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Alpha launch date confirmed by ycom 2014-10-28 @ 17:06
Welcome to all!

As you are well aware. Currently the hourly income has been disabled and you all have 0 resources. So you won't be able to do anything right now.

On saturday 1 november at 17:00 we will give everyone the starting resources and enable the hourly income so we can start playtesting the alpha.

To properly test, battles will reset every 30 minutes instead of every 24 hours. Over time we will slowly increase the hourly income to speed up the pace of the game.

When we finish with the obvious bugs, we will be switching to some scenarios (wars, raiding, nethers, ...) to properly test those.

So thank you all for willing to test this, and I hope you will have fun doing it!
#11 by 2014-10-30 @ 22:44
YeeY Playing with YcoM again :P
#10 by 2014-10-30 @ 21:02
I spy a jew
#9 by 2014-10-30 @ 01:05
Seems cool.
Yay for getting nothing!
#8 by 2014-10-29 @ 21:43
Next post gets nothing
#7 by 2014-10-29 @ 19:17
finally :p
#6 by 2014-10-29 @ 10:36
#5 by 2014-10-29 @ 10:36
scripts, cheats, multis!
#4 by 2014-10-29 @ 09:24
#3 by 2014-10-28 @ 21:19
den derden!
#2 by 2014-10-28 @ 20:33
First! To be second
#1 by BLANK 2014-10-28 @ 17:13
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