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The age starts on 1st of april at 20 CEST by newt 2016-03-27 @ 22:38
As you probably noticed you can't play with your account at the moment. You can however create kingdoms and plan the age together. You can post in the pub and mail eachother. And come chat with us in #ahruna on IRC. There's a link in the game menu on the left.
At the 1st of april the accounts will be deleted and you can create your real account again.

The end of age statistics are being worked on and will soon be visible in a link in rodia.
#4 by 2016-03-30 @ 11:36
Why do ages always have to start in the weekend?
Every age the same bs!
#3 by 2016-03-29 @ 15:48
it's an april joke! i wanna see before believing! :p
#2 by 2016-03-27 @ 23:57
what? age just ended?
#1 by 2016-03-27 @ 22:41
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