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Magic drain will be updated of 5% to 7% by newt 2016-06-21 @ 00:14
With every curse or blessing you do the odds of success decrease with that magic drain.
This magic drain was introduced before the passive ability tree was designed. In that passive ability tree you can lower that magic drain by too much so we decided to change this.

The minimum odds of success on a curse have been lowered of 30% to 0%.

We hope this will affect the need for curses in wars enough and we'll see how it evolves. This will be as of next upload.
#13 by newt 2016-06-21 @ 11:35
The daily cursewars drain people too much. This is a game where you can't expect people to spend tons of time during working hours to get things done. You start demanding that and it will implode.
Such effort can advance you like leveling, travelling, ... but it can't force other players too much to do the same or they lose completely.

The 0% min could be discussable but 30% min was far too high.
#12 by 2016-06-21 @ 11:03
As a sidenote: Lorepage still has to be adjusted
#11 by 2016-06-21 @ 09:10
Kingke as i recall, you were the ones who would kill yourselves for a player getting unbanned ;)
These changes are just a gamekiller for people who loved the cursingpart of the game, i stopped cq2 for this, because i loved the doppelwars etsa :) it was fun, now theres nothing fun for me in this anymore because you people cant handle being behind for once
and when we were behind last age... did someone listen to us? NO
when we lost an egg, did an admin make changes for us? NO
and when we won an egg, there was always an excuse and you got out of your way to get an egg back 2 ages ago :) that we gave back to you to stop your whining

so yeah if admins cant understand our frustration but only yours, all because you can't stand 1 player in the game being tbxie, for me this game is corrupt, and ive kept it in for a long time now

But yes, now im really sick of it
#10 by 2016-06-21 @ 08:53
I think a change like this is too big and game changing to just do mid age. One of the biggest issues is that it completely messes with the choices a lot of players made. Lower drain is now A LOT better while before it was completely useless, you probably want to go towards higher tier curses in stead of mass cursing with t1 curse, hence spell slots become more important as well. I think this is a hard problem to solve, you can never make all sides happy. There already is a hard cap on the number of curses you can cast, you can only gather a limited amount of pb because the number of targets is limited.

I think a logical next step in your plan would be to make dispels immune to drain, might as well introduce it immediately, at least it would solve some of the problems that have been created right now.

I'm also worried this will give a big advantage to just numbers and mage class distribution. Let's say you have 10 hardcore players, they have 7 nature magi because the nature curse is op, 1 diab, 1 mystic, 1 elemental. These 7 magi are hardcore players and they only have 1 real opposing kingdom which also contains 10 magi, they are evenly split though, so 3/3/2/2. Now since they are serious they will each cast 20 curses resulting in 140 curses, the enemy can only dispel 60 tops. You could argue that they can't dispel your curses but let's be honest nature curse is just a lot better.

This is not a completely unthinkable example is it? Now let's take this example, let's say you have a leading kd. But all enemies bundle their forces to curse them and they launch together. Let's say there are 2 serious enemy kingdoms. This means the enemy can cast twice as many curses/dispels.

Just a sidethough; I find it curious how you think this is a change that is in favour of the less active people, this is a change that pushes constant activity. Those who would really have "no life" like MyLegend says, could just cast 10 curses every single day, sustaining 30 curses at all times. Good luck defending or attacking if a full kd does this.

I guess this is long enough, cheers.

TL;DR: Heavy impact on ability/curse/class choices, reset please, I'd prefer if you waited for the next age, not really a solution imo
#9 by 2016-06-21 @ 08:35
"im sick of it, this is officially my last age" is crap!!
just stop now instead of whining...
#8 by 2016-06-21 @ 07:51
K the only way to steal eggs has been removed from the game
Cursing has been killed because people cant accept that we wanna spent time in the game and others dont.
well potato can complain and receive the changes they want all the time, im sick of it, this is officially my last age
#7 by 2016-06-21 @ 02:49
oh shit, how am i gonna manage my 2 ferals a day now...
#6 by 2016-06-21 @ 02:17
no it's because some people have lives and some haven't got lives.
totally agree on the changes to keep this game alive.

big thx to the admisn to introduce a decent fix on cursewars
#5 by 2016-06-21 @ 00:47
Can we also change it so that Hatches have 600% health and that curses take 150% pb each?

Seriously, what in the actual fuck. Is this because we actively take part in the game with a lot of cursing and some people can't keep up? I usually keep quiet and I know we're told a lot by our alliance leaders to just stay calm and not stir shit but this is outrageous and completely ridiculous. Changes like this mid-age for one are unbelievable in itself, even if the change is completely counter-intuitive to the spirit of the game which has always been about the big curse wars for eggs.

I seriously can't believe that I'm reading this. What sort of total madness came over you to implement a change that means you can only do a certain amount of curses per day going to 0% drain? Wasn't the amount of times you could actually exchange + a 30% chance of success while using expensive shards enough?! Who is it that comes together and makes these decisions, I absolutely want to talk to that council and hear their arguements for this absolute bull hockey. Geez, talk about trying as hard as you can to screw everything up. I've seen some mad shit since I started playing this game, but this has absolutely got to take the biscuit.

Well played, you managed to trigger me when I'm notoriously calm and collect, I guess that has to count for something.
#4 by 2016-06-21 @ 00:36
Lower magic drain was legit NEVER better, whatever the case of your drain was. Now its ALWAYS better since you can hit 0%.
#3 by newt 2016-06-21 @ 00:35
I think you have the right to ask for that
will look into it on what has to change
#2 by 2016-06-21 @ 00:23
What he said.
#1 by 2016-06-21 @ 00:15
how about relearning the passive that reduces your drain now?
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