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More adjustments for next age part 2 by newt 2017-10-05 @ 23:55
We decided to remove the concept of alliances next age but we saw some issues in this decision which led us to the following required adjustments:
* The kingdom level will be defined by the average xp (total xp/total members). This will avoid kingdoms recruiting fewer members to receive less damage during wars.
* Rifts will be upgraded to a width of 100 tiles. Probably the Jorgho rift as well, I can't tell at the moment.
* You will be able to launch wars on your own kingdom. This will allow you to send buffer wars when your hatch is under attack and xp wars to level creatures.

More changes:
* Health and damage familiars are now set at a maximum of 35-46-58-70-83 depending on the tiers you combine. This will be altered to 35-46-57-68-79. The main reason is that it opens the window to be able to use the steal familiar in defense to ignore the familiar of the attacker it is set against. This last change might be done during the age, but it's a very risky adjustment which would have to be tested first. Fe you can't risk a bug on this during wars. I can't tell how difficult it is to program but it's something we intend to do.
* We will look into the scaling of the bosses but this can be done at a later stage of the age since bosses won't spawn until someone reached level 60.
* The starting cost for joining a kingdom will be increased of 500 of each resource to 1500 of each resource.

After the end of age battle killing all accounts we will set up the new database for next age. You will be able to create level 1 accounts to communicate with eachother but won't be able to attack anyone.
Before the new age starts, all accounts will be removed again.
#1 by 2017-10-06 @ 08:37
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