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Workerraiding friends will from now on be seen as farming by newt 2018-07-01 @ 15:36
From now on we will no longer tolerate the stealing of workers of a friended mage. It'll be seen as farming and thus a punishable offense.
This includes raiding workers before someone resets or kills his account or at the end of the age to get statistics for the snapshot.
#4 by Pega 2018-07-15 @ 23:41
What if I put that so called friend on my enemy list?
#3 by juulsezaar 2018-07-01 @ 19:50
ain't we all friends?
#2 by pony 2018-07-01 @ 16:03
What if you rly dont like some1 but he's is supposed to be friendly ?
#1 by ENH 2018-07-01 @ 15:56
what if i raid Gratch?

i got him on my friendlist? but we are not really friends? and i would like to steal his workers?

#1 btw!
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