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The orbs were bugged by newt 2016-05-21 @ 20:46
During tests I noticed it didn't get destroyed. You see the text "Sadly the orb got destroyed in the process!" but the orb was still present in your kingdom vault.

We destroyed the earth orb in the Patata alliance because it couldn't have survived this long. The text must have been ignored by the users.
There was a 30% chance the earth orb got destroyed in the process, we now changed it to 50%.
We are still discussing how to handle this problem because we can't know when it should have gotten destroyed. Neither did we track how many times it was used and on who.
#10 by 2016-05-26 @ 20:03
I agree with Bloodworm. Both he and Popi would have reached 60 before me without the orb :).
#9 by 2016-05-26 @ 16:36
I agree with the orb being removed, but honestly i don't think anyone did anything wrong. People just used what was given and if the orb stuck around after some random message said it was destroyed it's a programming issue.

note: pig had NO CHANCE of passing me ;)
#8 by 2016-05-26 @ 15:26
Lol, he took away the orb not even knowing if he should have been destroyed. I know Pig, if he would have noticed, he would have reported. So we get punished as alliance and nobody complains but now you guys even want the levels removed?

Be serious.
#7 by 2016-05-26 @ 11:12
I second Lorelei's comment.
#6 by 2016-05-24 @ 21:43
That's kinda hilariously unfair to be honestly. But oh well.
#5 by newt 2016-05-23 @ 10:30
We decided to let levels be as they are
#4 by 2016-05-21 @ 21:15
That's pretty bogus. Most of the "bugs" we've encountered this age have been frustrating to be on the wrong side of, but not absolutely destructive. This effectively has given a couple of people (potentially, I know there is a CHANCE you could get that lucky) about 100+ hours of free advancement. That's actually ridiculous. Hopefully some fair resolution to this is decided.
#3 by 2016-05-21 @ 21:00
Btw if it was a 30% chance every time, it COULD last that long :)
#2 by 2016-05-21 @ 20:55
I did watch the tekst to see if people behind me could use it.
#1 by 2016-05-21 @ 20:52
Seems like a fair solution.

X used the orb 2x on himself, I used it 4x on me afterwards. I used the orb early in the morning when I was just awake (on my cellphone) so I honestly didn't look at the message since I figured it was just "you gained a level", I just checked the vault to see if the earth orb was there again.

I'd say it's possible it survives even longer since baron used the orb 6x last age, but I guess it was also bugged back then?
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