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The age starts on 1st of april at 20 CEST by newt 2016-03-31 @ 21:00
This is just a reminder to get your friends to make an account when the age starts.

Some important changes that weren't mentioned yet:
- Stealing resources below level 30 will be like it was before last age. The attacker gets 100% of the resources and the victim loses that 100%. After level 30 the victim will only lose 50% and the attacker gets 100% extra making it 150% in total.
- The vendor will be open at the start of the age but the availability will be limited. The available creatures and items is defined by 70% of the average level of the 20 highest leveled magi. For amulets above level 30 you will need the kingdombuildings.
#5 by 2016-04-01 @ 20:01
#4 by 2016-04-01 @ 08:56
#3 by 2016-03-31 @ 22:56
I feel lonely you guys, comment! :(
#2 by 2016-03-31 @ 21:25
Also, is the age actually gonna start at 20:00 or are you pulling a prank on us? :(
#1 by 2016-03-31 @ 21:14
first again!
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