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Hatch damage bug by newt 2017-06-25 @ 21:49
After we had some complaints about the hatch damage we investigated what the damage formula was and we noticed level difference wasn't taken into account at all. I cannot say since when this bug existed but we altered it now.
If the attacking kingdom is higher than both kingdoms in the defending alliance we compare to the highest kingdom and 5% less damage is done per level difference. The maximum damagereduction is 70% (so 14 levels lower).
We also slightly increased the damage done to high duration eggs.

I thought this bug was worth making an announcement over as it can influence a lot in wars.
#3 by newt 2017-06-26 @ 21:58
it's in the todo list
#2 by 2017-06-26 @ 14:36
When are you going to change that when an egg gets stolen by enemy or ally it always gets reset to its initial hatchtime?

#1 by 2017-06-25 @ 21:54
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