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We are back by ycom 2016-10-01 @ 20:27
We have archived the old data, and cleared the database.

We have however copied over the following data from the old database:

* pubs

* accounts

* mails

For now income ticks have been disabled, so gaining resources right now is impossible.

You are able to change your class and account name in the character section.

Kingdom creation is free until the start of the age, at which point everyone will be moved back to Regalis

#4 by 2016-10-04 @ 05:22
#3 by 2016-10-02 @ 21:16
#2 by newt 2016-10-02 @ 11:39
An announcement will be made once the end of age statistics are online.
#1 by 2016-10-01 @ 22:17
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