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Items are bugged at the moment by newt 2016-04-01 @ 22:58
There's a huge bug which disables you from using your item amulets. It's something we didn't test because we focussed too much on summoning creature amulets for genes.
It cannot be fixed by editting the url or something. It needs to be fixed in the code and that needs to be uploaded.
We are aware this is a gamedestroying bug at the start since it's important to raid and to travel.

We don't yet know when adjustments can be uploaded so we're unsure yet what the consequences will be. We will keep you up to date.
#4 by 2016-04-02 @ 20:43
as long as it's the same thing for everyone, then there is not much harm done eh
#3 by newt 2016-04-01 @ 23:22
I wouldn't want to call it alpha. Gratch and me tested the adjustments enough but we forgot to test some things which only now showed :/
#2 by 2016-04-01 @ 23:18
we're still in an alpha version, shit happens, enjoy the free game.
#1 by 2016-04-01 @ 22:59
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