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Ahruna was hacked by newt 2017-05-12 @ 17:06
We know he had access to our database so we urge you to change your password. A backup was taken in case you get hacked the coming days.

The player "henk" managed to log in on my account and ycoms account. He also managed to change the news of everyone.
#15 by 2017-05-12 @ 21:39
You have succesfully requested a password change. If your request isn't cancelled before 2017-05-12 21:38:10 by clicking on the link in the news message, the password will be changed.

your pw change thingie got hacked desolation?
#14 by 2017-05-12 @ 19:41
Change Password
Your account is already scheduled for a password change on 2017-05-16 19:32:51.

instant my ass
#13 by 2017-05-12 @ 19:05
Thumbs up to the troll who made the Baranfac account though.

Good job fixing it though guys.
#12 by 2017-05-12 @ 18:18
Cool event admins!
#11 by 2017-05-12 @ 18:18
This age is so oldschool! I love it :D
#10 by 2017-05-12 @ 17:57
No it's not...
#9 by ycom 2017-05-12 @ 17:52
password reset is now instant
#8 by 2017-05-12 @ 17:20
For those who don't know: if you use the same password on mail/Facebook/whatever, consider changing it
#7 by 2017-05-12 @ 17:18
How do we know it's the real Newt asking to change pasword :P
#6 by 2017-05-12 @ 17:14
I can only imagine it is someone whos playing
#5 by 2017-05-12 @ 17:09
Who? How?
#4 by 2017-05-12 @ 17:09
The same day Harris loses first place...

I smell a conspiracy when I see it!

Arise people and fight the establishment!
Power to the drones!
...erh, to the mages sorry.
#3 by 2017-05-12 @ 17:08
yup please instant pass change
#2 by 2017-05-12 @ 17:07
Can you make password change instant? Thanks
#1 by 2017-05-12 @ 17:07
he ?
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