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The online players page in your menu has been upgraded by newt 2017-05-17 @ 00:15
This alteration has been introduced as a result of previous kill to remove the need to cheat. It will be more mobile friendly as well.

You can see the list of online bots there now. You'll also notice how many battles you have and you can launch an attack directly.
This feature was thought of and implemented by WeDaLi, thanks for that.

Since I have access to ftp now, anything mentioned in the changelog thread in the regalis pub can be considered uploaded.
#12 by 2017-05-17 @ 11:33
After half of a day exchanging like this, i think this is a very welcome feature for new players.

Old players are used to the refreshing thing and awkward ways to look up people but tbh for new ( and old ) players this is great. Just great!

Good job!
#11 by 2017-05-17 @ 10:27
A suggestion: why not exclude the player's own account from the list?
#10 by 2017-05-17 @ 10:11
Very nice!
I don't like the battle count mentioned next to the real players though.
It's another disadvantage for raiders...
#9 by 2017-05-17 @ 09:03
Dikken bal gasten!
#8 by 2017-05-17 @ 08:25
Nice job WeDali
#7 by 2017-05-17 @ 07:55
Im still doing it the old way tho, it's way faster if you just push the F5 button for 20mins!!
#6 by 2017-05-17 @ 07:54
#5 by 2017-05-17 @ 07:36
really helpful indeed
#4 by 2017-05-17 @ 07:27
Wauw!! Very nice work!!
#3 by 2017-05-17 @ 06:55
#2 by 2017-05-17 @ 05:27
I like this, saves me so much time searching for bots :)
#1 by 2017-05-17 @ 00:17
Lets hope it doesn't count too much lag, like the find bot you haven't attacked yet. But it looks nice :)
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