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The Disruption Age will end 20th of October by newt 2017-09-09 @ 18:09
The snapshot at the end of the Disruption Age will be taken at friday 20th of October at 20h CET. After this curse of Yekeheren will occur which will end the age in a competitive manner a few days later. The next age will start on friday 27th of October at 20h CET.
Other than the curse there will be no end of age event as the developers can't commit enough time.

Loki was an active developer this age but he decided to stop recently. We want to use this announcement to thank him for all his contributions to the game.

There are plenty of bugs and small features we cannot ignore but for the age transition we would still like to do these small adjustments:
- Remove the fire orb (skip time for an hour in your advantage) from the game.
- Blessing dispels will be removed from the game. You will be able to destroy the blessing as a target.
- The odds for medium power creatures/items will be increased compared to lower power creatures/items.
- The formula to reach the maximum potential of a nether will be the same as the beginning of the age. A parameter will be added to the nether formula though.
- Certain power items will be reevaluated as certain power creatures aren't used as often as others. More communication will follow on this before the end of the age. We're open for suggestions in the suggestionpub.
- A catch up xp system to gain levels faster for people starting later in the age. The average level of the top 10 magi in rodia (same as how the vendor should be deciding which amulets are for sale) will be compared to your level. For every level below that level you gain 3% xp more in battles. So for example if the average top 10 is 60, a level 20 would gain 120% xp extra every battle. There will be no penalty for outleveling this average level. This will have no effect on the experience creatures gain.
- Travel income will increase with 25%.
- Mythicals can be created already (I tested it) but because of the low odds they were too rare. We decided to increase the odds for next age.
- Not every stage matched the maxxing of a familiar combo this age. The first stage doesn't max tier 1 on tier 1 and a stage got added for tier 3 with tier 3 maxxing. This will be changed so each stage maxxes a combination and that last stage will be removed again.

We would like some volunteers who could help us with small things that could render the game more friendly to players (fe write Lore, help avoid confusion in our communication such as these announcements, work on a FAQ in answer a player, ...). We will create a seperate pub in which things like this could be discussed. You can mail us if you're interested in helping us.

We know cheaters are a pest to this game and we would like some help in tracking down cheaters. We could use some volunteers who would want to help looking at logs to look for suspicious behavior.

As a last note we decided to increase the odds of mythicals even more for the remainder of this age to add some spice to the end of this age.

These are the most famous magi for this age. It was taken at a random moment for us, 31/08:

Most famous magi
1. Red 52
2. popi 51
3. Kappa 51
4. newt 49
5. Bromsnor 49
6. mopper_smurf 46
7. Kwekker 46
8. Testaankoop 45
9. dutske 43
10. Impulse 43
#9 by 2017-09-13 @ 07:50

#6 by newt 2017-09-10 @ 09:31
deleted a dutch post
#8 by newt 2017-09-10 @ 16:01
As I said, the reset date won't change. Next age we can add a few months to the age.
#7 by 2017-09-10 @ 11:27
suggestion :

Start working in the changes, while we play. next january, we can launch new age.

if we are to resett now, i might not be playing next, and i think some mages will think the same :/
#6 by newt 2017-09-10 @ 09:31
deleted a dutch post
#5 by 2017-09-09 @ 22:52
Well, for once, all I have to say is.. good job :D
#4 by newt 2017-09-09 @ 20:51
The age actualy lasts longer than last age. We'll keep it in mind for next age.
#3 by 2017-09-09 @ 20:30
I totally agree with Solaker.
Things finally got somewhat intresting.
Don't feel like leveling up again at all...
#2 by 2017-09-09 @ 20:20
mistake imo, age should last longer. start fresh in january!
#1 by 2017-09-09 @ 18:25
First :(
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