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The Jorghonian age will end at 1st of October by newt 2016-08-18 @ 23:27
The Jorghonian age will end at 1st of October 20h servertime and it will restart a week later 8th of october at 20h.

The snapshot for statistics will be taken when the age ends.

Planned changes with the agetransition:
* The level 12 passive skill will be switched to higher level since the lucky skill only has effect on rare spells as catalysts, higher tier familiars and high powercrits/items. It has not yet decided what will be moved around to achieve this.
* Income of mining, rift and travel will be lowered by 20%
* Mining buildings will be added:
1) Gain more mining income: this will make mining less interesting at the start of the age (we don't yet know how much we should lower the mining income before any building is bought so input is appreciated here)
2) Gain more mining income: after this building we'll have the mineincome of this age minus the 20% mentioned earlier.
3) Generate a teleport spot: a new teleport will replace the previous teleport when you place it.
4) Generate 5 teleport spots: the oldest one gets replaced when generating a new one as it is now.
* The level 60 skill tracker allows you to pick 3 of 5 powerspells, this will be changed to 3 out of 4 powerspells.
* Damage dealt to a hatch will depend on the strength of the egg in it. We are still discussing the numbers on this. Feel free to post your opinion.
* Workerraiding will be possible again at level 50. This is the original workerraiding without workers returning to its original owner after a period, that will completely disappear.
* Wargems will become 30% weaker.
* The final item of pixie, griffin and salamander will be weakened to allow for more variation in lists. Skeleton isn't very powerful at the moment so we might keep it as it is. We're still discussing the numbers on this. Feel free to post your opinion.

Other planned changes do not need to be done at an agetransition so will not be mentioned now.
More changes could happen but we only wanted to commit on these changes.

As mentioned earlier we would generate the most famous statistic before the end of age statistic because it's too easily manipulated. Here it is:

Most famous magi
1. newt 65
2. May 65
3. Butler 65
4. Baron 64
5. Ash 58
6. Delia 57
7. Tyfus 56
8. RAGE 56
9. Panter 54
10. illoe 53

edit: the wrong database was used for the most famous statistics before
#6 by 2016-08-20 @ 11:57
Since u stole it last age, give it to the man this age ;)
#5 by newt 2016-08-19 @ 12:22
Ye rodia was ordered by id descending instead if ascending :)
#4 by 2016-08-19 @ 09:27
Aaaarghhh, yet again you steal my stat! :p
#3 by 2016-08-19 @ 00:55
Whoooo, a stat!
#2 by 2016-08-19 @ 00:07
Don't think, sweetcheeks.
#1 by 2016-08-18 @ 23:41
Wtf :(

I thought you all were my friends.
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