ 17:03
CQ2 was down for about an hour in order to fix a critical bug caused by the transfer to the new server that could potentially do a lot of damage. The bug is fixed now and there are no further issues.
CQ2 back on new server by Phantom 2007-05-21 @ 21:50
As you can see, CQ2 is back up and running on the new server. All problems encountered during the public test should have disappeared.
server transfer by Phantom 2007-05-21 @ 09:22
CQ2 will move to the new server today at 20:00 CET. There will be about 30 minutes downtime. No rollback will occur. From then on, the old url ( will direct to the new location (
playtest of new server by Phantom 2007-05-18 @ 18:18
The move to the new server will take place tomorrow. There will be little downtime and no rollback.

However, to test the new server, I'm starting a public playtest today. I have placed a 2-week-old copy of the database on the new server, so that you can all mess with it without any repercussions. The goal of this playtest is to see if everything works properly, so I'm asking you all to go to the new server and play for a while there. Report anything that seems to be broken. Everything you do there won't matter at all, since the database will be erased tomorrow and the database of this server will be transfered to the new location.

The new host of CQ2 will be SpeedXS, a Dutch internet service provider, and the new url of CQ2 will become:

Have fun!
new host found! by Phantom 2007-05-11 @ 13:43
I have good news for you all: we have found a new host for CQ2, and have already begun preparations for the move. More information about the new host will be given later, but I can already reveal that the changes for you will be minor. The game will certainly remain free for you all, and there will be as little downtime as possible for the move to the new server.

Thanks everybody for the tremendous support during these difficult hours! It has been difficult to find a good host, but we pulled through.
downtime and the future of CQ2 by Phantom 2007-04-26 @ 00:03
On the 12th of April the network infrastructure of our host (MCT) was changed considerably, resulting in several serious issues with the CQ2 server. This was the direct cause of the lengthy downtime. Fortunately, not much was lost, because we succesfully reverted to the backup taken on the day the game went down. This means that everything that happened on the 12th of April between 6:00 (backup time) and 9:00 (when the server went down) is lost. The game should now be up and running again as it used to be. To prevent people from getting killed, everyone was placed in vacation mode. This is perfectly normal.

Unfortunately, during the turmoil, a new issue came up. Apparently, MCT is experiencing bandwidth shortage, and they decided to stop the free hosting of CQ2 in order to free up a large portion of their bandwidth. This means that we will permanently lose our current (free) hosting on the 18th of May. We have until that time to find a new host for CQ2, or the game will be forced to go down, possibly forever.

This is terrible news and the decision of MCT is most unfortunate for us, but let is not forget that they hosted this very, very bandwidth-heavy and CPU-intensive game for free for many years, and we should be grateful for that. However, if we want the game to continue, we will need to find a new host.

To give potential candidates an idea: CQ2 uses over 1 TB of bandwidth every month and requires several gigabytes of storage for the database and for backups. It runs pretty much exclusively on the Raphaello server described on this page, which can only support at most 1500 players.

Anyone who has any serious offers can contact me on my e-mail address. I will probably receive a lot of mails regarding this issue, so I will only answer to the ones that seem genuinely interesting to me. Apologies in advance if you don't get a personal response.
Welcome to the Age of Reinforcement by Phantom 2007-01-06 @ 20:30
Welcome back to Castle Quest 2! The game has been gone for a couple of months to give me time to contemplate on its future and to deal with a couple of pesky problems that were plaguing it. The good news is that CQ2 is back again, with the help of two new people: Spike and ycom. These two will from now on help me with processing bug and abuse reports, answering questions from the players, looking for cheaters and so on. I will keep my position as main game administrator, and will gradually give more responsibility to the new admins.

Even though there are no major changes, the following are still worth mentioning:

  • Itherian power spell chance pretty much removed from the game. Everyone will now spell an Itherian at regular intervals.

  • Gem bag introduced. This extra storage bag for gems allows you to safely store your gems away so that you cannot accidentally put them in the gem depot or use them for other purposes.

  • When leaving a kingdom battle undefended, the enchantments used in the remaining waves are used all at once on all the attacking creatures.

  • New notation introduced for resources during donations: you can now donate, for example, 52300 resources by entering 52,3k.

With the help of the new admins, we hope this new age will be a refreshing experience for the old players and will introduce the game to many new faces! Have fun with the Age of Reinforcement!
end of age by Phantom 2006-11-11 @ 17:01
Here is the announcement you've all been waiting for, but I'm afraid it's not exactly what you're expecting from it.

To get the good news out first: this age will end on Monday 13/11 at 21:00 CET. This is next Monday. There will be no end-of-age event, and the end-of-age statistics should be available later that night.

Now for the bad news:

We haven't solved the Hotmail issue yet. This means that, while we work on solving this problem, the game will certainly remain down, because we simply can't start a new age without resolving this issue first.

During this downtime, I will take my time to think about the future of CQ2 and me as the main administrator in particular. The last couple of months (ever since I got a full-time job really), I haven't been as good an administrator as I want to be. I can't keep up properly with bug/abuse reports and I can't investigate them as thoroughly as I used to.

Maybe it's time that someone else takes over CQ2 altogether, or maybe I should just look for additional administrators to deal with the bug/advice reports. I will use the (extended) downtime to consider all the options and decide on the best course of actions.

I can't say in advance how long the game will be down, because it depends on how quick the Hotmail issue is fixed and how quick I come to a decision on the future of CQ2.

This was a very tough announcement for me to make, but I feel it is necessary to guarantee the quality of service for CQ2. It can't go on like it did the last couple of weeks, so something needs to change, and the end of the age is the perfect opportunity to make these changes.
server crash by Phantom 2006-11-03 @ 15:20
This morning some strange errors occured on the server, causing it to crash. Unfortunately, we had to rollback to a backup from this morning to get the server back working. We have no explanation for the errors so far, but we are looking into it. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
hotmail problems by Phantom 2006-10-29 @ 15:48
The last couple of weeks, hotmail has been blocking all mails coming from the CQ2 server. This means that people with hotmail e-mail addresses can't receive any mails at all. Of course this is a serious problem for the reset, so please be patient while we are working on a solution.
downtime by Phantom 2006-09-23 @ 14:24
Last week, the server went down because of a major hardware failure, and because several parts had to be ordered and replaced, the game couldn't be brought back up until yesterday.

Because of ongoing problems with the rollback (and some unfortunate mistakes on my part), I had to roll back one more time to the backup of last wednesday, which was taken the day before the server went down. So once again, everything you did since the downtime has been lost, including everything you did yesterday. Things should go smoothly from now on. Our sincere apologies for these problems.

As a compensation, we would like to announce that the reset will probably take place somewhere in the second half of October. The exact date will be announced later.
lich items changed by Phantom 2006-08-26 @ 15:55
Because of apparent imbalances in the items of liches, adjustments have been made to their effect. From now on, they don't simply ignore defenses, but have a chance to lower defenses during each turn of combat. Our apologies to those who put a lot of effort in making Lich armies, but this change had to be done to keep the game fun and fair for everyone.
vacation by Phantom 2006-07-02 @ 13:52
I'll be on vacation from monday 3/7 until friday 7/7. This means that no bug reports or abuse reports will be answered until at least saturday, so please be patient when waiting for response.
server problems by Phantom 2006-06-25 @ 19:39
For reasons unknown thus far the server crashed half an hour ago. Part of the database was corrupted during the crash, so we had to do a partial rollback to this morning. Most of the things that happened today should still be there, but some things will be gone.

For example, you will still have the battles and their reports in your battles screen, but the xp you gained from them (today) will be gone. The most noticable things that were reset to this morning are:

  • resources and power

  • experience

  • personal info and private notes

  • curses cast on players after this morning (but not on creatures)

  • arcane chamber power

travelscript unkills by Phantom 2006-06-15 @ 19:04
After reading through the travel descriptions submit by the people who were put in forced vacation mode two days ago, we decided to unkill only the following two accounts:

  • miljaar

  • -Bhairava-

They did NOT use a travelscript. Our apologies for accusing them wrongly. The other accounts did use one, and will remain killed.
login problems by Phantom 2006-06-14 @ 13:30
There was something wrong with the database this morning that made it impossible to log on. This is nothing to worry about: your account was not hacked and the password was not changed. Everything should be back to normal now.
travelscript killings by Phantom 2006-06-13 @ 19:08
Today, 39 accounts, including a serious amount of high level magi, were placed in forced vacation mode for travelscripting. Most of these accounts will be killed permanently in 2 days. However, uncertainty exists about a small number of accounts. If you never used a travelscript (not even tried it) and were placed in forced vacation mode, you have a chance to redeem yourself. In order to do this, you must follow these instructions to the letter:

  1. Describe, step by step, in a compact manner, but in great detail, how you travel. Start from when you are in your kingdom. Describe how you take your first traveling step. Write down precisely what you do to travel one step: wether you click on an arrow image or hit F5, for example. Describe what you do when you encounter a challenge, and decide wether or not to defend it. Describe how you enter your defenders, how you click defend (tab and enter? mouse?), and how you get back to traveling (link in menu? 'back' link?). Do the same for gambling dwarves and Rudolf. If you use different methods at different times, make sure to mention them all. Be precise and complete.

  2. If you are sharing an account, make sure that each sharer describes how he travels.

  3. Collect all the descriptions of the different sharers, and assemble them in one e-mail. Use as the subject 'TRAVEL DESCRIPTION: YOURACCOUNTNAME'. For example: 'TRAVEL DESCRIPTION: Phantom'. Send it to

Let this be a lesson for all: scripting is always a huge risk, even though it might initially seem that you would get away with it. Using scripts will backfire eventually.
World Cup gambling by Phantom 2006-06-09 @ 21:40
Because the football world cup football has started today, several players have taken the initiative to organize a gambling system for CQ2 players. If you're interested in betting resources on world cup matches, you should read the personal info of the Lotto account for more detailed info on how to do so.

Thanks to IceScream, Sean and Spike for setting this up!
downtimes by Phantom 2006-04-29 @ 16:39
As most of you have probably noticed, CQ2 has been down a lot lately. This is not because of issues with the CQ2 server itself, but because of problems with the DNS server. The DNS server is responsible for converting the url ( to a real address.

Since I have nothing to do personally with the maintenance of the DNS server, all I can do is inform the system administrator and hope it gets fixed quickly, which is unfortunately not always the case.

If doesn't work, you should try the secondary url: It will not always work, but it might help in some cases.
small update by Phantom 2006-04-19 @ 12:50
When you are cursed with Surathli's Anger, the spellbook link in the game menu will be highlighted to remind you of this, just like it does when you still have workers to spend.

You can also find new instructions on how to get the image pack working for Firefox users on the options screen (bottom left). We still encourage everyone to use the image pack, since it's much faster than loading the images from the server, and it also helps us lower our bandwidth usage!

Credits go to Saribro for sending these instructions to me.
new pub mod by Phantom 2006-03-16 @ 21:48
Because aardvark left us at the start of the new age, we thought it was time to look for a new pub moderator. Instead of picking someone we knew personally, we decided to give everyone the chance to apply for the position by replying in a topic in the pub.

After careful consideration, we decided to pick C-S as the new pub mod. The following weeks will be a trial period for him, so that we can make sure he'll be a good moderator. If everything goes well, he will become a permanent member of the team.

Remember that pub mods are volunteers, who spend their free time on cleaning up the pub and keeping it enjoyable for you all.

Please give him a warm welcome!
spending kingdom resources by Phantom 2006-03-02 @ 17:24
From now on, everyone in the kingdom can spend kingdom resources for Nether creatures and gem enchanting, even without being made Warlord. This will make giving everything in the kingdom warlord status by default less interesting, which will in turn hopefully reduce damage done by spies in enemy kingdoms.
reporting multidefend bug abuse by Phantom 2006-03-02 @ 16:23
Even though I appreciate the enthousiastic response of the community to the multidefend bug abuse, it's not necessary to send in an abuse report every time it happens to you. I can easily detect the abuse in the database myself, and I scan all players on a daily basis for it. But the abuse reports about the multidefend bug are littering my mailbox and they're not particularly useful to me. Of course, do keep sending in abuse reports on other suspicious behaviour, like multiing, scripting or farming!
defending one battle multiple times by Phantom 2006-02-28 @ 15:50
At this moment it's possible to defend one and the same battle multiple times by clicking the defend button really quickly, earning you xp for each time you manage to defend the same battle. This is obviously bug abuse, and the biggest abusers have been killed. Even though fixing this problem is difficult, it's also very easy to see when people abuse this. Please do not abuse this bug while we are working on a fix.
some reactivations lost by Phantom 2006-02-11 @ 19:11
Due to an error on my part, all accounts that were reactivated after 6:00 this morning (Saturday) were erased. Those people will have to register again the normal way, because their reactivation key won't work anymore. This should be no problem as there will be plenty of spots available when the age starts. Apologies for the inconvenience.
The Age of Conflict by Phantom 2006-02-11 @ 19:02
The Age Of Conflict

Welcome to the new age! Unfortunately there was no end-of-age event, because the server crashed the day it was going to happen. There was still a lot of work to do and not much time to do it, so we decided to concentrate on preparing the next age instead of the event, so that we wouldn't have to push back the reset date.

Fortunately we made it in time, and the server is back up and running, so we welcome you all to the Age Of Conflict! Without further ado, here are the patch changes:

  • The gem system for kingdom battles has been replaced by a new system! Gems no longer play a role in kingdom battles. From now on, you cast a gem spell directly on a wave of creatures. This should make kingdom battles much more interesting and balanced than last age. If you want more information about the new system you should check out the help page.

  • You can now change your e-mail address on the options page. A new system has been developped for changing your password and e-mail address that will hopefully make it more difficult to take over someone's account. A requested change of your password or e-mail address is only applied to your account after a waiting period of 4 days. During this period, a news message will inform everyone of the upcoming change, and everyone on the account can cancel the process at any time by clicking on the link in the news message.

  • You will now have to copy a simpler (one digit) version of the mathematics dwarf image every time you want to defend a battle or travel challenge. This will hopefully put a stop to travelscripts and exchange scripts. We are fully aware that this measure will not be appreciated, but feel it is necessary to keep the game entertaining for those who play by the rules.

  • Nether creatures can now be used to do skill challenges, just like normal creatures.

  • You can now only use 4 Itherians in the same wave in a kingdom battle, just like you can only have 4 Itherians at the same time as a mage.

  • The kingdom treasury now generates 5% interest on a daily basis. This makes keeping resources in the treasury a profitable business if you have enough creatures available to defend.

  • The chance of getting an Itherian creature or item by casting a powerspell is now much less based on luck and much more on the amount of Itherians you've summoned previously. This age everyone who regularly casts a power spell should have no problem getting an Itherian creature or item.

  • You can now donate multiple special items at once.

The main focus of this patch is of course to make kingdom battles more interesting again. The effect of gem spells has been reduced significantly, so that kingdom battles are now once again more a matter of sending the right creatures instead of having the best gem. Kingdom battles are one of the most interesting aspects of the game, and should be encouraged as much as possible.

That's it. Have fun with the new age!
reset date change by Phantom 2006-01-30 @ 09:19
Even though I said the dates were final, I'm going to push back the date the next age will start by one day. So, to sum it all up:

The game will go down on the 8th of February to prepare for the reset. The next age will start on Saturday the 11th of February. We will take a database snapshot (which will be used for the end-of-age statistics) at the morning of the 8th, after which a small end-of-age event will start that will continue until the evening. On the evening of the 8th the game will go down.
reset date by Phantom 2006-01-28 @ 21:11
The game will go down on the 8th of February to prepare for the reset. The next age will start on the 10th of February. We will take a database snapshot (which will be used for the end-of-age statistics) at the morning of the 8th. There will be a small end-of-age event that evening, before the game goes down. This date is final, and will not be changed.
CQ2 down by Phantom 2005-12-12 @ 12:50
CQ2 has been down for the biggest part of the night but should be working again now. There was no rollback, but chances are high that you are logged out, even though you were logged in when the game went down. If you encounter any other strange behaviour, please report it using the 'report bug' button in the 'Other Links' menu.
charity sale by Phantom 2005-12-06 @ 16:38
EroticHamster is organizing a one-time charity sale of CQ2 items for real money. Normally, selling CQ2 items for currency outside of CQ2 is not allowed by the game rules, but because it's for a good cause I will allow and support this sale. I will see to it that there is no scamming involved and that the money will go integrally to the good cause as promised.

There's a lot of good stuff for sale, so if you want to kick some ass in the last months of this age or just support the good cause (which EroticHamster has chosen to be Stortkinderen), check out this topic for more information. The website of Stortkinderen is Dutch, but EroticHamster has given a small explanation of what they do in the topic in English.
reset date by Phantom 2005-11-30 @ 19:42
The next reset will take place around the end of January. An exact date will be announced later.
small update by Phantom 2005-10-12 @ 15:16
If you reset now, you will get another random gem sign instead of keeping the one you previously had. If you reset your account recently but haven't reached level 30 yet you will still keep your old gem sign.
kingdom battle change by Phantom 2005-09-26 @ 11:53
There has been a small change with rather big consequences to the way kingdom battles are calculated. The damage an attacking creature will do or the amount of resources it will steal now depends on the difference in level between the attacking kingdom and the defending kingdom closest to the attacking kingdom in level. The closer you are in level, the more damage each creature will do.

For example, if a level 20 kingdom attacks a level 30 kingdom that is getting help from a level 25 kingdom in the form of additional defenders, the actual level difference used to calculate the damage is 5. Before the change the actual level difference was 10. This means the actual damage done by each creature in this case is doubled compared to before the patch.

What this comes down to is that from now on attackers sometimes do more damage than before but never less.
CQ2 virus by Phantom 2005-09-18 @ 22:34
Someone found a way to insert malicious code in a CQ2 mail using the [img] tags so that he could get access the account of anyone who opened the mail. That person then proceeded to screw up the account and forward the mail to other people.

Because it was impossible to undo all the damage done, I had to do a rollback to 6:00 this morning. This basically means that the game was reset to its state this morning and that everything you did today has been undone. Code has been added to disable the virus, so everything should be secure again. Accidentally battles and curses weren't rolled back in time left. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Also, everyone will have to log back on to avoid your stolen login info from being abused by the hacker.
CQ2 meeting reminder by Phantom 2005-09-15 @ 19:52
The CQ2 meeting organized by IceScream will take place tomorrow, so here's a small reminder for all those who are planning on coming. If you're coming by train, meet up in front of station Gent St. Pieters around 20:00. Make sure you don't step off at Gent Dampoort! After a couple of minutes IceScream will guide the group to The Vooruit, where we will spend the rest of the evening. *

* This message is approved by IceScream.
account killings by Phantom 2005-09-11 @ 19:20
After carefully monitoring several people for a while, 13 accounts were killed for using travelscripts, exchangescripts or other illegal activities. These kills are non-negotionable and permanent. Anyone who tries to convince me to unkill any of these accounts will be silently ignored. The proof is very convincing and will not be disclosed, and neither will be the names of those killed.
CQ2 meeting in Gent by Phantom 2005-08-28 @ 14:21
IceScream is organizing a meeting for CQ2 players on Friday 16 September. It will take place in the Vooruit in Gent. There's already a nice list of people who will be coming that evening, so it looks like a good occasion to meet up with your kingdom members or to beat up your enemies!

If you're interested you should check out this topic in the New Surathil pub, which contains all the information you'll need.
small patch by Phantom 2005-08-21 @ 19:28
A couple of changes were made to the game:

  • If someone steals enough power from an arcane chamber to drop it below 100%, all the remaining battles on the arcane chamber are canceled. This is done to remove a small loophole that would allow someone to prevent people from stealing his or her gem.

  • Jinx used to cancel the added stealing effect of emerald on Nethers. It does not anymore. It doesn't cancel the other stealing modifiers either, for example emerald gems in kingdom battles or gargoyle items. It will, of course, still reduce the global stealing amount to 30%.

  • A cap was placed on the effect of gems on creatures in kingdom battles. The cap is pretty high, so it shouldn't have too much effect in normal circumstances.

vacation by Phantom 2005-07-21 @ 20:21
I will be gone from 22/7 until 28/7. This means no bug/abuse reports will be handled during that period. I have given instructions to trusted people in case something goes wrong with the server.
additional curse slot by Phantom 2005-07-08 @ 11:32
You will now get an additional curse slot at level 25, so that you will be able to learn your first curse the moment you acquire the skill, instead of having to wait for another level.

For more information about curses you can buy the guide in the New Surathil library.
game rules update synopsys by Phantom 2005-06-21 @ 23:50
Because most people didn't get it the first time I'm repeating it here:

This rule shouldn't harm normal kingdom activity. Use common sense to decide when it's helping each other in a kingdom and when it becomes farming.

If you are farming and are planning on using the "sponsor" or "bank" excuse you won't get away with it from now on. If you're not, just continue doing whatever you were doing and you won't get killed for it. The only notable exception is using up banked resources, because that was done on a large scale before and is explicitly forbidden from now on. Sponsoring and supporting weaker magi is still allowed.
game rules update by Phantom 2005-05-24 @ 21:12
I have updated the game rules regarding farming with an additional, very important sentence:

You are not allowed to accept donations from someone who has stopped playing the game and you are not allowed to receive multiple donations without giving anything in return ('farming'). Loaning resources or other trade goods from other magi for a long period of time (more than one week) also falls under farming.

This means that if you are banking your resources at someone, your bank should not touch those resources until they are paid back. He can't spend them temporarily on amulets and travel the lost resources back together when the original owner needs them, because this is just the same as regular farming if it happens over a long period of time.

This additional sentence also places some restrictions on shopmage sponsoring: it is still allowed to sponsor them but only and only if you are getting something back within a reasonable amount of time (like an amulet).

If you are sponsoring a mage with granite but you are buying creatures from that same mage, this granite will just be considered payment for the creatures. It's therefore not considered farming. It becomes farming if you just donate granite and don't buy any creatures in the near future.

This rule shouldn't harm normal kingdom activity, but it will make it more difficult to bank resources (as they have to be at the bank's account at all times). Use common sense to decide when it's helping each other in a kingdom and when it becomes farming. In case of doubt send a mail to Phantom.

This rule only counts from now on and I will not kill anyone who used banked resources in the past.

Updated, I clarified some more things.
downtime by Phantom 2005-05-20 @ 15:59
They are currently reconfiguring the network on which CQ2 is hosted, so the game could be unaccessible for short periods of time up until 18:00 this evening. There is nothing wrong with the server.
enchantment skill tree by Phantom 2005-05-15 @ 11:20
The enchantment tree skill points requirements weren't lowered properly at the start of this age. That's been fixed now, and the people who have already learned enchantment skills have had their available skill points adjusted to the new cost.
images fixed by Phantom 2005-05-10 @ 16:08
The images are now hosted on port 80 again, which means they should display properly again for everyone.
image problems by Phantom 2005-05-09 @ 19:43
Some people have been experiencing problems with the images of CQ2 since the reset of this age. This is because they are currently hosted on port 81, which is blocked by some routers or ISP's like Kotnet.

We are looking for a solution to this problem, but in the meantime you can fix it by installing the image pack. You can find the instructions on options page (bottom left). If you're using the image pack don't forget to turn off 'get stylesheet from server'.
reactivation keys by Phantom 2005-05-06 @ 23:10
The reactivation keys will expire Monday 20:00 CET. All accounts who weren't reactivated yet will be deleted and new registration spots will become available. If you haven't managed to get in yet Monday will be your best shot.

If you haven't received your reactivation mail yet, your e-mail address is probably invalid. You can also reactivate your old account if you remember your password here.
server issues by Phantom 2005-05-06 @ 20:32
If you get a 'could not connect' message that means the server is overloaded. At this moment there are about twice as much people trying to play as during the average end-of-age event, so please be patient.
the Age of Resurgence by Phantom 2005-05-06 @ 19:00
Welcome to the new age!

As said there are no real major changes, but there are still quite a few worth mentioning:

  • Worker destroying introduced. It is now possible to destroy someone else's workers once you have reached level 32. Read the battles help page for more information.

  • The enchantment skill tree is now cheaper to learn.

  • It is now impossible to have a curse removed by the caster before its time is over if there are still shards powering it. You can still dispell the curse if you have the right shards.

  • Storms now have a completely new item type! You can look up a Storm item in the spell database (for example Earth Storm Enhancer) to get the new effect.

  • You can now make Nether creatures out of regular creatures. However it might still be better to make them out of power creatures as all their items are percentage-based and thus scale properly with the increased damage/health.

  • Nether maximum level seriously increased.

  • Nether Egg hatchtime reduced to 24 hours.

  • Lots of other balance tweaks to items, gems, kingdom battles, etc.

Also, I won't be playing as Phantom this age. I will be playing in an anonymous account as an experiment. The Phantom-account will remain active for announcements and moderation purposes.

end of age event by Phantom 2005-05-01 @ 10:59
Tomorrow a small event will take place to celebrate the end of the age. Because of this I will be taking a snapshot of the database for the end-of-age statistics after all. This will happen Monday at 14:00. The event will continue throughout the evening after which CQ2 will go down in order to prepare for next age.
reset date by Phantom 2005-04-20 @ 19:11
The CQ2 servers will go down during the week starting at Monday 2/5. They will remain down for a couple of days while we reconfigure the operating system to make things more stable and so we can test the new age. If everything goes well, CQ2 should go back up at Friday 6/5 for a new start!
big lottery by Phantom 2005-04-05 @ 18:42
To celebrate the return of CQ2, MenloR, Deathstar or Elfranger are holding a final, grand lottery. This time they will distribute all the resources and amulets left in the account between the winners. This will be the last lottery of this age. You can find more information in the personal info of the lotto account.
downtime by Phantom 2005-04-05 @ 18:19
The server was down for over a week because someone pulled a plug at our hosting company and forgot to put it back in. As far as I can see there is nothing wrong with the server, so things should be going smoothly from now on if they leave it alone over there.

There was no rollback. However because the server went up without me knowing, some people managed to raid castles and kingdoms before I could rewind the database time. It's impossible to undo all the normal battles because there are just too many, but if you lost an egg or kingdom resources because of a kingdom battle, please send me an ingame mail (king of the victim kingdom only!) with the report and I will return the stolen stuff to their rightful owners.
CQ2 is 3 years old by Phantom 2005-03-17 @ 11:36
Today is the third birthday of CQ2, counting from the moment it became a public beta. Like every year, there are a couple of presents waiting for you guys to discover them, but I also thought this was the moment to provide more information about next age.

Firstly I want to get this out of the way: there won't be a snapshot. The database at the end of the age will be used for the statistics. Last age a snapshot was necessary because the storyline completely screwed up everyone's creature lists near the end, which would've resulted in useless statistics. This year there's no real storyline, so no need for a snapshot either.

I also want to tell you all about my plans for next age. As most of you know, I consider this game more or less finished and won't be adding new content to the game next age. There are however a couple of things I will do:

  • I will consider how this age went and make additional balance changes to make things as fair and fun as possible.

  • I will bring back worker "stealing", but in the form of worker destroying. You will be able to punish people once again by destroying their workers, but you won't get them yourself. Also, they will be able to buy them back, but at an ever increasing price rate. This will be the only big addition for next age.

The reset is still scheduled for the end of April. A more precise date will be announced later.

Thanks for the support throughout these 3 years. It's been a great experience. See you all next birthday!
more downtime by Phantom 2005-03-11 @ 16:06
When the game went back up after the hardware failure, it quickly became apparent that the database didn't come through the crash intact, so I took the game down for a rollback to the latest database backup. However I discovered that all the backups we still had were corrupted as well, and I couldn't use them.

This means we have to try to continue with the database after the crash and make the best of it. I don't know what other problems will arise, and I don't know how much damage has been done, so please report any strange behaviour you encounter. Because I don't have a backup, I can't recover lost data should there be any.

I don't like this situation either, but there's nothing we can do about it, so let's move on and hope nothing else happened that I am currently unaware of. The ticks also kept on going during the downtime, but I moved back the time for battles and curses to the moment when I took the game down.
downtime by Phantom 2005-03-09 @ 18:38
The game was down because of a minor hardware problem. It's fixed now. No data was lost, and CQ2 is now in the state it was when it went down.
CQ2 lotto by Phantom 2005-02-24 @ 13:28
MenloR, Elfranger and deathstar are organizing a CQ2 lottery. I made a special lotto account for them that cannot be attacked and cannot do anything but receive donations, make donations and send mails, so that the resources you use for the lottery are safe there and cannot be stolen away. You can find the rules of the lottery in the personal info of the lotto account. You can leave comments in the sticky topic in the New Surathil pub. Have fun!
reset date by Phantom 2005-02-23 @ 14:10
Taking into account the results of the poll, I have decided to postpone the reset date to the end of April. That means you have about 2 months to wrap things up and get ready for the end-of-age statistics.
small patch by Phantom 2005-02-20 @ 20:03
I have made a small patch to the game with the following changes:

  • It is now impossible to attack someone's arcane chamber before it has reached 100%, giving each player equal chances to launch when a chamber reaches 100%.

  • Itherian items on Channelers have been nerfed by 40%. They're still much, much better than the second best Itherian item, but not almighty anymore. Existing items above this new maximum have been nerfed as well.

Also, the reset date I had in mind is 28/3. This is not final yet, but it's our target date at the moment. Because I may have announced this a bit too late, I have set up a little poll so you can give your opinion on this matter. Your vote will only be counted once.
server maintenance coming up by Phantom 2005-01-25 @ 15:58
The server will be going down in a few minutes because of scheduled server maintenance. It should be back up in a couple of hours at most. Please be patient.
recent hacking activities by Phantom 2005-01-15 @ 16:26
A couple of weeks ago someone got access to Dutske's e-mail account and abused it to log on to his CQ2 account and kill it. This started a wave of killings that ended yesterday with Arwen's account. Because this is getting out of hand, I have taken a couple of measures to make it more difficult to pull this kind of thing off in the future:

  • When you use the 'kill' function in the options menu, your account won't be killed immediately. Instead a counter will start and your account will be killed automatically after 48 hours. During these 48 hours you can cancel the countdown. This gives the owner of the account some time to report the abuse and/or use the 'recover lost password' option to regain access. The same rule counts for resetting your account as well.

  • When you use the 'recover lost password' option, the new password won't be sent to your e-mail address immediately but after 24 hours. So if your e-mail account is hacked, you still have 24 hours to report this before the hacker will gain access to your CQ2 account.

These measures will make it more difficult to get your account killed by someone else, but it will still be possible, and if someone gains access to your account he can still do a lot of other damage as well (he can sacrifice all your creatures, for example).

Please remember that the best way to ensure the safety of your account is by using non-trivial passwords (non-existing words, numbers, other symbols) and by being careful to whom you give your password, even when they look trustworthy initially. Look out for sites asking for your Hotmail or your CQ2 password - never give them to anyone but Microsoft or CQ2 directly.
more downtime by Phantom 2004-12-26 @ 13:40
CQ2 went down on 25/12 because of issues with the new operating system that was installed a week ago. Unfortunately some data was lost in the process, and we had to use a backup of 25/12 6:00. Everything that happened after that point is gone now. Because the game was down during christmas, nobody got any christmas presents yet, so I decided to give them in the next couple of days. Look out for the monkeys!
selling CQ2 items for real money by Phantom 2004-12-19 @ 17:57
Selling CQ2 items/accounts for real money is now officially forbidden and has been added to the game rules. As all items and accounts are the property of the developer, you are not allowed to sell them to others for real money anymore. All existing topics in the marketplace can remain there and the sales can be finished without punishment. New topics will result in a ban. Keep CQ2 trade to ingame items and don't use real-life currency from now on.
downtime by Phantom 2004-12-14 @ 12:34
The server was down for almost a week because of a serious issue that required the reinstallation of the whole operating system to prevent it from happening in the future. No data has been lost, and we used a backup of Wednesday 10:00, only a couple of hours before the game finally went down. Everything should be running smoothly, but if you encounter strange behaviour, please report it. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
new Surathil pub admin by Phantom 2004-11-21 @ 20:33
Recently both Homer and Aardvark (varkman) quit the game. Because this meant that only IceScream remained as moderator of the Surathil pub, we decided that it was time to look for a new person to aid him. After careful deliberation, we picked Spike as the best candidate. From now on, Spike will be moderating the pub alongside IceScream. Please give him a warm welcome!
kingdom battles by Phantom 2004-11-15 @ 13:55
Because it was a little too difficult to defend kingdom battles, we have now changed the rules a bit to make it easier to defend a lot of incoming battles. From now on you can have 250 creatures in kingdom defense and only 12 waves (180 creatures) in a kingdom battle.
Imlers and Imlings by Phantom 2004-09-12 @ 12:00
Imlers and Imlings were still stealing as if they were mass creatures. This has been fixed and they now steal more or less the same as other 'normal' creatures.
reactivation keys by Phantom 2004-08-28 @ 10:43
The reactivation keys will expire at 30/8 20:00 CET, which means that at that moment the keys that haven't been activated yet will be deleted and new registration spots will become available. Right now about 300 keys haven't been activated yet, so if you still want to get in, you should be there at 30/8.
granite by Phantom 2004-08-27 @ 15:43
Just a small warning to the players: don't make the mistake of underestimating granite this age. Creature buildings have become much, much more expensive and granite has become a major aspect of all item enchantments. I forgot to include this in the previous announcement.
CQ2 and the future by Phantom 2004-08-25 @ 18:02
It's been 3 years since I first started working on CQ2. I wanted to make a game that was unique, challenging and addictive, but most of all fun to play. A lot has changed since the game entered closed beta. Power balance didn't even exist back then! Many of the original beta testers still play the game today, which I believe is the best best proof of the quality of this game.

However, after 3 years, I grew tired of spending a lot of hours every day on CQ2. That is why I decided to stop development and drop beta status. The game is now considered finished, and I will no longer add new features to it. I'm going to start working on a new game, but it may take a long time until you will hear about it. When I'm ready to reveal it however, the CQ2 community will be the first one to know. That is why I set up a mailing list. If you want to join this mailing list, click here (only for logged in players). I will then send you a mail when my next game is ready.

So I stop development on CQ2 - what does this mean for you, the players?

  • There will be no new storyline. Not because I don't have any inspiration, but because I don't want to spend any more time on it.

  • I will keep fixing bugs and making balance changes. If the game requires my attention because something goes wrong, I will be there just like I always was. You won't notice a difference during the age.

  • At the end of the age there will be no big changes like this time. The updates I made for this age were made with multiple ages in mind.

  • This age may be shorter than the previous ones, because I don't really have to take my exams into account anymore.

As you can see, it's not that bad. CQ2 will remain up as long as there are players to play it and servers to host it. I will still be available when CQ2 needs me, but I will concentrate my efforts on a new project. It's been a great ride and I learned a lot, but it's time to move on. I have also set up a paypal account which allows you to donate money to my bank account. If you want to express your gratitude for all these years of entertainment, now's your chance. If you send me (Phantom) your paypal e-mail address after the donation I will give you a small bonus in the form of a few special shards, but that's it - there's no big advantage for donating money. It's just a way of saying thanks. You can find the donate button above 'Other Links' at the bottom of the game menu. You can also donate directly to my bank account if you live in Belgium. You can find my bank account number at the donations page.

So now that's out of the way - here's the list of changes for this age! This is arguable the biggest and in my opinion best patch so far and almost everything changed one way or another, so I'm just going to give the highlights here. You'll have to figure out the rest by playing the game. You can also find a lot of changes by buying the books in the Surathil library. You can find a more complete list of changes in the changelog at the bottom of this page.

  • The Nether creation system and the Itherian item crafting system have been completely revamped. Forget everything you know about them - nothing's the same. This system was built in such a way that it encourages raiding and isn't based as much on knowledge as the previous systems. There's now also a limit of 4 Itherian creatures per player. Exchange Nethers are impossible because Nethers have the same attack skill requirement as normal creatures now.

  • New gem system! You can read about it in the book in the Surathil library. Every mage in CQ2 is born under a particular birth sign, allowing you to create gems associated with that specific sign once you have passed level 30. The system was made to work together with the new Nether and Itherian system and encourage cooperation and trading between players.

  • New kingdom join/create cost system: the cost for joining or creating a kingdom will now double each time you do it, so think twice before joining one! It will become an expensive business to join new kingdoms real fast.

  • The income bonus for having a lot of workers of one type was substantially increased. Check the Spellbook help page for the exact amounts.

  • Lower enchantments have been made much more useful and higher enchantments are now more expensive. Minor Immunity now sets your defenses to 80%, while improved offense already raises your damage by 70%!

  • You can now only have 200 creatures defending a single kingdom building and kingdom battles with more than 200 creatures are impossible too. This allows for more tactical kingdom battles and encourages hatching and defending multiple buildings at the same time.

  • Worker stealing removed from the game! There's no way you can steal workers anymore now.

  • Many items, creatures and level requirements have been reworked. Especially earth has been given a major overhaul. Imlers, Imlings and Golems now have completely new item types and the other items have been improved as well. You will now get much less creatures at low level and much more at high level. Starting from level 50 you will even get a new creature every level!

  • Power spells now depend on level instead of skill. High level players will have a distinct advantage and a higher chance of getting the best power creatures.

  • When creatures fight for too long the creature with the least health left will be exhausted first instead of the creature with the lowest skill.

  • Magi who succesfully raid other magi will gain a large xp bonus for doing so. This only works when you attack with a lot of creatures and manage to kill your opponent's army.

That's it! Enjoy this new age - the Age Of Rebirth!
the finale by Phantom 2004-08-17 @ 17:33
The finale will start around 19-20:00 CET.
Linegame competition by Phantom 2004-08-14 @ 22:00
D3vilke is organizing a Linegame competition during the CQ2 reset downtime. You can read details about the competition here.

Linegame is another game that I made. The basic idea is to get a line from one side of the gameboard to the other one while preventing your opponent from doing the same. It's a simple premise, but it's extremely tactical and the strategic possibilities are nearly endless. You can download the game here. There is a helpfile included in the game. Give it a try with your friends, you might like it!
the end of the Itherian Age by Phantom 2004-08-08 @ 15:30
Starting tomorrow, a series of events will take place that will eventually lead to the end of the age, which is currently planned for 17/8. On 17/8, after a grand finale, the CQ2 server will go down for an indefinite amount of time to prepare the game for the next age.

A lot of things will happen next week, so if you want to remain up to date with what's happening you're going to have to keep a close eye on CQ2. A lot of exciting things are about to take place!
maximum amount of amulets increased by Phantom 2004-07-23 @ 19:38
The maximum amount of amulets will be increased to 1000 until the end of the age to accomodate the huge amounts of amulets some people have been getting from the storyline.
Young Pit Worm bug by Phantom 2004-07-16 @ 10:08
There was a bug in the Young Pit Worm system which allowed you to get more Young Pit Worms before maxing your current one. Unfortunately I had to delete all the additional Pit Worms. As a compensation everyone got their current Pit Worm maxed for free. Please move on.

*edit* The first attempt at compensating the lost xp failed miserably, so I just maxed everyone's current Pit Worm.
snapshot failed! by Phantom 2004-07-13 @ 15:40
I discovered yesterday morning that the backups of the CQ2 database have been bugged for a few weeks now. The backup script wasn't working properly and no data was saved. Unfortunately, I had planned on using the morning backup of 6/7 for the snapshot of this age, and I only discovered that this backup had failed yesterday (Monday 12/7).

Once I figured this out, I quickly took the game down and made a new backup, which will now be used for the snapshot of the end-of-age statistics. The reason why I am announcing this just now is because the system administrator of the CQ2 server was unavailable for a few days because he was busy organizing Ordened Computer Chaos (a Belgian LAN party). I only received confirmation that the backups did indeed fail a few minutes ago.

I repeat: the snapshot of 6/7 failed and a snapshot taken on 12/7 at 11:00 will be used for the end-of-age statistics. Our apologies for the inconvenience. The storyline will continue soon.
database snapshot by Phantom 2004-07-03 @ 16:26
The database snapshot which will be used for the end of age statistics will be taken the 6th of July on 6:00 CET (which is 6:00 in the morning, not 6:00 in the evening, just to avoid confusion). Anything you do after the snapshot will not be used for the statistics.
European championship final by Phantom 2004-07-03 @ 12:11
The European championship lottery is open again, and this time there's A LOT at stake. Millions of resources, hundreds of amulets: the winner of this lottery will roll in riches for the last few weeks of this age. I encourage you all to join in the fun by placing a bet too and perhaps donating even more resources to the jackpot! You can still find the rules in the sticky topic in the Surathil pub or the personal info of the Lotto account.
end-of-age statistics by Phantom 2004-06-24 @ 10:01
In about 1-2 weeks I will take a snapshot of the database which will be used for the end-of-age statistics. The exact date will be announced soon. I will use that snapshot instead of the database at the end of the age because otherwise the statistics would be completely dominated by what will happen during the upcoming storyline. If there's anything you want to do to get into the statistics, you'll have to do it now.
European Championship lottery by Phantom 2004-06-15 @ 17:28
Spike and IceScream are organizing a lottery for the European soccer Championship that's currently being held. It's only 20000 resources to participate, so give it a try if you feel lucky. You can find additional details in this topic in the Surathil pub (make sure you travel to Surathil before clicking this link). Enjoy!
sacrifice/travel scripts by Phantom 2004-06-04 @ 18:16
Yesterday some people from the Spermbank kingdom posted a bunch of cheat scripts in the Surathil pub. The topics were immediately removed, and anyone found spreading the urls from now on will be killed. About 5 people (all from Spermbank) were killed because they knew about the scripts. About 20 items were created with the script so far. I will not remove the remaining cheated Itherians because I believe those who are not killed yet didn't know about the cheat and payed for getting it maxed. If you have additional information on the script or the users of the script, feel free to send me an ingame mail.

From now on think twice before you buy an Itherian item from someone you don't trust, because your item AND your account may be killed if you're caught with a new Itherian item maxed with a script. I repeat that items maxed before this announcement with the cheat will not be removed from the game, because the owners of those items payed for them and didn't know they were cheated.

The following people killed because they knew about the script:

  • aqm

  • milzor

  • MNEU-poncho

  • Rippeh

  • Spermeh

Please remember that the use of scripts that interact with the game is strictly forbidden. By using scripts you take the risk of getting your account killed and you screw up the game for those who do not cheat.
Itherians and low-level players by Phantom 2004-06-02 @ 15:57
All the players who cannot be cursed because their level is too low (< L30) will now get experience for every incoming or outgoing battle, even those left undefended. This means that it will be impossible to keep yourself from leveling to 30 if you get enough incoming attacks. Hopefully this will eliminate the problem of low-level magi with lots of Itherians who cannot be cursed and never defend attacks to stay low-level and remain invincible.
creature order improved by Phantom 2004-05-20 @ 16:49
I updated and improved the creature order system: you can now specify a primary and secondary condition to sort by on the options page (under Other Links at the bottom left). It's possible that I overlooked a creature list somewhere, so if you find one that isn't properly sorted, please report it as a bug.

It works like this:

First your creatures are ordered by the primary condition (for example: name). The creatures with the same name are then sorted by secondary condition (for example: strength).
patch changes by Phantom 2004-05-16 @ 16:31
The following things were changed with this patch:

  • A 'remove all your creatures from kingdom defense' button was added on the bottom of the creatures page. This way you don't have to remember where your creatures are defending. Of course this only works for hatcheries who are not under attack.

  • The number of waves left of an incoming battle is not visible anymore! So now you have to anticipate how big the kingdom battle is, and have to defend faster to make sure you have enough time to defend everything.

  • An extra creature maximum building was added for the super high level magi (L58+). This building allows you to summon 4 additional creatures, bringing the maximum up to 45.

  • Egg hatch time reduced to 24 hours. All eggs with a hatch time bigger than 24 hours have been lowered to 24 hours as well.

  • Fiend items have been severely boosted, making them a more useful asset to an Earth mage's army.

  • Jinx has been modified and will now permanently reduce the creatures's stealing capacity to 20%. Forest Itherian items will NOT work on Jinxed creatures anymore. Gargoyle items won't work either.

  • Last age's storyline is finally finished and available for you to read! You can find it here (.doc) or here (.pdf). Enjoy!

Hopefully this patch will make the game more enjoyable again. Please be patient while I finish my exams. The storyline will happen mainly in July, and the reset will take place at the end of July or the beginning of August.
patch coming up by Phantom 2004-05-16 @ 13:31
CQ2 will be down today from 16:00 to 16:30 CET for a small patch.
more downtime by Phantom 2004-05-10 @ 16:54
Our apologies for the downtime. We think we have sorted out the problem, but we're not 100% sure, so please bear with us as we try to keep the server up and running. Unfortunately, we had to rollback once again to the last working backup: the backup made on 7/5/2004 6:00 CET. This means that everything you have done since then is completely gone, including account creation, killing, egg hatching, power spells etc.
Rodia updated by Phantom 2004-04-30 @ 10:13
I've updated the Rodia page by adding a new top list (top kingdoms by most eggs). I also removed Mr. Resource and added a 'richest magi' list to replace it.
database problems by Phantom 2004-04-28 @ 20:23
Apparently there are some problems with the database. I already fixed a problem that made it impossible to summon amulets while you were still losing the resources for summoning them. This problem has been fixed, but unfortunately it is impossible to pay back the resources that were lost because of it. If you encounter additional problems, please report them as soon as possible.
downtime by Phantom 2004-04-28 @ 20:06
The CQ2 server went down on Saturday night for an unknown reason, and because the system administrator was on vacation to the USA we couldn't do anything about it. Fortunately we managed to contact him, so he was able to fix it from there. Nothing happened during the downtime: battles, resources, power balance, etc should still be the way they were 4 days ago. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
pub rules updated by Phantom 2004-04-21 @ 12:01
Because this announcement was accidentally deleted I had to add it again.

We have completely revamped the Surathil pub/marketplace rules. Please take your time to read them before making new topics or you might find yourself banned for a rule that was changed.

The most important change is that you are not allowed to create 'recruiting' or 'looking for kingdom' topics anymore. Instead you have to mail one of the moderators (IceScream or aardvark) if you want to recruit someone. They will then update the sticky recruiting topic in the pub. If you are looking for a kingdom you'll just have to check the sticky topic. Don't start a topic yourself.
Another important change is that most punishments have been made less severe. This of course doesn't mean you should spam more now, because the more you get banned, the longer the ban will be.

We hope these changes will make the pub more enjoyable for all visitors. Keep in mind that the moderators are volunteers and do this in their spare time, so try to support them instead of whine to them. If there's a serious problem you can always contact me (Phantom) and I will look into it.
special event: update by Phantom 2004-04-10 @ 19:38
I have decided to suspend the event until Monday evening so that more people will be able to enjoy it. I don't know an exact hour yet, but expect it to start Monday around 20:00 CET. This decision is final.
cancel alliance fix by Phantom 2004-04-08 @ 19:01
I've made it so that you simply can't cancel an alliance when someone in one of the involved kingdoms is under attack AND still has creatures defending the hatchery of the other kingdom. This way the potential new abuse mentioned yesterday will be avoided.
cancel alliance bug fix by Phantom 2004-04-07 @ 19:57
Tomorrow 19:00 I will fix the bug that allows kingdoms to remove all creatures from kingdom hatchery defense by canceling the alliance. The creatures of magi who are under attack at the moment of the cancellation will remain in kingdom defense and will have to be removed manually by using the 'remove from kingdom defense' links on the creatures page.
new pub moderator by Phantom 2004-03-26 @ 17:57
We have decided to add a new Surathil pub moderator to the team: IceScream. He will be helping Homer and Aardvark in keeping the pub clean. Please give him a warm welcome!
downtime by Phantom 2004-02-23 @ 17:13
Because of another server problem the game was down for about 4 hours. No income was generated during that time and eggs didn't hatch. The remaining time for battles, kingdom battles and curses hasn't changed either.
CQ2 problems by Phantom 2004-02-13 @ 21:13
The disappearing creatures were caused by a full hard disk partition on the server. This problem has been fixed. No data was lost in the process. Everything is back to normal now.
bug in pigeon quest by Phantom 2004-02-10 @ 17:56
Those who have already completed the Pigeon quest will have to do it again. There was a bug in the battle system that caused the Overlord to escape no matter what you did. Your kingdom can always try again by sending another mage to the monkeys at Stonehenge so it's no big deal. You only lose a few days. My apologies for the inconvenience. The pigeon nests that are still active won't be affected by the bug anymore.
Itherian patch released by Phantom 2004-02-07 @ 21:16
The long-awaited Itherian patch has finally arrived. Here are the highlights. Make sure to read them carefully as some of them are major gameplay changes.

  • Stonehenge is calling for help! Lord Nebodar still rules over his army of mutated and degraded creatures after all these years and now his kingdom is threatened by a new, common enemy. Nebodar brought the Itherians to Rodia: maybe he still knows some secrets about them? The reward of this quest is the most important feature of this patch but I am not going to reveal it until the quest is solved. It's this reward that will solve the problem with having lots of Itherians.

    Please note that this is NOT the large storyline for this age: it's just a quest to entertain the players until the real storyline begins. Special thanks go to IceScream for writing some of the texts for this quest. Please do not annoy him with stupid questions about the reward of the quest or what you are supposed to do: it's your task to find that out for yourself. If you think there's a problem contact me instead.

  • The chance you have of summoning an Itherian item or creature is now tied to the amount of Itherians you have summoned in the past. This means that every player now has an Itherian counter (invisible to you) which increases for every Itherian you summon. This counter is currently set to zero for every player, no matter how many Itherians you have already. The lower your Itherian counter, the higher your chance of getting one with the next powerspell. You have a MUCH bigger chance of getting an Itherian when your counter is low than before the patch, and once you have summoned a lot of Itherians the chance will be a little bit lower than before. Your Itherian counter will decrease automatically over time, thereby increasing your chance again.

  • The chance of getting an Itherian creature has been increased slightly compared to the chance of getting an Itherian item.

  • There is a new type of Itherian creature called the Itherian Channeler which can be summoned almost exclusively by high-level (and high-skilled) magi and which can be sacrificed into Itherian items, resulting in a higher maximum for that item. The class of the Channeler and the class of the item in which he is sacrificed have to match.

  • You can't curse Itherian creatures anymore. Magi who have already learned curses for Itherian creatures will find their curses unlearned, their essence recovered and their curse slots available again.

  • Itherian items and item enchantments have been switched in the battle order. This means that Itherian items are now calculated after item enchantments.

  • Power balance requirements for worker stealing rebalanced. You can now ALWAYS lose workers when you have stolen more than 320 workers. The power balance requirements for less than 320 workers have been reworked too so be sure to check it out on the battles help page.

  • Hatch time for eggs reduced to 48 hours. All existing eggs with a remaining hatch time of more than 48 hours have been reset to 48 hours left.

  • Amulet maximum increased to 100.

Have fun! Currently the income timer is a bit off, but this will be fixed next hour change. No income was lost.
upcoming Itherian patch by Phantom 2004-02-05 @ 19:40
The long awaited Itherian patch is currently scheduled for next Saturday 20:00 CET. The patch will feature major changes to the Itherian system, a small storyline and other important gameplay tweaks. It will be the biggest patch so far this age.
game rules update by Phantom 2004-01-28 @ 14:54
I have updated the game rules and the paragraph about multiing in particular with the following important piece of information:

You have to kill your account when you stop playing the game. You are not allowed to accept donations from someone who has stopped playing the game ('farming'). If this person refuses to kill his account you are obliged to report him to the moderators. Profiting from the illegal activity (multiing or farming) of other people is prohibited as well.

Please keep this in mind. It is unfair to have your brother/friend keep his account alive for the sole purpose of donating his resources to you. This obviously gives you an unfair advantage over other people and therefore you are considered guilty of multiing even if you don't log on to your brother's account yourself. It has always been this way but I have never stated it explicitely in the game rules and apparently some people were confused about it. This problem is solved now.

Some explanations:

- If an inactive friend donates resources to you without asking you, you are still breaking the rules. Report him (or just ask him to stop).

- Selling workers is not really against the rules right now. I will take some minor actions against it with the Itherian patch though.
small patch by Phantom 2004-01-23 @ 19:26
Recently an issue was discovered that allowed you to easily create Itherian items with maxed out statistics by simply sacrificing lots of cheap exchange creatures into it. This problem should be fixed now. Weak creatures will now have a much smaller effect on an Itherian item (proportional to their resource cost) while the effect of sacrificing strong creatures has increased slightly. Itherian items created with this small trick will not be removed from the game as it is impossible to track them down. This patch affects all items that are not bound to a creature yet.

If you don't know what Itherian creatures/items are, you can buy the book in the Surathil library for more information on the subject.
Castle Quest 2 lottery! by Phantom 2004-01-18 @ 13:35
Ghost and Lowbro are organizing a weekly lottery for CQ2 players. Every week you can participate by donating 10000 resources to a special account named 'Lotto' (which can't be raided/attacked, so your resources are safe). You don't have to be afraid that they are going to scam you, as the Lotto account will be monitored and any form of abuse will result in their accounts being removed from the game.

Visit the official site for the rules and a registration form (at the bottom of the page). You can win a LOT of resources for a small fee of 10k so I suggest you check it out!

On a sidenote: the long-awaited Itherian patch (which will address the problem with having a lot of Itherian creatures) will be released within 2-3 weeks, when my exams are finished. A small storyline will be introduced as well.

*edit* Apparently, the entrance fee is only 10k instead of 20k. My apologies for the confusion.
small improvement by Phantom 2004-01-12 @ 19:11
You can now select 'display item enchantments' in the options menu when you are using compact creature display mode to display enchantment information about every item behind its name. Even though it's not very useful to have this on all the time (as every creature takes up 3 lines instead of 1), it may come in handy when you are sending creature lists (or reveals) to your friends.
race descriptions: Carnage by Phantom 2003-12-06 @ 10:52
Moontayle has written a new race description about Carnages. It's excellent as always. You can find it in the spell database by looking up a carnage (for example: Rotten Carnage). Be warned that small children may find this story a bit offensive.

I also have a message from Moontayle:

"My deepest apologies for the amount of time that it has taken to get this story out to you all. I have been very busy as of late, finishing up the initial writing of my second novel as well as moving and various other real life things that you aren't interested in. I want to stress that I am still committed to writing the Creature Desciptions (or Histories if you prefer) for Castle Quest. It is in my best efforts to do so, as they allow me a public outlet for my writing as well as a way for me to get better at doing so, all while providing you with a story that I think you'll enjoy. So read, enjoy, and I'll see you again in a few weeks.


small patch by Phantom 2003-11-30 @ 14:14
A lot of small improvements were made. The highlights:

  • Kingdom battles now only take 24 hours to complete.

  • The resource limit for players of level 40 or above has been raised to 120000/level instead of 80000/level.

  • Introduction of defense slot configurations! They work exactly the same way as item configurations. You can find them on the defense page.

  • The attack page has changed in several ways. There's now a 'select all' button at the bottom of your creature list to easily allow you to select all your creatures for a raid. If you want to hide creatures you have to check the 'hide creatures' box at the bottom of the page. If you don't check that box the battle is launched immediately when you click 'next step', saving you the burden of having to go through the 'hide creatures' page for every attack you launch.

  • You can now hide other people's personal info by checking the appropriate box on the options screen. This might be useful for people with a slow connection.

  • When you click 'summon amulets' at your spellbook, you get a form asking you how much amulets of that type you want to summon.

Also please note that we are working on a way to counter the excessive use of Itherian creatures. Soon there will be a way to counter this, so keep this in mind when you are considering buying another Itherian creature. The upcoming change will not affect people with 4 Itherians or less.
downtime by Phantom 2003-11-21 @ 11:38
CQ2 was down from 17:00 yesterday until now. This was caused by a mistake of one of the server maintenance people. No ticks happened during the downtime. I reset the battles/kingdom battles/curses to their state when the server went down though.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.
new image pack by Phantom 2003-11-04 @ 20:18
The image pack has been updated to fix a few small graphical glitches sometimes encountered when using browsers like Mozilla, Netscape etc. You can download the new version on the bottom of the Options page (Other Links). You don't have to upgrade if you are using Internet Explorer as you won't notice a difference.

The image pack allows you to load all the image files from your hard disk, thereby making CQ2 faster to load and lowering our bandwidth usage. Please use an image pack as much as possible: not only will you be able to play CQ2 faster, you will also help us lower the huge amounts of bandwidth, which will in turn help us find a new host should this ever be necessary. You can find detailed instructions on the Options page.
new tournament by Phantom 2003-10-29 @ 21:56
BlackDeath and Shadow_Warrior are hosting a new tournament! They have completely reworked the rules to make it more exciting and rewarding for everyone. You can subscribe yourself and read the details at You can also discuss the matter in the appropriate topic in the Surathil pub.

Please note that this is an unofficial tournament so don't ask me questions about it. Send them to BlackDeath or Shadow_Warrior instead.
CQ2 back up! by Phantom 2003-10-28 @ 21:00
CQ2 is back up at the new location! Thanks go to Strikeman for making this all possible. Please don't hesitate to report any unusual behaviour you encounter. Enjoy your time at the new server!
server move by Phantom 2003-10-28 @ 17:11
We will move to the new server this evening. CQ2 will go down at 20:00 CET and will come back up at 21:00 CET at the new location. The URL will change to (you can't log on yet at the moment), so please update your bookmarks once CQ2 is back up and running.

Big thanks go to MCT for being our new host!
new server! by Phantom 2003-10-24 @ 17:40
We have most likely found a new server. We're currently testing everything. During the server move (no exact date is set yet) the game will probably be a short period of downtime (an hour or so) but the game won't go down for a long time.
the future of CQ2 by Phantom 2003-10-21 @ 18:42
A few days ago I received a mail from the system administrator of KPN (the current CQ2 host) in which I was told that Planet Internet had cancelled the contract with KPN and that all related hosted sites will be removed from their servers on 1 November. I have already had a short conversation with KPN, but they told me they will be unable to continue to host CQ2 for free. Banners or any other form of sponsoring was not an option either.

So from now on, CQ2 is looking for a new host. If you think you have the resources to host a game like this, please contact me (serious applications only please). I will try to get detailed information about the bandwidth/CPU usage, but I'm pretty sure CQ2 uses more than 400kB/s bandwidth to give you an idea. I'll make a new announcement when I have this information.

If CQ2 has no new host by 1 November (the day the contract ends), it will go down and remain down until one is found.
Imler/Imling items changed by Phantom 2003-10-12 @ 14:17
The effect of the Imler and Imling items has been changed to make them more powerful. You can discover the new abilities by looking up one of those items in the spell database (for example: Silver Imler Jewel and Diamond Imling Charm). Hopefully this will make Imlers/Imlings more useful.
downtime by Phantom 2003-10-12 @ 12:03
CQ2 was down from yesterday evening (approximately 22:30 CET) until 11:15 today. Battles, curses, eggs etc have all been moved back to their time left at 22:30 yesterday. There was no income during the downtime. There was no rollback: no data was lost.

The Imling/Imler items will receive a much-needed boost later today.
creature order fix by Phantom 2003-10-07 @ 15:22
Itherian creatures now appear where they are supposed to appear in the creature list when you order it by strength (options screen). They used to be much too high in the list because of their unusually high skill. Now they're at the bottom again.
treasury raiding bug by Phantom 2003-10-02 @ 16:43
Because of a bug the level difference between 2 kingdoms didn't influence the amount of resources stolen from the treasury. It does now. From now on, kingdoms with a level difference of more than 10 only steal 25% of the normal amount of resources stolen.
raise skill system changed by Phantom 2003-10-02 @ 10:49
You now get an input box so that you can enter how many skill points you want to spend on a skill. Hopefully this will reduce the amounts of skill points accidentally spent on the wrong skill.
race descriptions: Priests by Phantom 2003-09-22 @ 12:12
Moontayle has written another beautiful race description about Priests. You can find it in the spell database by looking up a random Priest (for example, War Priest).
private notes by Phantom 2003-09-20 @ 19:06
You can now find a new option on your character page which allows you to write down a few lines of private notes, invisible to everyone else. For example if you owe resources to someone you could put it there to make sure you won't forget.
arcane chamber update by Phantom 2003-09-18 @ 19:20
You can now sacrifice your creatures in front of someone else's arcane chamber if that person lives in your kingdom. You can do this by clicking on the 'sacrifice' button of one of your creatures on the creatures page. You can only sacrifice to someone's arcane chamber when this person is activating an Itherian item at that moment. You do not need the 'Itherian creature sacrifical' skill to sacrifice a creature to someone else's chamber, but the owner of the chamber has to have it.

If you don't know what I am talking about you can buy the 'Itherian item crafting' guide in the Surathil library for more information.
creature level requirements raised by Phantom 2003-09-15 @ 12:35
The level requirements of all level 50+ creatures has been raised substantially. You can find the new requirements in the spell database if your level is high enough. The level requirements this age were about 20% too low because of a bug. However I cannot raise the level requirements of creatures already in use, as that would be totally unfair. That is why I only raised the level requirement of the best creatures. They will be the most important ones in a few months anyway.
item configurations by Phantom 2003-09-14 @ 18:09
You can now name your item configurations. Item configurations are used to easily swap the items of your whole creature list in one mouse click. You can configure your item configurations (and rename them) on the bottom of the creatures page.
travel scripts by Phantom 2003-09-13 @ 17:03
Yesterday I had a long conversation with Locke, one of the 6 players who got killed 10 days ago because they were using scripts. He explained to me in detail how he traveled, and he convinced me that it COULD be true that he was not using a travel script but rather a perfected method of traveling that made it look like he was using one. His traveling was extremely fast and efficient and worked in exactly the same way as a travel script would.

Because there is no way for me to tell travel script abusers from extremely efficiënt travelers like Locke, I am not going to unkill anybody. I'm just making this announcement because he managed to convince me that he and Darkmoon were possibly not using a travel script but rather a trick to travel real fast. There is a possibility that they are innocent. Assessino, DisabledCP, Humble_Caveman and OpThaCop were killed for using exchange scripts and have nothing to do with this.

I have also made it impossible to travel using that method by now, so that nobody can accidentally get killed for using it in the future. I, and everyone else I consulted, all overlooked this possibility because we simply didn't know about the trick. My apologies to those involved.
Abyss/Destruction Leech by Phantom 2003-09-10 @ 11:25
Both items have been tweaked a bit to make them more useful compared to Styx Cry.
compact item display mode by Phantom 2003-09-10 @ 10:56
There is now a new feature for those who find it annoying that a creature still takes up 2 lines in compact creature display mode: compact item display mode. This will allow every creature to fit on exactly one line, making your creature list even smaller. You can turn this new feature on in the options menu (Other Links). The checkbox will only appear when you have compact creature display mode turned on.
cheaters caught by Phantom 2003-09-03 @ 22:10
The following 6 accounts were removed from the game for using exchange scripts and such:

  • assessino

  • Darkmoon

  • DisabledCP

  • Humble_Caveman

  • Locke

  • OpThaCop

This decision is final. No accounts will be unkilled. Rodia will be updated at 23:00 CET.
comments by Phantom 2003-09-02 @ 21:04
The rules for posting comments on announcements have been updated. From now on any form of '1st' posts or stupid remarks that add nothing to the discussion are considered spam and are against the game rules. If you still post comments like that you will get a warning and if you persist your account will be removed.
#cq2exchange by Phantom 2003-09-02 @ 21:01
The rules for #cq2exchange have been updated: if you leave your timer on or don't counter when you say you will, you will be banned for 1 day instead of 5 minutes.

#cq2exchange is a special channel on Quakenet IRC for people to find others to exchange attacks with. You can get on IRC by downloading mIRC ( and connecting to a random Quakenet server.
Disease Crafter by Phantom 2003-08-31 @ 23:45
The stats were changed to match the item and the rest of the Smith race. Skill and level requirements remained unchanged.
race descriptions: Bats by Phantom 2003-08-31 @ 10:41
Moontayle has written another excellent race description, this time about Bats. You can find it in the spell database as usual (look up a Cave Bat, for example).
curses by Phantom 2003-08-25 @ 17:33
The rate at which you can learn new curses has been raised from 1 new curse/upgrade per 2 levels to 1 per level, starting at level 30. Of course in order to learn curses you first have to learn the appropriate skills in the skill tree.
Berserker/Thrasher Infusion names swapped by Phantom 2003-08-23 @ 11:40
The names of these items were swapped because a Berserker Fiend is weaker than a Thrasher Fiend and a Berserker Infusion was actually better than a Thrasher Infusion. The stats weren't altered.
Nightmare Golem by Phantom 2003-08-21 @ 18:16
The damage/health/skill of the Nightmare Golem was toned down a bit because it was accidentally a little bit too strong compared to the other 3 top power creatures.
Smith/Imp items by Phantom 2003-08-19 @ 09:53
The following high-level items weren't updated properly during the big patch and were altered (made stronger) now:

Imp items:

  • Corruption Wand

Smith items:

  • Dark Brim Hammer/Maul

  • Depravity Hammer

  • Disease Hammer/Maul

  • Sickness Hammer/Maul

  • Death Hammer

Itherian creature by Phantom 2003-08-17 @ 20:51
From now on Itherian creatures don't become too weak to attack with, unlike all other creatures. They are too rare to use them as exchange creatures anyway. Because it is a very difficult process to get an Itherian creature, find an item, activate it and bind it to the appropriate creature, it would be a waste to not be able to attack with it anymore after a particular level.

Buy the book in the Surathil library for more information on this subject.
Spirit race description by Phantom 2003-08-16 @ 08:53
Moontayle has written another beautiful piece of background lore. This time he has written a story about the Spirits. You can find it in the spell database by looking up a Spirit (for example a Willow Spirit).
small patch by Phantom 2003-08-09 @ 11:50
The following things were changed:

  • You get more information about the arcane chamber of an opponent 'for free' on the player info page.

  • You can't attack someone who is attacking you at that moment anymore.

  • Outgoing battles that aren't finished yet are already added to the 'outgoing/incoming battles' counter on the player info page.

reactivation codes by Phantom 2003-08-07 @ 11:29
Tomorrow August 8th 20:00 CET the remaining reactivation codes will be disabled and the reserved spots (currently about 250) will become available. If you still don't have an account be sure to check the registration page then.
arcane chamber bug by Phantom 2003-08-07 @ 01:41
Unfortunately there was a bug that caused gems to disappear when you took them out of your arcane chamber. The bug has been fixed, but it is impossible to recover lost gems. Our apologies.
skill bug by Phantom 2003-08-04 @ 20:14
A small bug resulted in the incorrect allocation of the initial skill points for Forest, Air and Earth magi. I have changed the skills to match the weaknesses now. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
The Itherian Age! by Phantom 2003-08-04 @ 16:59
With the new age, called the Itherian Age, comes a new game update (the biggest one in CQ2 history!) Almost everything in the game was altered one way or another. Here's a list of the major changes:

  • Introduction of a skill tree. Once you have reached level 15 you will be able to learn new skills by spending skill points on them. These skills are required for casting curses, item enchantments, creating Nethers and activating Itherian items.

  • Power spells reworked completely: the new system will give more random results. Good power creatures are much stronger now but much harder to get too.

  • Level requirement on all creatures. Power creatures have a lower level requirement than normal creatures. You can find the level requirement of every creature in the spell database, which now shows every creature that you meet the level requirement for, regardless of your class.

  • Introduction of Itherian items: special items which add a bonus to your whole army. Forest Itherian items increase % stolen, Death increases damage, Earth increases health and Air increases defenses. This may influence your secondary skill choice. read the guide in the library for more information.

  • Nether system completely reworked: read the guide in the library for more information.

  • Introduction of an arcane chamber used for activating Itherian items and Nether Orbs and for enhancing the quality of gems. You can attack this chamber instead of resources, allowing you to steal the content if enough creatures pass the defenders and if the power balance of your opponent is low enough. Check the battles help page for more information on this subject.

  • Less income from traveling.

  • Class weaknesses changed for balance reasons.

  • Suffocation altered: an additional negative effect has been added to the curse.

  • Some races are now specialized in stealing a particular resource, raiding the arcane chamber, attacking hatcheries, stealing items etc. Experiment to find out.

  • Low-level magi can now raid high-level magi with a level difference of over 15 but not the other way around.

  • When you have hidden creatures it is completely impossible to actually see there are hidden creatures before you have defended the visible ones! This gives the hidden wave an additional surprise effect as the defender doesn't know he will have to defend more creatures when he is selecting defenders for the first wave. Power cost to hide creatures slightly raised to compensate.

  • Enemies list introduced.

  • You can now minimize your friends/enemies list and the other links menu.

  • New colors added: [ yellow ], [ cyan ] and [ magenta ].

  • You can now attack people from your alliance.

  • You can now customize your creature list by setting a custom creature order and saving item configurations, allowing you to easily swap the items of your whole creature list at once.

  • The 'remove all creatures from hatchery'-button does no longer remove creatures from players who are under attack.

  • There's a maximum on the amount of resources you can receive from donations, depending on your level. You can only hold (80000 * your level) of resources in total.

  • Game rules updates: Refresh scripts (or the refresh option of browsers like Opera) are now forbidden by the game rules and will result in your removal from the game. Your account will be removed from the game when you are in vacation mode for over 30 days.

  • You can now find battle reports of withdrawn kingdom battles.

  • Kingdom tax removed from the game.

  • Kingdom level is no longer influenced by dead inhabitants.

  • Only the king is allowed to destroy hatcheries.

  • Power shards and Surathil pool shards are now completely separated: you can't find power shards in the pool anymore and the other way around. New power shards have been added. The Surathil pool has been reworked.

  • You can now make topics in your pub that are only visible for you and your allies.

  • You can now cast item enchantments on amulets and donate them to someone else.

  • Defense slots are now slightly cheaper.

  • Allied defense is now slightly cheaper.

  • Ever-lasting battles (for example 2 weak Spirits constantly healing themselves using items) are not possible anymore and will end because one or both creatures become exhausted. This will not let you pass a challenge as your creature always becomes exhausted before the challenge creature.

  • Power maximum raised to 500000.

  • Kingdom battles launched at the treasury only take one day to arrive.

  • Power balance requirement for making sure no workers can be stolen from you raised slightly. Worker stealing from magi, inactive for more than 2 days, disabled.

  • Kingdom treasury log introduced (Town Hall) that keeps track of all kingdom resource transactions.

  • Creating gems using the gem shrine has become more expensive. The effect of having a lot of one creatures in your kingdom on the gem shrine has been increased.

  • Library now open for everyone from level 1.

  • You now get a bonus to your income for having a lot of workers of one type. Read the Spellbook help page for more information on this subject.

  • Travel encounters are a bit more random now.

  • A lot of balance/economy tweaks that are not listed here, too many to mention here.

I hope you will enjoy the new and improved Castle Quest 2! Please understand that a patch of this magnitude may result in a lot of new bugs and unbalances, so bear with us as we fix these problems when they show up.
snapshot taken by Phantom 2003-07-29 @ 17:56
I have taken a snapshot of the creatures, accounts, shards and items which I will use for the end-of-age statistics, because this part of the database may change a lot in the next few days.

All statistics not related to these 4 things will be calculated at the end of the age instead of now.
reset: final notes (important!) by Phantom 2003-07-26 @ 15:56
If everything goes well (and it should), the server will go down on the 31th of July to prepare everything for the reset. Everyone will receive an e-mail with a special activation code that you will have to use within one week to reactivate your old account. You can pick a new nickname/password (but not a nickname currently in use by someone else) and you can change your e-mail address at that point.

CQ2 will remain down until the 4th of August. Then the new Age will commence and everyone will be able to play again and experience the new and improved game again.

Also, the final chapter of the storyline will start soon and will end on the last day (the 31th) with a big finale. This finale will continue until the end of the day, after which CQ2 will go down.

A snapshot of part of the database will be taken prior to this finale. This snapshot will be used for end-of-age statistics, so if you want to do anything to get in the statistics do it now.

And last but not least: here's a small teaser of things to come:

leave kingdom links by Phantom 2003-07-25 @ 14:57
Someone has figured out a way to trick people to leave their kingdom by clicking on a link or even loading an image. Posting stuff like this in the pub, your personal info or mails will get your account killed immediately. I will also add this form of abuse to the game rules.
the reset by Phantom 2003-07-15 @ 15:09
The reset will probably not take place the third week of July. The reason why I am delaying is because I won't have the reset update ready any time soon. Probably the reset will take place the last week of July or, in the worst case, the first week of August. I'm placing my bets on the last (fourth) week of July.

In the meantime you can post your suggestions for the upcoming patch in the sticky topic in the Stonehenge/Surathil pub. Please read the topic rules (first post in that topic) before you reply. Thanks.
race descriptions: Cleric by Phantom 2003-07-01 @ 16:56
Moontayle finished a beautiful Cleric description. You can find it in the spell database.
race descriptions: Pit Worm by Phantom 2003-06-25 @ 07:59
Moontayle once again came up with an excellent story. You can find it in the spell database by looking up a Pit Worm (Pit Worm Gladiator, for example).
race descriptions: Golem by Phantom 2003-06-22 @ 14:47
Moontayle has written another beautiful story, this time about the Golems. You can find it in the spell database by looking up a golem (Granite Golem, for example).
the tournament by Phantom 2003-06-15 @ 09:08
The subscription period for the tournament will end Monday (tomorrow) 16:00 CET. The first round will commence soon thereafter. You have to donate the entrance fee to Assessino before that time. You can find the official page here (you have to be logged on), and you can discuss the tournament in the sticky topics in the Stonehenge/Surathil pub.
creature descriptions by Phantom 2003-06-13 @ 13:49
Moontayle (John Westendarp) has written a beautiful race description for the Imlers/Imlings. You can find it in the creature database, or by clicking here for the direct link. More stories like this will follow later!

You can now also read the descriptions of creatures that are too strong for you.
t-shirts by Phantom 2003-06-11 @ 22:30
The following players lost their orders: -Lancelot-, zerofreeze, diabolo, Weeman and mystica. You can now order these shirts (4 XL and one XXL) from the t-shirt page.
t-shirts: important update by Phantom 2003-06-08 @ 21:01
The following persons have ordered a t-shirt but have not paid so far:

Slimda, -Lancelot-, zerofreeze, diabolo, Weeman, Bartydude, mystica and Raistlin.

If you are still going to pay, please contact me (using ingame mail). If you haven't responded within 3 days, your t-shirt order will be removed and someone else will get the chance to order it.

T-shirt orders will open again Wednesday evening at 21:00 CET. You will be able to order the remaining shirts on the t-shirt page.
G00fy by Phantom 2003-06-01 @ 20:46
He was killed because he was using a script to help him with kingdom battles, giving him an unfair advantage over other players.
t-shirts by Phantom 2003-05-29 @ 16:45
Please contact me if you have ordered a t-shirt but are not going to actually pay for it (because, for example, you aren't allowed to). You can make other people happy with it.
second CQ2 tournament! by Phantom 2003-05-26 @ 15:00
The subscriptions for the second CQ2 tournament are open. This time Assessino has organized the event and g00fy is hosting the subscriptions on his CQ2 Database site. You have to log in in order to subscribe yourself for the tournament. You can also find the rules there.

In the tournament you get to battle other players of your level. The player who wins the most battles wins his poule and can go to the finals. You can discuss the tournament in the appriopriate sticky topics in the Stonehenge/Surathil pub.
t-shirts for sale! by Phantom 2003-05-24 @ 21:00
You can now buy an official CQ2 t-shirt! There are only a few t-shirts left so don't hesitate if you want one. You can order your t-shirt on this page.

Here are some pictures of the front and back of the t-shirt.
t-shirt reservations by Phantom 2003-05-23 @ 21:12
Reservations for the CQ2 t-shirts will start tomorrow (Saturday) 21:00 CET. Pictures of the t-shirt will follow as soon as I have them.
online t-shirt sale by Phantom 2003-05-22 @ 17:42
Because there were a lot of CQ2 t-shirts left after the party last week, I am going to sell the rest through internet. You will be able to reserve a t-shirt somewhere tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and after that you will have one week to sent the payment (either by donating the money on my bank account, which will be posted here when the reservations start, or by mail in cash). I will ship the t-shirt when I have received the money. The price for a t-shirt will be €18 (shipping cost included).

Be sure to check the site regularly the next few days if you want a t-shirt. I will post the hour at which the reservations will start in advance.
improved code by Phantom 2003-05-16 @ 18:31
I have made a few changes to the creature code to improve the speed at which the creatures page loads. I think you will notice that the difference is quite huge. The improvement also works for all other pages where your whole creature list is used.
CQ2 party: final notes by Phantom 2003-05-16 @ 18:28
The final price of the t-shirts is now €13,5 (down from €15). Don't forget to bring enough money to buy your t-shirt at the party if you want one. Also don't forget the entrance fee is €3.

For those who can't come: if this turns out a success, I'm sure there will be more similar activities in the future, and hopefully they will take place closer to you (don't count on America though ;)).

t-shirt sale: update by Phantom 2003-05-12 @ 20:25
The t-shirts have been ordered. All the t-shirts that remain after the party will be sold and sent by mail to those who want one.

If you want to be 100% certain that you are going to get a shirt at the party, make sure to follow this link and order one.
CQ2 party: t-shirt sale by Phantom 2003-05-12 @ 15:53
For the first time ever, we are going to sell Castle Quest 2 t-shirts at the upcoming party! But we need to know how many of you are actually going to buy one. That is why I have set up a poll which asks you if you are going to buy a t-shirt. You have until this evening to vote - by then I have to submit the amount of t-shirts I will order to the printer.

The estimated price will be 15 euro. It will have 'CQ2' on the front and 'Castle Quest 2' on the back, with a nice blue fade as the background (just like the images on top of this page).

Please visit this page if you are interested in buying a CQ2 t-shirt.
CQ2 party: carpooling by Phantom 2003-05-10 @ 16:31
G00fy made a page on his CastleQuest Database site on which people can organize car pooling for the official CQ2 party next week. Because not everyone lives in Antwerp, some people have to come very far to get to the meeting. So if you are willing to drive someone (most people are willing to pay for this) to the party, please submit yourself on this site.

More info about the party on the flyer.
first official CQ2 party! by Phantom 2003-05-05 @ 19:13
Jazz-be, stevo and several others have organized a CQ2 party/meeting in Jeugdhuis Jongvalaar in Wilrijk on the 16th of May 2003. Of course everyone is invited. The entrance fee will be €3,00. You can discuss everything party-related in the appropriate sticky topics in the Stonehenge/Surathil pub. Please post something there if you are certainly coming so that we have an idea of who is going to attend the party.

You can find additional info on the flyer. Spread the word!
donations by Phantom 2003-05-02 @ 12:47
You can now donate gems and amulets to someone when you're under attack. You still cannot donate shards or resources.
Nether architecture by Phantom 2003-04-29 @ 20:32
The workers at Surathil thought that it would be an interesting idea to build all the kingdoms in a single vertical line upwards instead of building them in a spiral around the central meeting point Surathil (which ended up being not so central anymore). Of course we don't like modern architecture in these ancient medieval times so those found guilty of this mischief were fired. A new master builder has been appointed and things are back to normal again. You can still find the vertical line-o-kingdoms when you travel upwards from Surathil.

*edit* For those who don't get it: There was a bug. I fixed it. I decided to make a funny yet pointless announcement about it.
image pack by Phantom 2003-04-23 @ 12:53
There is now an updated image pack available that fixes a minor problem with browsers like Mozilla. You can find the download link on the options page.

G00fy has updated his image pack installer as well. You can find it here.
item maximum raised by Phantom 2003-04-21 @ 10:41
The maximum amount of items one can possess has been raised from 80 to 150.
bug abuse revealed by Phantom 2003-04-16 @ 21:26
We have revealed yet another case of bug abuse. This time someone discovered that it was possible to duplicate kingdom resources. I killed the accounts of all players involved. Let this be another warning: bug abuse will not be tolerated.

Players killed because of bug abuse:

  • steineysteiney

  • schildje

  • Comrade

  • NightRider

green skin easy installer by Phantom 2003-04-15 @ 01:09
For those who don't understand my previous post: you can download an easy installer for the new image pack here. Just run the file and follow the instructions on-screen. Thanks to g00fy for providing us with this handy tool.
the green skin by Phantom 2003-04-14 @ 22:01
You can now download the updated image pack which includes the special storyline-related green skin. This allows non-infected players to actually use the green skin and allows infected players to overwrite the green directory. We strongly advise you not to do so though, because the appearance of the green skin is an integral part of the storyline and by using the skin when it's not needed or not using the skin when it's needed you may deprive yourself of some important information.

Everyone who uses an image pack and is infected by Worm Rot HAS to download the new pack or the game will not display properly. Everyone else should download it too for they may have to use the skin later as well. You can find the download in the options page (other links menu).

The green skin will still be downloaded from the server until tomorrow to give everyone the chance to download the new image pack.
Nether creatures nerfed! by Phantom 2003-04-06 @ 17:24
At high-level, almost all raiding was done by sending a single Nether to the opponent. To discourage these kind of raids and to make normal creature raids more appealing, we have decided to decrease the amount of resources stolen by Nether creatures and more specifically Nether creatures with a lot of Emerald gems.

From now on, Nethers only steal but a fraction of what they used to steal, thereby bringing the amount of effort required to Nether raid someone on par with the reward. They will still steal more than enough to gain the launch cost back though.

Also (in the case of Nether creatures) the bonus/punishment that certain creature races received when concentrating on a particular kind of resource was canceled too. This means that an Imler Nether will steal just as much resources as a Dragon Nether with the exact same stats. I repeat that this is only the case for Nether creatures.
Ajunne's counter solution by Phantom 2003-04-02 @ 15:03
To get your counter back up, replace the url in your personal info by the following one:

Do not use the old url anymore. The .tk domain was causing the problems. The old urls will remain blocked but the new ones already work again. For more info about Ajunne's counter:
Ajunne's counter by Phantom 2003-04-01 @ 20:09
I don't really know why but Ajunne's counter made it impossible for many players to view the player info page of anyone using it. Therefore I temporarily removed the counters from the game to allow these players to actually play again. Ajunne should contact me so that we sort this out as soon as possible. You can leave the counter image url in your personal info because it is being automatically replaced by a message. This message will disappear again once the problem is solved.

EDIT: This is NO 1 April joke. I repeat: this is NO 1 April joke. :)
#cq2exchange by Phantom 2003-03-29 @ 20:25
As you may or may not know: there is an IRC channel dedicated to spamming exchange attack messages and it's called #cq2exchange. Unfortunately everyone uses another format for their message and that makes the channel very uneasy to use at moments.

So from now on I ask everyone to use the same format for their messages:

attack << my_nick >> (I counter/I don't counter)

Replace my_nick with your own CQ2 nickname and put the sentence that applies to your current situation between brackets.
some issues by Phantom 2003-03-28 @ 18:03
At 12:00 this noon something strange happened to the server. We believe another site that is also hosted on the CQ2 server pool did something stupid and caused the server load to boom. Because of this everyone got about 6x as much income as usual, but also lost 6x as much power balance. We are not going to take these resources away because everyone received them.

Another issue is those of the Carnage Tormenters. Right now they can't battle each other because the battle takes too long to calculate (because of the items that reduce damage to 1) and the server aborts the operation after a while. I am working on a solution for this problem but right now please don't try to pit 2 equipped carnage tormenters against each other. Our apologies for any resources lost by this problem - I can impossibly investigate every possible case in which one could have lost resources because I would be busy all day.
filling the gaps by Phantom 2003-03-27 @ 11:15
In order to make it impossible to spend resources when someone is trying to raid you, I made the following changes to the game:

  • You can't summon or use amulets anymore while under attack.

  • You can't construct buildings while under attack.

I either have to allow ALL resource transactions and make raids completely useless or allow none at all. I decided to go for the latter for obvious reasons. It just doesn't make sense that you can buy certain things while under attack and not buy some others.

If you know other ways of spending resources, please submit them using the report bug/advice button on the bottom left.

You are still allowed ot cast reveal spells and learn/cast curses because they are meant to be cast while under attack.
image pack by Phantom 2003-03-26 @ 14:41
You can now download the latest version of the image pack by clicking on the link on the options page. The official image pack now contains the blue, red and orange skin as well as the new birthday skin. You can find additional instructions on how to install and configure the image pack on the same page.
CQ2 trivia by Phantom 2003-03-23 @ 00:02
For the past few months Menlor and some others have been working hard on a trivia based on this game. This trivia has to be played through IRC and already boasts more than 300 different questions! Tomorrow they will open the official channel #cq2-trivia on Quakenet on which the game will be played. There will be prizes for those who know the most about CQ2. You can find additional details in the sticky topic in the Stonehenge pub and you can always ask an operator in #cq2-trivia.

Do mind though that I am not involved in the creation of this trivia, so don't come to me to complain about errors or new questions. I'm just spreading the word.

If you don't know how IRC works: download the mIRC client and connect to a Quakenet server.
confucius killed by Phantom 2003-03-20 @ 12:24
Today I killed confucius' account after I collected enough proof to be 100% certain that he was using an exchange script. He used a automatic bot to exchange battles with other players and to gain experience. We will keep a close eye from now on on possible abuse of this script and will certainly kill whoever uses it.
happy birthday! by Phantom 2003-03-18 @ 20:05
Today's a special day: it's exactly one year ago since this game went public beta. We have come a long way. Features were added, heroes were made and battles were fought. The community thrived and still stands today. But this is not the end. The storyline is still going on and has only just started as a matter of fact, and there will be a reset within a few months too. This reset will feature a lot of big improvements/changes to the game, but I cannot go into details on them already because they are still subject to change. But the exact date has been unknown - until now.

Without further ado: the reset will happen in the third week of July. This is still really far away, and there are several reasons why I decided to push the reset date into the summer vacations. One of them being my exams at university - I cannot properly prepare the reset while I am having exams too. I can't do the reset earlier either, because I still have a lot of work to do in terms of planning. So there was only one option left. I will do my best to keep you occupied until then with the storyline, but do mind that there will be a silent period in the 1-2 months prior to the reset, in which I will of course keep debugging the game but will not add much content.

Oh - something tells me that strange things are happening in your amulet room. You should go take a look. Don't forget to search for the other birthday surprises!
cq2's first anniversary by Phantom 2003-03-17 @ 18:35
Tomorrow is CQ2's birthday, and there will be a big announcement as well as several other small things I'm sure you will all enjoy. Be sure not to miss it!
defend problem by Phantom 2003-03-13 @ 19:27
There was a bug between 19:00 and 19:30 CET that made it impossible to defend a battle. The problem is gone now. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
new Stonehenge pub admin by Phantom 2003-03-04 @ 21:18
Because Homer doesn't have much time lately to moderate the Stonehenge pub, we have decided to pick a new pub admin. From now on Aardvark will also take care of the unwanted spam in everyone's favourite beer drinking place. Please excuse him if he makes a few mistakes in the beginning; it takes some time to learn the ropes. You can always go to Homer or me if you think you have been treated unfairly, but that should never happen.
storyline abuse by Phantom 2003-02-16 @ 22:06
Someone discovered a big abuse that has something to do with the storyline that started today and abused it. I do NOT tolerate this. Their accounts were killed. A storyline like this takes many weeks and months of planning and by abusing something like this you can seriously screw up the gameplay experience for everyone else. It shows a serious lack of respect for our work. We create this storyline for you, and in exchange we demand your participation in finding bugs and reporting them immediately after you have found them. Because of the serious nature of this bug I had to take CQ2 down to sort everything out and fix the problem.
kingdom battles by Phantom 2003-02-16 @ 13:10
Starting a kingdom battle now costs 20000 kingdom resources, so basically you now have to pay the same amount for the first wave as for all the other waves. This was done so to prevent a trick in which one kingdom would continually launch 1-creature battles to another kingdom to prevent that second kingdom from launching.
Surathil pool by Phantom 2003-02-15 @ 11:09
The Surathil pool system was altered a bit because it didn't produce all the shards we wanted it to. Of course it is still impossible to gain the top-level shards which were introduced in the last patch.

Shards are for level 30+ only players, so you can ignore this announcement when you're below.
egg problem by Phantom 2003-02-10 @ 18:52
You can safely hatch eggs again now.
eggs not ticking by Phantom 2003-02-10 @ 18:00
Right now because of a strange bug the eggs are not ticking anymore. Therefore you can take them out of their hatcheries now because they are not advancing in time anyway. I have contacted the system administrator and I will make another announcement when the problem is solved.
CQ2 tournament by Phantom 2003-02-09 @ 15:04
BlackDeath is organizing a tournament for players of level 29 and up. You get to battle opponents of your level and if you are one of the 3 best players in your category, you win a big prize! If enough people participate I think it's going to be a lot of fun so you should certainly take a look at it. The entrance fee may seem a bit hefty at first but I'm sure it's worth it.

Page with details + registration form.

Subscriptions close on Monday.
outgoing battle problems + allied defense by Phantom 2003-02-07 @ 22:01
We are aware of the problems that can occur with outgoing battles that seem to be in the wrong place in the outgoing battles list. They will jump back to 23:59 left when they reach 0:00. This is due to a problem during the downtime and I cannot fix it anymore. It will not happen with battles that have been launched after the downtime. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Also, the time left for allied defense continued ticking also. This, too, cannot be fixed anymore. So be warned when you have put a creature in allied defense before the crash.
back up at new server + patch by Phantom 2003-02-07 @ 19:33
Hello all,

After more than 1 week of downtime, CQ2 is finally back. We moved CQ2 to a new server in Holland which should be at least as fast as the previous one. It took a while to configure the server, and there may still be quite a few glitches that we haven't found out about yet - don't hesitate to report them to us.

So here's the bad news. Everything that happened on tuesday is gone again. The hard disk fatally crashed during the night and we couldn't recover a recent backup. Therefore, we had to reroll the game to its state when the game went back up that day. So everything should look completely like it did when the game went down on thursday - except for one small thing. The '... since last time online' counters are screwed right now. I had to do this to prevent people from being kicked for 7 days of inactivity.

So far for the bad news - now the good news. Firstly, I took the time to tweak the game and install a new patch. Here's the list of changes:

  • Nethers now cost 20% more to launch and resurrect - this to compensate for how easy it is to steal resources with them compared to normal creature raids.

  • All Fiend items now also give a health bonus! This makes Fiends a sight to behold.

  • New shards have been added that can only be acquired by doing powerspells. Those shards cannot be found in the pool in Surathil. They are only available for high-level mages.

  • The power balance cost for doppelganger and metamorphosis was lowered to 60% and 50% respectively.

  • You can now find a list of the creatures you have sent to other players in the allied defense section of the defense page. This was not possible before.

  • You can now make a topic public again.

  • The game repeats the gem you have selected in the 'Are you sure?' page when you encounter Rudolf or a gem box.

I also took the time to make preparations for the upcoming storyline - it will start real soon!
cq2 back up by Phantom 2003-01-30 @ 13:13
It seems like there are serious hardware problems. We are not sure how long CQ2 will continue to work and when it goes down again, it will remain down for a while. So let's hope that doesn't happen.
gem problems by Phantom 2003-01-30 @ 12:20
At 12:00 CET today there was a minor problem with the gem database. The problem was fixed after a few minutes and no damage has been done. Our apologies for the problems lately. We are looking into it.
stealing workers by Phantom 2003-01-17 @ 14:19
Because of a bug, every worker raid that happened since yesterday evening failed and resulted in stealing 0 workers. We can impossibly check every worker raid that happened during the last 24 hours and return the stolen workers, so unfortunately we cannot refund those who lost power in the battle. Our apoligies for the inconvenience. The problem should be gone now - you can safely concentrate on workers again.
database problems by Phantom 2003-01-16 @ 22:14
Today at 22:00 CET, somehow the creature database crashed. I managed to repair the database, and at first glance no permanent damage seems to have been done. If you happen to stumble upon any strange or unusual behaviour, please don't hesitate to report it using the 'report bug' button under 'other links'. Thanks for your patience.
kingdom messages by Phantom 2003-01-05 @ 17:45
Pub tags (like [ u ][ /u ], without the spaces) now work in kingdom messages. You can find a list of tags below the form on the 'post new topic' page of every pub.

Also, the illegal shard collection was a huge success: I received more than 740 shards! Thanks to everyone who participated in bringing the economy back in balance.
illegal shard collection by Phantom 2002-12-30 @ 10:48
If you have received large quantities of shards recently, chances are high that those were created using the power spell bug. If you want, you can donate them to me and I will dispose of them. Of course, neither you nor the person who donated the shards to you will be punished. By doing this you help us bring the CQ2 economy back in balance.
large-scale bug abuse unveiled by Phantom 2002-12-29 @ 21:23
We have recently discovered the biggest bug since the reset and the largest bug abuse scandal in CQ2 history. By entering a strange combination of characters in the power spell input field, you could do power spells without losing any power at all. Several players, including a few top 20 level mages, actively participated in exploiting this bug or distributed the many amulets/shards illegally created by others.

Needless to say, we cannot just let these players get away with it. They damaged the entire CQ2 economy and gained lots of resources without doing anything for it. After a thorough investigation of all the players involved in the bug abuse, we came up with the following punishment:

We killed the 6 players of which we are certain that they actually abused the bug. 10 other players found themselves stripped from their resources, shards, amulets and gems because they gained illegal profit from the bug without reporting it to the moderators. There are probably a few other players who abused the bug but got away with it - they were lucky this time. Because of the complicated nature of the bug it is impossible to track everyone down. There are hundreds of players who bought illegally created shards and amulets without realizing it. Those players will not be punished either.

For all those who lost their resources: do not bother complaining. You can't receive 500 shards from someone for free without realizing that something is seriously wrong. But instead of reporting it, you kept them and even distributed them. It is clearly stated in the rules that such behaviour is not tolerated. You are lucky that your account wasn't killed.

Please keep in mind that abusing a bug like this may look fun at first, but will ruin the fun for everyone, including you, in the end. You should always report a bug immediately after you discovered it, and you should never actually exploit it.
stealing workers by Phantom 2002-12-27 @ 18:26
The Power Balance needed to prevent people from stealing workers from you depends on how many workers you have stolen yourself. This has been the case since the reset, but we have never announced exactly how much it raises and when. So here's an official table:

0-100 workers stolen: PB < 60%

101-200 workers stolen: PB < 100%

201-300 workers stolen: PB < 140%

more than 300 workers stolen: PB < 180%

So for example: if you have stolen 130 workers and your power balance is lower than 100%, then people will be able to steal workers from you when they attack you.

You can find this table on the help section of the battles page.
You can only steal workers when you are level 30 or higher.
Imlers/Imlings resource stealing by Phantom 2002-12-26 @ 19:40
Since Imlers/Imlings are mass creatures now that their items have been changed, they should be treated like all other mass creatures regarding the amount of resources they steal. This was not the case, up until now. They now steal about as much as Clerics and Diabolics.
battle order by Phantom 2002-12-08 @ 13:07
Many people have asked me for the exact order in which bonusses/items are processed during a battle, because it can make a huge difference every now and then. So here it is:

  • Defense slots.

  • Curses.

  • Item enchantments.

  • Items that can be applied before the battle: damage/health/defenses bonus items (Smith, Storm), mass items (Diabolic Horde).

  • Gem spells.

  • Items that have to be calculated during the battle because there is a luck factor involved or because the damage bonus varies: double damage items (Pit Worm), ignore defenses items (Liches), heal items (Spirits), evasion items (Hound), damage leech items (Carnages).

For example: curses are processed before items, so if you cast Metamorphosis on a Smith wearing a hammer (damage bonus) and it gets 1% damage, the damage bonus of the item will be applied afterwards and will not be included in the 1% penalty. This is a huge difference with the other way around.

You can always reread this information in the help section of the battles page.
cq2 skins by Phantom 2002-12-01 @ 11:07
The image pack, which has been available for quite a few months now, allows you to load the images from your hard disk, allowing you to load CQ2 pages much faster than before and lowering the server load. Yet few people actually use it, probably because it is too difficult to configure.

That is why G00fy, a loyal CQ2 player, made an easy-to-use executable that does everything for you. You can download the image pack here.

You can find a lot of other skins (made by other CQ2 players), interesting guides, news about recent events, a collection of fan stories and a lot of other interesting stuff at BlackDeath's CQ2 site!
essence bug by Phantom 2002-11-18 @ 19:41
For about 5 minutes, an evil bug terrorrized all who dared to use an amulet. We have caught the bug, but unfortunately some people were hit before that and lost all their essence. Those people have received substantial compensation.
patch details by Phantom 2002-11-16 @ 20:09
Here are the highlights of today's patch:

  • The Imler/Imling items have been returned to their Chaos Age state, which means that the new (and overpowered) ability has been removed from the game. They have received a big boost though in the amount of damage/health gained for each attacking Imler/Imling.

  • Prismatic Tremor health lowered by 2 to make the challenge a bit easier.

  • You can now choose with which resources you want to pay your taxes. This allows you, for example, to pay your taxes completely in one resource if you want to.

  • Kingdom leaders can now post kingdom news messages targeted at all the inhabitants of their kingdom. This allows them to notify the whole kingdom of something important. You can post a kingdom news message from the town hall.

  • Race descriptions added to the spell database. When you look up a Pit Wraith Lurker, for example, you will find a description of the Pit Wraith race. Not many races have descriptions right now, but more will be added over time.

  • Female monarchs rejoice, for you have finally received the title you deserve! Queens are now queens instead of kings. Female warlords are still warlords because warlady sounds silly.

small patch coming up by Phantom 2002-11-15 @ 23:31
Tomorrow (Saturday) 20:00 CET, Castle Quest 2 will go down for a small patch. Estimated downtime: 30 minutes.
Smith defenses changed by Phantom 2002-10-21 @ 18:11
We have changed the defenses for the Smith creatures: they now have 20 death defense and 70 air defense instead of the other way around. Now they complement the defenses of the fiends (who have high death defense but low air defense), which is a good thing for earth mages. Also, it is now easier for air mages with earth as secondary skill to finish their challenges.
nether creatures by Phantom 2002-10-19 @ 12:06
Because of a bug, it was too easy to create incredibly strong nether creatures. Fortunately I managed to fix it before many nethers were made, but the one nether that clearly was way too strong has been toned down a bit.
remnant of the core defenses changed by Phantom 2002-10-12 @ 18:07
The Remants of the Core creatures (which are only used for challenges) now have 150% defense against their own class instead of 140%. This shouldn't make a difference for most people because you're supposed to use your secondary skill to beat them anyway.
irc by Phantom 2002-10-11 @ 19:59
The official CQ2 channel #castlequest (on quakenet) has been the place to be for spamming 'exchange attack' messages - until now. Because of the excessive amount of exchange messages lately, it has become impossible to actually chat. To make #castlequest an enjoyable place again, starting from today, exchange messages and similar things are strictly forbidden and will result in a ban.

We have launched a new official channel where you can freely post your exchange messages if you want so: #cq2exchange. This channel will not be moderated as thoroughly as #castlequest.

If you don't know what IRC is: download mIRC (an IRC chat client), connect to the Quakenet network (for example and join #castlequest.
kingdom level bugged by Phantom 2002-10-10 @ 16:51
The kingdom levels used to be too low because they were using the old (pre-reset) xp system. The bug has been fixed and as a result all kingdoms gained a few levels.
Rodia will be updated in a few minutes.
diabolic horde/cleric stealing increased by Phantom 2002-10-09 @ 20:40
The amount of resources stolen by Diabolic Horde/Cleric creatures has been increased. However, they still steal a lot less than other races, so in order to be really effective you have to send a lot of them at once.
upgrade defense slot bug by Phantom 2002-10-04 @ 09:23
There was a bug that caused some of you to lose all your granite when upgrading a defense slot. It has been fixed now, but unfortunately, we cannot recover the lost granite because we don't know who upgraded a defense slot and how many granite he lost by doing that. Our apologies.
creature summoning cost lowered by Phantom 2002-10-03 @ 20:28
The summoning cost for the higher level (20+) creatures has been lowered slightly because they were too expensive. Our apologies to those who bought these creatures at their previous price.
image pack reminder by Phantom 2002-10-01 @ 12:58
To all the people that are NOT using the image pack right now: please do so! Not only will you load the CQ2 pages much faster, but you will also help us by decreasing our bandwith usage. You can find instructions on how to use the image pack at the bottom of the Options screen (under Other Links).
reactivation keys disabled by Phantom 2002-09-26 @ 19:59
The pending reactivation keys have been removed. All keys that haven't been used right now have become useless. The registration spots that were taken by these keys are now available again.
brimstone lost by Phantom 2002-09-26 @ 11:25
Due to a bug, all brimstone in the game was lost. Because I only have a backup of midnight, it's pointless to set it to that state because the night income hadn't happened yet anyway. Instead, I gave everyone the same amount: 500 brimstone, which is more than you would normally get with a few workers.
Welcome back! by Phantom 2002-09-25 @ 19:59
Welcome back to the world of Castle Quest 2. Many years have passed since the death of Lord Dremorth, and Stonehenge is starting to flourish again. The cataclysm caused a lot of major changes to the world, so here's a complete list.

  • Completely new creature database. The creature names have remained the same (although you will notice a few new ones), but they all have new stats. You will now get a new creature every 2 levels until level 58! The items have been reworked too - some items are now weaker, others are stronger, other items have another effect. You will get a new workshop every 3 levels. The first creatures haven't changed much, but you will notice the difference later.

  • Mage experience reworked. You now start with 5000 xp to next level, and until level 25 the experience for next level is higher than before the reset. After that, it becomes easier to level. The total experience required for level 58 now is the same as for level 48 before the reset.

  • The old gem shrine has been removed and replaced by something else. Now, you can create gems yourself! Finally there is another way to obtain gems than by traveling. Go to the shrine or read the gem temple help file for additional instructions.

  • You can now enchant items with additional bonus abilities to make them more powerful and to protect yourself against certain races. Only the Improved Offense ability is revealed right now, but there are other abilities waiting to be discovered! Go to the Items section and read the help file for additional instructions.

  • The more workers you have stolen, the more power balance you'll need to make sure no one can steal any workers from you. You can read how high exactly your power balance has to be in the Workers section of your spellbook.

  • You cannot use Nether creatures for challenges anymore. Also, there are more challenges with 150% defense for your main skill, even at higher skill levels, so you are FORCED to get a second skill. Because the challenge creatures have the same defense against every other class, you can choose your secondary class yourself, which will hopefully result in more varied armies.

  • Some races will now steal a lot less per creature than others - namely the mass races like the Diabolic Horde. Other races had their stealing abilities changed too, because certain races are now more adept at stealing certain things than others. For example, race 1 could be better at stealing resources than race 2, but much worse at stealing workers. Experiment to find out which race is best at stealing which things.

  • Once you differ 15 levels from your opponent, you will steal nothing anymore.

  • Brimstone, crystal, essence and granite income has increased substantially. Power income has increased slightly.

  • You can now spend twice as much skill points each level.

  • Defense slots cost only granite now.

  • Joining/creating a kingdom is now less expensive at low level but much more expensive at high level.

  • In the gem temple you can find a list that keeps track of how many gems each person put in and took out of the depot.

  • The way in which you have to create Nethers hasn't changed, but it has become more difficult to create very powerful Nethers. In other words: you'll need to work harder to get the same effect.

  • Curses disappear automatically now when they are no longer powered by any shards or their time has expired.

  • Allied defense is now cheaper.

  • Buildings are more expensive overall.

  • The maximum amount of power one can have has been raised to 300000.

  • Gem spells are now cheaper and the effect of Quartz/Diamond has been changed. Xp wars are not possible anymore. The order in which you acquire gem spells and the kingdom level at which you do has changed too.

  • There is now a marketplace in Stonehenge, which works completely the same way as a pub but has different rules: the marketplace is used for trading only, while the pub is used for talking.

  • Power spells have become a lot more expensive.

  • You can now donate multiple amulets or shards at once.

  • The Y-axis in traveling has been inverted.

  • There is now a pretty bar on the character screen to display the experience to next level.

This reset brings a lot of changes that will hopefully result in a much more balanced and enjoyable game experience. Please note though that with the new items stats, quite a few imbalances will pop up on the way, so you can expect new balance changes while the game progresses. You can always read the statistics of the Chaos Age on the Rodia section.
official reset date! by Phantom 2002-09-20 @ 20:54
As you probably know by now, the reset is coming really close and we think it is time to officially announce the date. So without further ado - here are all the details about the reset!

Tuesday evening (24 September), the last storyline event will take place. Be there if you want to participate in the final battle!

Once the storyline has ended, the servers will go down and will remain down until 25 September 20:00 CET. During the downtime, all active players will receive a mail with details on how they can reactivate their account after the reset. We use this system to make sure that your spot won't be taken by someone else.

Once the servers come back up, everyone else will be free to register a spot until the maximum capacity is reached.
income not working by Phantom 2002-09-06 @ 13:33
After the small downtime this morning, the income ticks didn't start up as usual. Because of that, no one is currently getting any income, no one is losing any power balance and no eggs are hatching. Please keep this in mind. We are working on it.

*mod* the income is working again (14:00 CET).
short downtime coming up by Phantom 2002-09-03 @ 14:03
On Friday we will have to move the server to another location so CQ2 will be unavailable for about 10 minutes. Estimated downtime: from 10:30 to 10:40 CET. We are NOT changing our host.
challenge creature defense by Phantom 2002-09-03 @ 12:27
Because of a bug, the defenses for certain challenge creatures like Reapers, Balrogs, Monks and Tremors were capped at 140%, although they were supposed to have 150% of their main defense (which makes the creature immune to that damage type). I fixed this in the last patch but forgot to add it to the changes. It has always been 150% before it became bugged a few weeks ago so there is no reason to complain.
patch details by Phantom 2002-09-02 @ 19:30
This small patch addresses the issues that have popped up lately regarding raiding and curses and introduces a new experimental feature called allied defense. It is the last patch before the reset, which is scheduled for late September. Here are the changes:

  • Doppelganger only works in offense now to make it less powerful.

  • The power balance required to cast the curses now differs from curse to curse. Power balance loss for Jinx, Suffocation and Surathli's Blessing has been lowered. PB loss for Doppelganger and Surathli's Anger has been raised.

  • You now have to defend incoming battles in the order in which they arrive to remove the possibility to allow your friends to raid you before defending a real battle. Also, this removes the issue that you could raise your PB to 60% before defending a battle to be 100% sure that you wouldn't lose any workers. The battle you have to defend first is always on top.

  • Introduction of allied defense: you can now send a creature of your own to an ally for one day to aid him in battle at a huge power cost. This, of course, makes you weaker since you can't pull the creature back while you're under attack. You can send a creature to someone in your kingdom by looking him up in 'Other Players' and selecting 'Send creature'. You can withdraw the creature from the 'Creatures' section. You can find a list of allied creatures currently aiding you on the 'Defense' page under 'Allied Defense'.

  • Kingdom battles against the shard vault last only one day.

  • Something is brewing in the northern regions...

An exact date for the reset is not known yet and will be announced here.
upcoming patch by Phantom 2002-09-01 @ 13:36
Tomorrow (Monday) 19:30 CET the servers will go down for the last patch before the reset. This patch will address issues like the overpowered Doppelganger and will include a few experimental changes.
pub bug by Phantom 2002-08-25 @ 11:00
Due to a bug in the pub, all posts between 4:00 and 9:00 were lost. We're sorry for this inconvenience.
fix for stylesheet under IE 6.0 by Phantom 2002-08-21 @ 11:12
IE will accept the stylesheet when you add the site to the 'Trusted Sites' list. You do this by doing the following:

  • Extra

  • Internet Options

  • Security

  • Trusted Sites

  • Enter or, if you log in using the other url: (you might have to disable the checkbox for https) and click on Allow.

It should work now.

Thanks to DarkSavior/Wimpie for this fix.
adjustment to image pack by Phantom 2002-08-20 @ 16:16
A small adjustment was made to the image pack to allow the creation of so called 'skins' for CQ2.

The new version of the image pack includes the stylesheets of CQ2. Previously, they were automatically downloaded from the server (even if you used the image pack) because certain browsers don't allow stylesheets on your hard disk. I added a checkbox in the 'image pack' section to make it possible to download the stylesheet from your hard disk instead, thus making it possible to replace all the graphics and color settings of CQ2. If you have made a skin for CQ2, don't hesitate to let us know!

If you don't know what the Image Pack is: you can read all about it in the 'Image Pack' section of the 'Options' page, which is located under 'Other Links'. I advise everyone to use the image pack, even if you're not planning on making skins for CQ2, because it lowers the bandwith usage.

You can find an example here.

*edit* The first 10 minutes after the announcement, the old image pack was online. Please download again.
reset news by Phantom 2002-08-13 @ 17:44
The exact date for the reset is not known yet at this moment, but we estimate that it will happen somewhere in September, probably near the end.

If you are going to play again after the reset and decide to stop now, please do not kill your account but put it in vacation mode. Active players (including accounts in vacation mode) will get the chance to sign up for the next Age before new players are allowed, so that everyone will be able to start again immediately.
diabolic horde defenses change by Phantom 2002-07-30 @ 19:54
I have removed 15% AD and added 15% ED to make them less strong against Air, their natural enemy.
nether creatures on vacation by Phantom 2002-07-26 @ 17:20
The last week or so, the Nether Creator and Builder were on vacation to the Northern Shores. They really needed a week off, because the burden of having to create excellent eggs for powerful mages day in day out weighted heavily upon their fragile shoulders.

In other words, they were bugged and should be back now.
expert dispells by Phantom 2002-07-24 @ 17:06
This announcement is only targeted towards level 30+ players, as it's about curses.

Previously, expert dispells had a 100% chance of succesful casting, which was a bug. Now they have the chance they should have had: 60%. Grandmaster has a 90% chance.
keep battles after peace treaty by Phantom 2002-07-22 @ 19:57
The bug that allowed kingdoms to keep the kingdom battles after accepting a peace treaty has been fixed. From now on, if you accept a peace treaty all the kingdom battles between these kingdoms are cancelled. Unfortunately, all the battles that were created before this fix remain, so you can impossibly know if an opponent has any battles prepared for your kingdom. Once they go hostile and accept a peace treaty again, these battles are cancelled though.
Horror Cleaver by Phantom 2002-07-21 @ 12:03
The item for the Nightmare Golem has been given a small buff, allowing Nightmare Golems to kill the best power creatures of their natural enemy Air: Pit Wraith Lords.
battle reports bug by Phantom 2002-07-19 @ 21:14
Due to a bug, all battle reports made between the launch of the new patch and now are corrupt. Just ignore them. The bug has been fixed now.
cq2 goes 0.5 by Phantom 2002-07-19 @ 19:53
Today CQ2 has undergone a major patch which mainly focuses on extra features for high-level (30+) mages but also includes tons of little changes to enhance the overall experience. Here is a 'short' list of the main features of this patch:

  • A Gem Depot has been added to enhance the administration of large amounts of gems. All inhabitants of a kingdom can put gems in the depot (which cannot be attacked, so it is completely safe to do so). Only warlords can take gems out of it. The gem depot doesn't display the whole list of gems, but instead it allows you to filter your gems according to creature name, level and enchantment.

  • The introduction of a new high-level feature called curses which allows you to cripple other players and their creatures. Please read the guide to curses in the Stonehenge library (only accessible for level 30+ players) BEFORE learning any curses!. You will need a good variety of curses in your kingdom. You can also buy a teleportation scroll to a new town in the library. There is also a library in the new town, but that's not the only interesting thing...

  • You can now steal workers from an opponent if both you and your opponent are higher than level 30. You cannot buy back the workers that you have lost, you can only steal them again. But it is rather difficult to steal workers from someone: the power balance of that mage has to be really low. Also, it becomes more and more difficult to steal workers when you have already lost many and it is easier to steal from someone who has stolen many workers from other people. You can find the top stealers in the Rodia section.

  • The introduction of an image pack! This is a very useful option because it allows you to load pages much faster than usual. We advise everyone to start using this pack immediately, because it lowers the traffic to and from the server, which is a very good thing if we want to keep CQ2 up and running. You can find all the information you need about this in the 'Options' section under 'Other Links'.

  • A personal info field has been added to allow you to display some information about yourself. You can edit it in the 'Character' section and everyone can read when searching for you in the 'Other Players' section.

  • Battle reports are now colored according to the result: win, tie or loss.

  • You can now choose the coordinates of your soon-to-be-created kingdom yourself, for a price. The further away from Stonehenge, the more expensive the kingdom becomes.

  • Lots of items have been tweaked and altered including: Angel and Devil items, Fiend items, Cleric items.

  • There is now a limit to the amount of power you can have: 200000.

  • From now on, when you leave or join a kingdom, this is recorded in your Kingdom History, which you can find in the 'Other Players' section of a player. The old leave/join activities of a player are not displayed in the history.

  • In kingdom battles, the level of the strongest defending kingdom counts when calculating the amount of damage done. This means that you cannot start a level 1 kingdom to hatch your eggs anymore if you use your main kingdom to defend the hatchery.

  • TONS of little changes (like the addition of checkboxes when donating gems) everywhere that are too small to mention.

The amount of workers you can steal and the strength of the curses is still subject to change. These are very experimental features and could completely alter the high-level gameplay. If you think certain things aren't balanced well anymore, please report this using the 'Report Bug' form in the 'Other Links' menu.
upcoming patch by Phantom 2002-07-19 @ 17:29
The server will be brought down for a major patch today 19:30 CET. Estimated time of arrival: 21:00.
power lost by Phantom 2002-07-12 @ 21:26
At 21:00, all players accidentally lost their power. I restored the data from a backup taken at 3:00 this morning. Nothing else was lost.

To give this newspost a positive twist: the new, big patch is nearing completion! Within a short period of time, many new features will be introduced like a gem depot, coloured battle reports and much, much more.
important announcement by Phantom 2002-07-04 @ 20:03
Because the previous actions to prevent the use of travelscripts (bots that travel for you and defend challenges automatically while you are away) have failed, we decided to do something that will probably not be received well, but it's the only solution to prevent travelscripts from working for a long time.

From now on, every 100 moves you make while traveling, you will encounter a Mathematics Dwarf. He will ask you to duplicate a number he gives you in image form. You HAVE to do this before you can continue traveling. If you enter the wrong number about 10 times, your account will be killed. We believe that this change is not too bad and you will get used to it quickly.

There are a few good things about this patch too though: because this action will prevent the current generation of travelscripts from working completely, there is no use in keeping the other (often irritating) things we did to prevent them:

  • Pages are now cached again. This means you can use the back button again to assign another defender to a hatchery without having to load the whole page again, for example.

  • Players that used to turn their images off (certain browsers like Opera offer this option) for traveling can now do this again. They only have to turn it on when they encounter the Mathematics Dwarf.

  • The 'yeah right.' error some people got will now be gone.

donate problems by Phantom 2002-07-02 @ 17:27
The emergency fix I added yesterday to prevent the use of a bug to gain lots of resources unfortunately didn't work as it should have. Therefore, any donations of resources that didn't show up the normal way in the news post did never happen. The donation of amulets worked as usual. The bug has been fixed now.
recent problems by Phantom 2002-07-01 @ 22:24
2 important announcements:

  • The recent downtime was caused by a thorough database clean-up to fix the problems encountered every hour at income time. From now on, all the battles and news items will be removed after 3 days instead of 2 weeks to prevent the database from becoming too large. There should be no more downtime every hour.

  • This is still a beta. This means that you get to playtest this game and we only ask one thing in return: bug reports. Certain people thought it would be more fun to keep a very serious donate bug to themselves, giving them obscene amounts of resources. Their accounts have been killed. We do NOT tolerate the abuse of bugs in this game. A new paragraph has been added to the rules to exclamate this obvious fact.

small patch by Phantom 2002-06-25 @ 18:14
At 16:00 there was a small patch to address the use travelscripts. Because of that, some people have experienced problems playing the game. They should be fixed now, but if you are still seeing weird things, please report them using the 'Report Bug' button.
Pit Wraith defenses by Phantom 2002-06-23 @ 00:07
The defenses of the Pit Wraiths have been changed a bit: they now have 60 FD instead of 45 and 30 ED instead of 45. This change was made because They were too powerful against Earth, the main enemy of Air. A Pit Wraith Lord with War Tome could easily beat a Nightmare Golem, and that's not correct.
travel scripts by Phantom 2002-06-20 @ 17:05
The recent release of a travel script has resulted in an update of the game rules to reflect this threat to the game economy and overall gameplay experience. We will combat the use of such things in every way possible.
pub moderator by Phantom 2002-06-16 @ 19:01
From now on, Homer will be moderating the Stonehenge pub and clean the pub from pointless topics and spam. Please read the sticky 'Pub Rules' topic for more information about the new rules in the pub and respect them, or you will receive a temporary Stonehenge pub ban.
kingdom battle changes by Phantom 2002-06-09 @ 13:49
A small but important change was made today to address an exploit regarding egg hatching. From now on, eggs will stop hatching when the hatchery is under attack to prevent 'allied egg stealing'. To compensate for this, the hatchtime of an egg has been lowered to 36 hours. All eggs with a hatchtime greater than 48 hours have been set to 36 hours too.

Also, adding a new wave to a kingdom battle will now cost your kingdom 20k resources, so think twice before you start a new kingdom battle or cancel an existing one. Plan your waves in advance to prevent a waste of resources.
small patch by Phantom 2002-06-04 @ 13:05
A small patch happened today:

  • 3 new buildings that increase the creature maximum: one at L36, one at L40 and one at L44. The level requirement for the Fortress was raised to 28.

  • There's now an auto-select defenders button to prevent all the CQ2 players from getting RSI by entering hundreds of numbers every day :). This button will just automaticly fill in numbers starting from 1 when you hit it and you can find it on the right of the 'defend' button. This option works best when you have 'order by strength' activated (options menu).

pub changes by Phantom 2002-06-02 @ 12:53
Warlords can now make a topic of your pub sticky (it stays at the top of the pub until you remove the sticky status). You can now read the time at which a reply was made for every post and not just for the edited ones.
forgot password? by Phantom 2002-05-29 @ 14:24
If you lost your password, you can now recover your account by clicking on the 'Forgot password?' link below the login form and following the procedure.
weak creatures attacking by Phantom 2002-05-27 @ 20:01
The system to calculate with which creature you can attack has changed a bit. If you can't attack with a creature at level 1, you will never be able to, not even when it's level 20. To compensate for that change, you can now attack with creatures a little bit weaker than before and even a lot weaker if we're talking about creatures not of your main skill.
patch details by Phantom 2002-05-26 @ 15:15
There is a new patch online. It's a rather small one this time. Here are the changes:

  • There are a lot of new, very strong creatures. All the old creatures that you couldn't summon yet at level 40 have been buffed to the new standards too. Also, all these creatures have new items. You will get a new workshop and creature building every level starting from level 40.

  • The upgrade option. Some items can now be upgraded to better versions by paying enough resources. Quite a few new and old items have been given this upgrade option, which you can find at the items screen if the item is unequipped.

  • When traveling, the creatures become stronger the farther you move away from Stonehenge. They increase in level and drop more resources if you travel a long distance!

  • The way the 'combine gems' button works has improved a lot. You can now select any combination of gems, and the game will automaticly combine everything possible. So if you check 4 Level 1 Mog Rat Gems and you click 'combine gems', you will automaticly get a Level 3 gem. There is also a 'combine all' button now, so you can combine all your gems with one click.

  • Implementation of an ignore button. You can ignore someone by pressing the appropriate button on their player information screen. After that, they won't be able to send any more mails to you.

  • Teamplay items like director's manual do now work in kingdom battles.

  • You can now only add creatures to a kingdom battle that are worthy of your level, just like in normal battles.

  • Items have become a little bit more expensive.

  • Addition of a 'color setting' option in the options menu. You can now choose between the usual day/night cycle, the old blue background or a new one: dark red.

upcoming patch by Phantom 2002-05-25 @ 18:50
Tomorrow (Sunday) starting at 14:00 CET there will be a little downtime due to the installation of a small new patch. Estimated downtime: 1 hour.
250 new accounts by Phantom 2002-05-23 @ 17:43
Today at 21:00, 250 new accounts will become available.
long battle reports by Phantom 2002-05-17 @ 19:34
You can now read extensive reports of kingdom battles (with the damage text of each fight and not just the final result) on the kingdom battle report page. This option will only work with new kingdom battles, all the old ones will display an empty long report.
pub/post office problems by Phantom 2002-05-17 @ 16:16
The bug that caused the problems with the post office and pub has been fixed.
server change complete by Phantom 2002-05-16 @ 18:23
You have probably noticed this by now, but CQ2 has moved to a new and much faster server. This server can handle a lot more accounts, so we will allow 250 new accounts within 2 days! Enjoy!
server change by Phantom 2002-05-15 @ 21:37
Tomorrow at 16:00 CET, there will be a small downtime (1 hour maximum) to move CQ2 to a new and much faster server.
hatchery change by Phantom 2002-05-14 @ 16:59
This evening at 21:00 CET, there will be a small but very important change in the way egg hatcheries work.

  • You won't be able to finish the hatching of an egg before you have finished all the kingdom battles targeted at that hatchery. So now you will have to defend your hatchery the whole time instead of the first 24 hours.

  • To compensate for this change, eggs will hatch after 48 hours instead of 72. All the eggs that are currently in the game and have a hatchtime greater than 48, will be lowered to 48.

useless nether creatures by Phantom 2002-05-13 @ 13:24
To all people who are getting egg creatures that don't seem to have anything special: they always do, but it might be something pretty useless or very small. It IS possible to create incredibly powerful Nether Creatures... you just need to do it the right way. So keep looking!
hatchery types by Phantom 2002-05-11 @ 12:17
Due to a bug in the Eggs, the hatcheries required to hatch the egg were wrong. This has been fixed, so it is possible that you have to upgrade your hatchery now before hatching an egg.
Our apologies.
new colors by Phantom 2002-05-11 @ 09:50
There's now a day/night cycle in CQ2 ,because the colors during daytime are different than these during the night. Starting at 20:00, everything will go back to normal and tomorrow morning everything will turn orange again.
xp change explanation by Phantom 2002-05-09 @ 20:38
Some people have been complaining that they don't get much xp anymore. This is due to the fact that you now get rewarded for fighting 'close' battles instead of crushing your opponent. The closer the fight was, the more xp your creature will gain. You won't gain much xp at all by owning a newbie mog rat.
kingdom defense bug by Phantom 2002-05-09 @ 16:25
Due to a small bug in kingdom defense, all people who have selected defenders for their Treasure Room will find their creatures passive again instead of defending. Please assign them to the treasure room again.
CQ2 goes 0.4 by Phantom 2002-05-09 @ 14:20
We are proud to announce the release of version 0.4 of Castle Quest 2 today! This patch includes lots of gameplay tweaks as well as quite a few new features. Some of these features are very experimental and if they don't work as expected, they will be removed again or altered.

Here's a list of the main features of this patch. Read the changelog for a more comprehensive list of changes.

  • The way defense slots work has changed completely. Therefor, you will have to 'fix' every defense slot that was created before this patch. From now on, a defense slot gives a 35% (may be raised or lowered later) defense bonus for the selected class. Defense slots can't be used with challenges anymore.

  • Addition of a he/she button in the options menu. There are still a lot of places where I've forgotten to take this selection into account, so here's a challenge for all the women out there: find these places and report them! :)

  • A completely new feature, enabling the creation of very powerful creatures: Nether Eggs. You will have to find out how they work yourself...

  • Kingdom battles changed completely. From now on, every kingdom battle has a building as target: either the treasure room (holds resources) or the hatcheries (hold eggs) of a kingdom. The defending kingdom can only defend with creatures they have previously assigned to defend that building. This means that the creature advantage has shifted from defense to offense in kingdom battles!

  • Allies can now help other kingdoms in defending their buildings by traveling to an allied kingdom and going to the buildings section.

  • Enchanted gems are now much more effective. Now, you have to assign a gem to a wave instead of a creature. You can only have one enchanted gem per wave, and that one gem counts for EVERY creature of that type in the wave. So a Pit Worm Gladiator Quartz now works for every Pit Worm Gladiator in the wave. The effects of the gems have been lowered a bit though.

  • The properties of a lot of items have changed greatly. We strongly advice you to look at every item again because something useless might have turned into something powerful now.

  • Creature summoning cost increased A LOT.

  • Introduction of power balance stealing! Finally, there is a way to hit an opponent where it hurts, because it has also become a lot more difficult to regain power balance. Unfortunately, a battle which concentrates on stealing power balance is much more expensive to launch.

  • Supervisors removed. They were useless anyway. All the warlords have become normal inhabitants too, so the king will have to assign them again.

We hope you will enjoy the new changes in this patch. Because of the fundamental changes this patch makes there will probably be a lot more bugs than before, so please don't stop reporting them. Also, if you think one of the changes isn't balanced very well, feel free to report suggestions too!
upcoming patch by Phantom 2002-05-08 @ 22:33
Tomorrow (Thursday) midday, CQ2 will be brought down for a major update. This patch will bring CQ2 to version 0.4 and will introduce lots of new features and tweaks. There will not be a reset. Please check announcements again after the application of the patch for a comprehensive list of changes.
gem shrine problems by Phantom 2002-05-05 @ 19:35
People that have experienced problems with their gems or gem shrines should worry no more for the bug that caused these problems has been banished from the Rodian Plains :).
leaked patch info by Phantom 2002-04-27 @ 14:41
Due to a mistake I made, some people have seen some bits of information regarding the upcoming patch. I have removed all evidence of these new things because they weren't supposed to be seen yet. Of course there wil still be a patch, but I can't say when exactly.
downtime ;) by Phantom 2002-04-24 @ 18:35
Again some downtime. This time, we have given up on the old server and moved to a new one, which should be very stable (uptime 100+ days). Let's cross our fingers :).
daily downtime journal by Phantom 2002-04-19 @ 16:10
Hello, welcome to this edition of the Daily Downtime. In today's edition, just one topic: the downtime of CQ2! Yes, as you may have noticed, CQ2 went down again, this time for just one day. This was due to problems with the hardware of the new server. We think that the problems are solved now, but we are not really certain, so there is a chance that the server will crash again.

Unfortunately, during last crash, a lot of data was lost and therefor we had to use a backup of the database of thursday morning, 4:00. This means only the things you have done between 4:00 and 12:00 (time of the server crash) are lost.
downtime... by Phantom 2002-04-15 @ 21:45
Well, CQ2 went down again. This time, we didn't have anything to do with it, but that doesn't change the fact that we were down again for 2 days. Because of the crash, your may encounter some unexpected behaviour. If this is happening to you, please contact us using the 'Report Bug' option in the 'Other Links' menu and we will look to it as soon as possible. We think the players prefer this over a complete reset to a 3-day old backup.

Fortunately, we took the opportunity to move CQ2 a new location: the final, high-capacity server we have been negotiating about for a while now! This means the game shouldn't go down anymore from now on, but of course, nothing is certain.

This means that banners will start to appear soon, but I think you guys won't be bothered by that if you know that this server enables us to go far beyond the 500 player capacity. We are gonig to monitor the load one week long, and if everything goes well, we will increase the amount of accounts.

We thank you, the players, for your patience and loyalty and hope you can enjoy this game from now on without anymore complications! domain name by Phantom 2002-04-12 @ 17:34
We are going to get CQ2 an international domain name, but we are not sure yet what's it gonna be... currently, my vote goes to, because I think it looks cool and it's very short and easy to type. If you got anything to say on this matter, please do so in the comments. Suggestions and opinions are very welcome.

This DOESN'T mean the server is going to change. We are just changing the adress to get to this server.
2nd downtime by Phantom 2002-04-11 @ 21:51
After 1 day of uptime, CQ2 went down again because the new temporary host couldn't handle the traffic. FOrtunately, the downtime didn't last as long as the previous time, and we are up again! Normally, this server shouldn't give any problems at all.
downtime by Phantom 2002-04-09 @ 12:54
As you have probably noticed by now, CQ2 went down last week Thursday due to unexpected server problems. We weren't prepared, so we had to look for a new host and it took a while before we found one. During the downtime, nobody received income, but the battles kept ticking, so we had to reset all the pending battles to 24 hours left to give everyone a fair chance of defending. Same goes for all the kingdom battles.

If you encounter any problems with the new host, please report them using the report bug/advice link on the other links menu.

The good side of things is that we will probably expand the amount of accounts soon, but we will inform you when that's going to happen. In the meantime: enjoy CQ2 again! :)

Ow yes, and there are some new funny but useless statistics in the Rodia section.
kingdom battle time by Phantom 2002-03-25 @ 17:36
The maximum amount of time a kingdom has to defend an incoming kingdom battle has been lowered to 2 days.
accounts cleanup by Phantom 2002-03-24 @ 11:47
Tomorrow, all the accounts that stopped playing after one day will be removed. The day after tomorrow, all the accounts that stopped playing after 2 days. And so on... With other words: a lot of spots will become available in the next few days, so if you're planning on joining the beta or want a friend to join it, tell them to check this site regularly.
CQ2 registrations by Phantom 2002-03-20 @ 16:54
As you have probably noticed, we have already hot the maximum capacity our server can handle at this moment: 500 players. This means that registrations have temporarily closed. Fortunately, we are removing the accounts that haven't been checked for at least one week, so there will new spots available soon. The removal of multi'ers also results in a few additional spots.

We are looking for a way to raise the player maximum as soon as possible.

Due to a bug, some recently registered accounts have been corrupted. Our apologies to these players; they will have to register again. Their activation url won't work.
attacking problems by Phantom 2002-03-19 @ 17:36
The bug that caused a 'You haven't selected any creatures at all!' error when you actually did has been fixed. It didn't have anything to do with the 'order by strength' options, our apologies for the misinformation ;).
CQ2 goes public beta! by Phantom 2002-03-18 @ 17:25
We are pleased to announce the next stage in the development of Castle Quest 2: the public beta phase! From now on, everyone (up to 500 players right now, due to server limits) can play this game! Unfortunately, this means that we had to reset all the previous beta accounts in order to give all the newcomers a fair chance. The public beta will probably last a long time, so you shouldn't be worried about a new reset anytime soon. We thank the closed beta players for sending in so much bug reports and actively testing and polishing the game.

Along with the public launch of CQ2, we've also patched the game to version 0.3. This means that there will probably be more bugs to report than in the last 2 weeks of closed beta, but we still feel CQ2 is ready for public beta, so we decided not to postpone the public beta launch. Here is a short list of the most important changes of this patch. A complete list can be found in the changelog section (link at the bottom of every page).

  • Addition of a 'Options' page. Here, you can go in vacation mode, reset your account and set your preferences. The old settings-page for the friends list has moved to the preferences section, and 2 new preferences have been added: order creatures by strength (instead of alphabetically) and compact creature display mode (a new way of displaying your creatures in a very compact, easy-to-read way).

  • Creature summoning cost raised a lot. Creatures became much too cheap after a while, so I made them more expensive. Resurrection cost hasn't changed.

  • Some of the more difficult challenges have been altered and tweaked.

  • It is now not possible anymore to train by attacking with weak creatures, because you can't attack with creatures that are way too weak for you.

  • Kingdom taxes are now based on brimstone, crystal, essence and granite and no longer on power. Also, paying taxes has finally become useful: you can now enchant your gems with powerful but extremely expensive kingdom gem spells. Once a gem is enchanted, it changes shape and you can use it in kingdom battles to get a serious advantage over your opponent. There is even a gem that allows everyone in your kingdom to gain xp during kingdom battles! Also, kingdoms all have a level now, which depends on the levels of its inhabitants. The level of a kingdom is now used to rank it on the Rodia page.

We hope you'll enjoy your time in the public beta of Castle Quest 2!