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We decided to unkill Major by newt 2017-05-15 @ 12:37
Sorry for the confusion these past few days.

After talking to the mage in question and having long discussions with the other programmers, we decided our information is not enough to be seen as concrete evidence. We'll present our case tonight in a regalis thread but we don't consider it enough to kill a mage and brand him a cheater.

So we decided to unkill him and grant him the same experience LtHarris has at this point as they were close to eachother at the time of his kill.
#9 by newt 2017-05-15 @ 23:49
it will be for tomorrow I fear
something came up
#8 by 2017-05-15 @ 14:41
#7 by 2017-05-15 @ 14:22
Grab the pitchforks! Kill the devs! Take over the server! It's time we stop accepting this nonsense. It's time to fight for our rights!

Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy!
#6 by 2017-05-15 @ 13:11
this is rediculous. I remember a friend in the past. he had 2 brothers... they all played they got killed for multy accounting...

this guy actually uses addons probably and he is back...
#5 by 2017-05-15 @ 12:57
Only LtHarris has got god know how many outgoings and he has 0. GG for fairness lol
#4 by 2017-05-15 @ 12:44
#3 by 2017-05-15 @ 12:42
Well I think you should kill me too for a day and grant me the same experience!
#2 by 2017-05-15 @ 12:38
#1 by 2017-05-15 @ 12:38

I thought the decision was final?
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