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Summoning items in spellbook works again by newt 2016-11-28 @ 23:31
Thanks to ycom for the quick upload.

Contact me if you wish to test the tutorial. It's still disabled to make sure there's no blocking problem in it.
#1 by newt 2016-11-28 @ 23:42
Last time the tutorial didn't work because a function was used which existed in firefox and chrome but not in other browsers.

I need some people to test the errorcases, test changing browser midtutorial (fe while you're busy summoning a crit so you're in a page deeper), test adjusting the url, change ip, change device, ...
The tutorial will automatically guide you back to where you have to be at this point of the tutorial. If it's impossible (fe resurrect all might have a problem) the tutorial should stop automatically.
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