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Major has been killed for cheating by newt 2017-05-13 @ 21:31
We know he at least used an autorefresh which is illegal according to the current rules. We suspect a script which stopped when a target was found he didn't attack enough times yet. But the autorefresh is enough to kill as it's in the rules and we decided to be strict about it.

This is the final decision.
#30 by newt 2017-05-15 @ 12:12
We'll create a thread explaining everything this evening.
#29 by 2017-05-15 @ 07:06
Just a difficult question:

If this player has been using an illegal action, according to the game rules, and he did reach level 59, did his catalyst get pooled into the group? If so, isn't this (and perhaps other things aswell) illegaly obtained and thus should not be used?
#28 by 2017-05-15 @ 01:22
*With a 5 year old's voice*


#27 by 2017-05-14 @ 22:11
go Tb, go.
like it's gonna make a difference :')
#26 by 2017-05-14 @ 22:09
Liar. Ycom didnt even see Eldo's defence.
#25 by newt 2017-05-14 @ 21:30
ycom and wedali agree the kill is more than justified
#24 by newt 2017-05-14 @ 17:56
I've asked a doublecheck of Ycom and WeDaLi.
#23 by newt 2017-05-14 @ 17:54
Time to stop these kind of messages guys or we'll start tempkilling.

Major pointed to something in the evidence logging which didn't make sense but the autorefresh stays undeniable imo. Nobody keeps refreshes at such an exact speed. We monitored a few magi and they all were very random.
#22 by 2017-05-14 @ 16:14
got to love how polite tbx is ( and still he asks himself why 80% of this community hates him ... )
over the past 3 days, i've been called out by him as:

a) a retard ( on multiple occasions )
b) someone who had to go kill himself ( run under a train )

all over a game that people want to play to have fun

and ... i got killed once for scripting :')
whatever floats your boat in wonderful tb's lala land
#21 by 2017-05-14 @ 14:44
@Remedy : You're a retard. Newt never had proof. And I've only been killed for scripting ONCE.
@Flupke : Innocent until proven guilty. And what newt says is utter bullshit.
#20 by 2017-05-14 @ 11:34
Pathetic! needing scripts to achieve something. Weird it always comes from the same jerkcicle.
#19 by 2017-05-14 @ 11:07
Flupke don't even bother.
The moment major got killed, the whole tb fanclub decided to ignore me, thats how deep this conspiracy goes.

Some of them don't even understand why tb got killed 4 TIMES last age for scripting...

go figure
#18 by 2017-05-14 @ 10:38
XXII stop defending cheaters...
This is enoguh? "We know he at least used an autorefresh which is illegal according to the current rules."

I don't give a flying crap if he actually used another script or not. He used one to autorefresh.

#17 by 2017-05-14 @ 05:44

Nature Hatchery Dryad Shaman Egg (1 hours left) Health: 100%

sorry, 1 hour to go :)
#16 by 2017-05-14 @ 04:56
Well, what if he didnt script,.. you destroy the member that worked the hardest to achieve something. What kind of message is that?

Also get your facts straight about early Nethers. There is one roaming around already and it's not in Eldo's alliance.
#15 by 2017-05-14 @ 04:44
we dont struggle because people are cheating and getting killed for it, we are struggling because a numbers of players where wrecked as a result of the cheat, witch turn people to quit :)
#14 by 2017-05-14 @ 03:17
Reasoning is wrong. This is american style justice BS. Kill someone on suspicion then let him prove his innocence. No wonder we struggle to keep this game alive every age.

I also suspect friendly fire here. Which pisses me off even more!
#13 by 2017-05-14 @ 01:53
Seems they are hatching a super-early nether too ;)
#12 by 2017-05-14 @ 01:51

so can he just restart and reap the benefits with a new account or are there different policies this age?
#11 by 2017-05-14 @ 01:42
i am just curious, and i am not accusing anyone of it, but there is quite some highlevel accounts, how can we be sure they are not all cheating ?:P

also, i do agree with panter, that this cheat did effect the alliance, most likley also helped them raid people / travel and rift alot faster, due to the help of him...

parhaps time to take the action like they did in cq when they killed all travelscripters, the neat small riddles ^^
#10 by 2017-05-14 @ 01:23
#9 by 2017-05-14 @ 00:29
I agree with panter! Same shit, different age
#8 by 2017-05-14 @ 00:09
I agree with Panter on this (Damn, can't believe I just said this)
#7 by 2017-05-14 @ 00:05
To be honest, some investigation should be done in how he influenced the entire alliance.

I'm sure he bought quite some buildings, put lists, maxed familiars, ...

It should have a negative influence on them as well, it should be risky to invite cheaters, not rewarded to gain as long as they don't get caught
#6 by 2017-05-13 @ 22:07
thumbs up for catching cheaters!
#5 by 2017-05-13 @ 21:44
The break the rules, you walk the plank, with a bottle of rum and a yohoho
#4 by 2017-05-13 @ 21:43
Old habits die hard.
#3 by 2017-05-13 @ 21:37
#2 by 2017-05-13 @ 21:34
Pfff, last age Tb, now eldo
Why are people trying to ruin this game?!?
#1 by 2017-05-13 @ 21:32
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