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Creature amulet use bug by newt 2016-04-03 @ 09:50
There is a big bug at the moment: the requirements(level, skill and resources) of creature amulets aren't checked when you use them (not fast use). This bug has been fixed but we are waiting for the adjustments to be uploaded.

The abuse of this bug for using the powercrit you get of your passive skill at level 6 is tolerated because too many people did it already. But anything else is seen as a punishable bug abuse.

We should have used the downtime as a beta.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: It seems no usecosts is being taken at all. We thought it was only when you didn't have enough resources. This is also tolerated as it's impossible to stop for every mage.
#4 by 2016-04-03 @ 16:08
sarcasm much ?
#3 by 2016-04-03 @ 12:59
Lets hope most are adult enough to just pay their use.
#2 by 2016-04-03 @ 10:00
not hard with not even 100 magi ingame :p
#1 by 2016-04-03 @ 09:51
First! xD
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