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Melody bug by newt 2016-10-20 @ 23:53
When buying a melody, it can be generated with a large amount of gems. As long as the amount gems is not within the expected range you can see it as a bug.
It doesn't happen every time from what I heard. If it happens to you, do not keep it and use it or we will see it as a punishable bugabuse.

If it happens to you, donate the melody to ycom and send me a mail. I'll donate 300k to your treasury so you can buy another melody.

examples of the bug:

Melody of the Moon with 2 uses remaining. 17 Gem signs: Astrol(2), Bonepowder White, Chestnut Brown, Coral Orange, Crystal Silver, Dim Grey, Extir, Ginger Yellow(2), Impure Silver, Jix, Lroc, Moonstone Blue, Riv, Snow White, Turquoise Cyan.

Melody of the Moon with 3 uses remaining. 13 Gem signs: Baby Pink, Extir(2), Ginger Yellow, Heic(2), Imperial Red, Impure Silver, Lroc, Orchid Purple, Shiny Chrome, Sterling Silver, Toq

Sorry for this inconvenience, fixing this problem is our priority.
#1 by 2016-10-20 @ 23:54
i hope this will get monitored ...
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